MIS & ERCOT.com Redesign

ERCOT will use this page as a central location to post information related to changes to ERCOT’s Market Information System (MIS) and ERCOT.com redesign projects. Please send feedback at any time to webmaster@ercot.com.

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The first portion of the MIS & ERCOT.com Redesign is complete. The new Market Information System (MIS) launched November 11, 2020, at https://mis.ercot.com/public. Watch this video for an overview of the new MIS.

Timeline for Changes

MIS Feedback Opportunities

New ERCOT Market Information System (MIS) FAQs

ERCOT will be updating this document throughout this project.
If you would like to add a question, please send it to webmaster@ercot.com.


Release Notes & Training Materials