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ERCOT sends Market Notices to publicly subscribed email distribution lists as required in the protocols and other binding documents for scheduled releases, outages, business process failures, and other general information.

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Date Subject
06/13/2019 W-A061319-01 Proposal to Add Stryker/Mt. Enterprise to Trinidad 345 kV Double Circuit Pre-Contingency Action Plan
06/13/2019 W-B061319-01 Proposal to Add Culberson Loop Remedial Action Scheme
06/12/2019 M-A061219-01 Implementation Details of NPRR921, PGRR069, NOGRR185
06/11/2019 W-A061119-01 EROF Third Quarter 2019 Invoices
06/10/2019 M-A061019-01 Upcoming market training courses
06/06/2019 M-A060619-01 Planned system maintenance with impacted services
06/05/2019 M-A060519-01 2020.2nd6.AnnualAuction.Seq3 CRR Auction
06/02/2019 M-A050219-04 Completion – Retail Release
05/31/2019 M-A050219-03 Reminder - Retail Release June 2019
05/31/2019 M-A053119-01 2019.JUL.Monthly.Auction
05/31/2019 M-A053119-01 Implementation Details of NPRR821
05/31/2019 W-A031119-04 Completion of Annual Constraint Management Plans Review
05/31/2019 W-A053119-01 2019 Summer and Fall Seasonal Voltage Profiles
05/29/2019 W-B031519-04 Clarification of Implementation Details of NPRR901
05/24/2019 M-A042619-03 Reminder - Implementation of market-facing changes for May 2019
05/24/2019 M-A052319-02 Market Participant Identity Management (MPIM) Outage resolved
05/24/2019 M-A052419-01 Planned system maintenance with impacted services
05/24/2019 R-A040119-02 Request for Renewable Energy Percentages
05/24/2019 W-A052419-01 Implementation of maximum Shadow Price for an irresolvable constraint in SCED
05/23/2019 M-A050619-02 Reminder - Implementation Details for NPRR519, NPRR620, NPRR660, and NPRR741
05/23/2019 M-A052319-01 Market Participant Identity Management (MPIM) Outage
05/23/2019 M-B032819-07 Reminder - Changes to programmatic access to ERCOT's External Web Services API
05/23/2019 W-052319-01 Notification of Suspension of Operations (NSO) for Southwest Mesa (SW_MESA_SW_MESA)
05/23/2019 W-A052319-01 Change in Posting Time of Solar Forecast Data and Certain Current Day Report Products
05/23/2019 W-B052319-01 Payment due on private WAN fees
05/22/2019 M-A050219-02 Reminder - Retail Release June 2019
05/21/2019 M-A050119-02 Reminder - Implementation Details of NPRR909
05/21/2019 M-A052219-01 Changes to 2-Day DAM Bids and Offers Reports
05/20/2019 W-A031119-03 Update - Annual Constraint Management Plans Review
05/17/2019 M-A042619-02 Reminder - Implementation of market-facing changes for May 2019
05/17/2019 M-A051719-01 Revised 2017 AML data posted for each LSE
05/17/2019 M-B051719-01 Implementation Details of NPRR912
05/17/2019 W-A040319-02 Implementation Details of NPRR916 (Phase 2)
05/17/2019 W-A051719-01 Resource Integration Workshop
05/17/2019 W-A083018-02 Implementation of remainder of NOGRR174
05/17/2019 W-B031519-03 Implementation Details of NPRR901
05/17/2019 W-B051719-01 Implementation Details of NPRR910 and OBDRR010
05/15/2019 W-B043019-02 Reminder of Upcoming Submission Period for Declarations of Completion of Generation Resource Weatherization Preparations