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Labeling of Electricity

The purpose of  PUCT Substantive Rule 25.476   is to establish the procedures by which REPs calculate and compose their renewable content pursuant to §25.475,  General Retail Electric Provider Requirements and Information Disclosures to Residential and Small Commercial Customers, and to establish guidelines and verification for claims of "green" products. For questions concerning Labeling of Electricity, email electricitylabel

Renewable Content Calculator

The Renewable Content Calculator is available on April 1 of each year to assist REPs in calculating their renewable content. It contains the following:

  • Percentage of MWh generated from each Texas-based generator
  • MWh-weighted average annual emissions rate for each Texas-based generator
  • Statewide average fuel mix
  • Statewide system average emission rates
  • Default fuel mix and default emission rates

Generation and Emissions Forms

Forms used by each owner of Texas-based Generators to submit to ERCOT the following data: net generation in MWh from each of its generating units in Texas; the type of fuel used by each of its generating units in Texas; and the MWh-weighted average annual emissions rate, on an aggregate basis for all of its generating units in Texas for carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates, sulfur dioxide, and nuclear waste.