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ERCOT sends Market Notices to publicly subscribed email distribution lists as required in the protocols and other binding documents for scheduled releases, outages, business process failures, and other general information.

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Date Subject
12/04/2020 R-A120420-01 Informational: Increased volume of 814_24 Move- Out Requests are bypassing valid Continuous Service Agreements (CSAs)
12/03/2020 M-A120320-01 RFP for NWS ERS-30, WS ERS-30, NWS ERS-10 and WS ERS-10 for the SCT of February 1, 2021, through May 31, 2021
12/02/2020 M-A120220-01 Request for known outage(s) with a duration of at least six months to address NERC Reliability Standard TPL-001-4
12/02/2020 M-B120220-01 Notification to Submit Emergency Operations Plans
12/02/2020 M-C120220-01 PST optimization in CRR Auctions
12/01/2020 M-A120120-01 Draft ERCOT report on estimating the Market Equilibrium and Economically Optimal Reserve Margins available for public review and comment
12/01/2020 W-A120120-01 Notification of Suspension of Operations (NSO) for Wharton County Generation, LLC (TGF_TGFGT_1)
11/30/2020 M-A111020-02 Implementation of Market-facing changes for December 2020
11/30/2020 W-A113020-01 2020 Winter and 2021 Spring Seasonal Voltage Profiles
11/30/2020 W-A113020-01 Implementation of maximum Shadow Price for an irresolvable constraint in SCED
11/30/2020 W-B113020-01 Notification of Suspension of Operations (NSO) for Luminant Generation Company LLC (TRSES_UNIT6)
11/25/2020 M-A021920-02 Partial implementation details of NPRR978
11/25/2020 M-A112520-01 Implementation Details of SCR 806
11/25/2020 M-B112520-01 2022.1st6.AnnualAuction.Seq3 CRR Auction
11/25/2020 M-C112520-01 2021.JAN.Monthly.Auction
11/23/2020 M-A112320-01 Market Management and Outage Scheduler Systems/Applications Technical Refresh
11/22/2020 M-A111220-04 Planned Maintenance Outage - Completion
11/20/2020 M-A101620-02 Implementation details of PGRR078
11/20/2020 M-A111220-03 Reminder - Planned Maintenance Outage
11/20/2020 M-A111620-02 Reminder - ERCOT MOTE System Unavailable for Testing Monday, November 23, 2020 from 17:00 through 19:00
11/20/2020 M-A112020-01 Revised 2019 AML data posted for each LSE
11/19/2020 M-A111220-02 Reminder - Planned Maintenance Outage
11/19/2020 M-A111920-01 ERCOT Settlements Timeline for 2020 Holiday Period
11/19/2020 W-A100917-04 Update - Revised Proposal to Modify Mitchell Bend Remedial Action Scheme (RAS)
11/18/2020 R-A111720-02 Final Retail transaction processing issues reported on November 17, 2020 have been resolved.
11/17/2020 M-A102620-02 Update - Total Potential Exposure (TPE) calculations affected by system issues
11/17/2020 R-A111720-01 Retail transaction processing issues
11/17/2020 W-A103020-02 Reminder of Upcoming Submission Period for Declarations of Completion of Generation Resource Weatherization Preparations
11/16/2020 M-A111620-01 ERCOT MOTE System Unavailable for Testing Monday, November 23, 2020 from 17:00 through 19:00
11/16/2020 M-D111220-02 Reminder - Planned system maintenance with impacted services
11/13/2020 M-C111220-02 Reminder - Planned system maintenance with impacted services
11/12/2020 M-A011120-01 Reminder - Planned Maintenance Outage
11/12/2020 M-B111220-01 Goods or services provided to ERCOT employees by Market Participants
11/12/2020 M-C111220-01 Planned system maintenance with impacted services
11/12/2020 M-D111220-01 Reminder - Planned system maintenance with impacted services
11/12/2020 W-A090120-04 Reminder - Resource Integration and On-going Operations-Resource Services (RIOO-RS) November Release
11/12/2020 W-A101920-02 Retirement of Barney Davis Remedial Action Scheme
11/12/2020 W-A111220-01 New Pig Creek - Solstice (PIGSOL) Generic Transmission Constraint (GTC)
11/11/2020 M-A070820-16 Board-Approved Price Correction (Transformer Ratings Issue) - CRR Balancing Account Resettlement for June 2020
11/11/2020 M-A101220-04 The Market Information System (MIS) redesigned site is now live INTENDED AUDIENCE: All Market Participants
11/10/2020 M-A101220-03 Reminder - ERCOT to release the redesigned Market Information System (MIS) to the Production Environment
11/10/2020 M-A111020-01 Implementation of Market-facing changes for December 2020
11/09/2020 W-A110920-01 Security update to
11/06/2020 M-A091620-03 Update - Revised Proposal to Retire Morgan Creek Remedial Action Scheme (RAS)
11/05/2020 M-A070820-15 Board-Approved Price Correction (Transformer Ratings Issue) – Real-Time Market (RTM) Resettlement for Operating Day (OD) July 1, 2020
11/05/2020 M-A082720-03 Board-Approved Price Correction (RAS Modeling Issue) - Day-Ahead Market (DAM) Resettlement for Operating Days (ODs) August 20, 21 and 23, 2020
11/04/2020 M-A110420-01 New Zapata - Starr (ZAPSTR) Generic Transmission Constraint (GTC)
11/04/2020 W-A050420-03 Update to the Generic Limits for the Nelson Sharpe - Rio Hondo, Lobo - North Edinburg Generic Transmission Constraint (GTC) and Creation of a new Valley Export GTC and associated Generic Limits.