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ERCOT sends Market Notices to publicly subscribed email distribution lists as required in the protocols and other binding documents for scheduled releases, outages, business process failures, and other general information.

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Recent Market Notices

These notices were sent within the last 30 days.

Date Subject
07/02/2020 M-A070220-01 2020.AUG.Monthly.Auction
07/02/2020 M-A070220-01 Wide Area Network (WAN) Invoices will follow a regular schedule starting in July 2020
07/02/2020 M-B061120-02 Upcoming market training courses
07/01/2020 M-A070120-01 Implementation Details of RRGRR021
06/30/2020 M-A032720-03 Update - Proposal to modify Wirtz Remedial Action Scheme
06/30/2020 R-A040120-04 Final Reminder - Request for Renewable Energy Percentages
06/30/2020 W-A063020-01 2020 ERCOT Operator Training Seminar (OTS) - Virtual
06/26/2020 R-A062620-01 Retail ERCOT will be updating the NAESB capability in the Retail Market Test Environment to allow data exchanges utilizing TLS 1.2
06/23/2020 W-A062320-01 Payment due on private WAN fees
06/22/2020 M-A032720-02 Update - Proposal to Modify Wirtz Remedial Action Scheme
06/22/2020 M-A041420-04 Market Information System (MIS) Sandbox Survey
06/19/2020 M-A061920-01 Implementation Details for NPRR930
06/19/2020 M-B061920-01 Implementation Details for NPRR837
06/19/2020 R-A040120-03 Reminder - Request for Renewable Energy Percentages
06/19/2020 W-A061920-01 New Generic Transmission Constraint in the West to Central Texas Area
06/17/2020 W-A051920-02 Reliability analysis determination for Nacogdoches Power LLC (NACPW_UNIT1)
06/17/2020 W-B112117-04 Update – Revised Proposal to Add Bearkat Remedial Action Scheme
06/16/2020 W-A060120-02 Reliability analysis determination for City of Austin dba Austin Energy - DECKER_DPG1
06/16/2020 W-B061620-01 Resource Integration Workshop WebEx only
06/11/2020 M-B061120-01 Upcoming market training courses
06/11/2020 W-B112117-03 Update - Revised Proposal to Add Bearkat Remedial Action Scheme
06/10/2020 M-A061020-01 ERCOT Notice of Petition Filing with the PUCT
06/10/2020 W-A061020-01 EROF Third Quarter 2020 Invoices
06/05/2020 R-A040120-02 Request for Renewable Energy Percentages
06/04/2020 M-A060420-01 Software Error Identified in ERCOT's Credit Monitoring and Management (CMM) System
06/02/2020 R-A060220-01 Total counts of ESI IDs and MWh for each POLR class by TDSP service territory
06/02/2020 W-A060220-01 Update to Panhandle Generic Transmission Constraint (GTC)