Resource Entities

    Resource Entities (REs) either own or control a generation resource or behave as a Load Acting as a Resource (LaaR) that can comply with ERCOT instructions to reduce electricity usage or provide an ancillary service.

    Resource Entities (RE)


    REs and their assets must be registered separately.  The RE Application for Registration can be found in Section 23 of the Protocols. The RE Asset Registration form can be found under Key Documents below. Each RE must also be represented by a qualified scheduling entity (QSE), which establishes a control interface with ERCOT. 

    REs should review the following important information:

    Most REs must also be registered with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). More information on that registration process may be found at the Power Generation Companies and Self-Generator Registration area on the PUCT website. A Distributed Generation (DG) Resource is required to register with ERCOT in accordance with Section 16 of the ERCOT Protocol if one (1) MW in size or greater or if the energy is to be accounted for in wholesale market settlements. View the Distributed Generation section for more information.

    Each Resource Entity is required to submit an Emergency Operating Plan and a Weatherization plan to ERCOT for each Resource under its control and to keep those plans updated.  Each Resource Entity must also submit a completed Declaration of Completion of Generation Resource Weatherization Preparations (Protocols Section 22, Attachment K) by December 1 and June 1 of each year.  These plans and declarations are to be emailed to For new Generation Resources, ERCOT will verify compliance with these submission requirements during the commissioning process.