Similar to the DDL, the XML Schema Definitions (XSD) files are used to define extracts provided in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. The information in the XSDs provided defines structure, elements, content models and their attributes in the XML formatted extracts.



  • Find ESIID Find Transaction DTDs
    These files are effective with the implementation of TX SET 4.0.
    (05/22/2012, zip, 4.3 KB)
  • Market Data Transparency Technical Files
    The Technical Files zip file includes both the XSLT and XSD Files for Market Data Transparency Web Services. The XSLT files are a set of instructions for transforming the XML data to ensure that the format of the data conforms to the published XSD Spec
    (07/02/2015, zip, 24.4 KB)
  • Zonal Statement Invoice XSL
    (10/26/2011, zip, 117.8 KB)