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Congestion Revenue Rights Account Holder

A Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) Account Holder is an entity that is registered and qualified to become the owner of record of CRRs in the nodal market.

The CRR is a financial instrument that entitles the CRR owner to be charged or to receive compensation for congestion rents that arise when the ERCOT transmission grid is congested in the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) or the Real-Time Market (RTM). A CRR does not represent a right to receive, or obligation to deliver, physical energy.


To register with ERCOT as a CRR Account Holder, an entity must submit:

  • Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) Account Holder Application for Registration 
  • Annual Certification Form to Meet ERCOT Additional Minimum Participation Requirements 
  • Applicable fee

Note: The application must be submitted at least 15 days before the first day of participation in the CRR auction process or purchase of CRRs.

Recommended Training

Please visit the Course Recommendations page to locate the recommended training for CRR Account Holders.