Market Prices

    ERCOT provides both Day-Ahead Market (DAM) prices on a daily basis and Real-Time Market (RTM) prices on an interval basis. Additionally, ERCOT has compiled DAM and RTM Settlement Point Prices (SPPs) for each of the Hubs and Load Zones by calendar year.

    ERCOT monitors DAM, SCED, and SASM prices for errors. Price corrections are performed by ERCOT without the ERCOT Board's approval if done before the market prices are final. After the market prices are final, if ERCOT determines that prices are in need of correction, it shall notify Market Participants and describe the need for such correction. Market prices cannot be changed unless the ERCOT Board finds that the prices are significantly affected by a software or data error.

    Day-Ahead and Real-Time Displays

    Day-Ahead Market Prices

    Historical Prices

    Price Corrections

    Real-Time Prices Reports