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ERCOT sends Market Notices to publicly subscribed email distribution lists as required in the protocols and other binding documents for scheduled releases, outages, business process failures, and other general information.

This section contains a three year archive of Market Notices.  Archive searches may be performed by Category, Date Range, and Keywords, or a combination of these criteria. For Market Notices older than three years, select the mailing list you are interested in from Market Notice Email Distribution Lists.

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Recent Market Notices

These notices were sent within the last 30 days.

Date Subject
10/22/2021 W-A102221-01 Update to forecast variability process beginning November 1, 2021
10/15/2021 M-C101521-01 Software patch implemented in Day-Ahead Market (DAM) to address identified performance issue
10/15/2021 M-A101521-01 ERCOT launches new navigation and HTTPS protocol for
10/15/2021 M-B101521-01 Unplanned system maintenance with impacted services - MPIM
10/11/2021 M-A101121-01 Partial implementation of PGRR057 and PGRR070
10/10/2021 M-D090321-04 Completion - Planned Maintenance Outage
10/08/2021 M-D100821-01 Implementation details for Fast-Frequency Response (FFR) Advancement project
10/08/2021 M-B100821-01 Resolution of ADR Proceedings between ERCOT and Tenaska Power Services Co. (2021-TPS-01)
10/08/2021 M-A100821-01 Planned system maintenance with impacted services
10/08/2021 M-D090321-03 Planned Maintenance Outage - Retail
10/06/2021 M-A100621-01 ERCOT Notice of Petition Filing with the PUCT
10/04/2021 M-C090321-03 Implementation of Market-facing changes for October 2021
10/01/2021 M-E100121-01 ERCOT Membership Application for 2022 Membership Year Now Available
10/01/2021 M-D100121-01 Cybersecurity Best Practices
10/01/2021 M-B100121-01 Estimated Cumulative Aggregate Short Pay Amount
10/01/2021 M-C100121-01 2021.NOV.Monthly.Auction
10/01/2021 M-A100121-01 RFP for NWS ERS-30, WS ERS-30, NWS ERS-10 and WS ERS-10 for the Standard Contract Term of December 1, 2021, through March 31, 2022
09/30/2021 M-A070721-02 Unplanned Resource Outages Report Continuing Through May 31, 2022
09/30/2021 M-A093021-01 Planned system maintenance with impacted services
09/30/2021 M-D090321-02 Planned Maintenance Outage - Retail
09/29/2021 W-B092921-01 Notification of Change of Generation Resource Designation for Nacogdoches Power LLC (RE) - NACPW_UNIT1
09/29/2021 M-A092921-01 2022.1st6.AnnualAuction.Seq1 CRR Auction
09/29/2021 W-A092921-01 Update to the Generic Transmission Constraint (GTC) Interface and Limits for the McCamey GTC
09/24/2021 M-C090321-02 Implementation of Market-facing changes for October 2021
09/23/2021 W-A092321-01 Notification of Change of Generation Resource Designation for City of Garland (RE) – SPNCER_SPNCE_4 and SPNCER_SPNCE_5