Client Services

The ERCOT Independent System Operator (ISO) provides a wide range of services to the ERCOT market and its individual participants. Whether a seasoned market participant or a new entrant, ERCOT Client Services supports your business needs with the ERCOT ISO.

For the ERCOT ISO to be successful in the operation of the ERCOT Grid it is vital that the information exchange with Market Participants be accurate, complete, and efficient. ERCOT supports this objective through a team of power industry experienced, service professionals within Client Services. The Client Services Department provides a number of services to Market Participants, serving their needs from market entry to daily operations. Each Market Participant is assigned an Account Manager who provides a single point of contact with ERCOT. Client Services will assist a client from initial Registration and Qualification through addressing day-to-day business with the ERCOT ISO. The services provided by Client Services include:

  • Initiating and Revising Registration
  • Completing and Sustaining Qualification
  • Navigating through Market Rules
  • Business Transaction Inquiries
  • Operation and Business Issue Resolution
  • ERCOT Market Education
  • Facilitate Market Information Transparency
  • One-on-one and Market Notice Communications

As a Market Participant, Client Services is your single point of contact at ERCOT for any issues. If you need to contact Client Services you can email, or call 512-248-3900.