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Registration and Qualification

Below are the documents needed to register and/or qualify in the ERCOT market as a: Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) Account Holder; Independent Market Information System Registered Entity (IMRE); Load Serving Entity (LSE); Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE); Resource Entity (RE); Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider (TDSP).

In This Section

  • The holders of CRRs are entitled to receive compensation or be charged for congestion rents in the nodal market. Find CRR account holder registration forms here.
  • LSEs provide electric service to end-users and wholesale customers. Find competitive retailer registration forms for retail electric providers and munis and co-ops that wish to offer customer choice.
  • QSEs are qualified by ERCOT to submit balanced schedules, bid for ancillary services bids and settle payments. Find QSE registration forms here.
  • An RE owns or controls a generation resource or behaves as a load acting as a resource. Find resource entity registration forms here.
  • TDSPs own or operate equipment or facilities to transmit and/or distribute electricity. TDSP registration forms can be found here.
  • An Independent Market Information System Registered Entity (IMRE) is an entity that registers with ERCOT for the sole purpose of accessing the Market Information System Secure Area.
  • ERCOT evaluates Applicants and Counter-Parties for participation in the ERCOT administered market. Find credit documents here.

Key Documents