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ERCOT sends Market Notices to publicly subscribed email distribution lists as required in the protocols and other binding documents for scheduled releases, outages, business process failures, and other general information.

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Recent Market Notices

These notices were sent within the last 30 days.

Date Subject
02/20/2020 W-A022020-01 Notification of Miscellaneous Invoice for Interest Payments on Cash Collateral
02/19/2020 M-A021920-01 Implementation details of NPRR978
02/19/2020 M-B012420-04 Implementation details of NPRR863, NPRR960 and NOGRR187
02/18/2020 M-A021820-01 Revised 2018 AML share data posted for each LSE
02/18/2020 M-B021820-01 Market Participant Identity Management (MPIM) Outage
02/18/2020 M-B021820-02 Market Participant Identity Management (MPIM) Outage resolved
02/17/2020 February 17, 2020 Upcoming deadline for annual NOIE unregistered DG report
02/14/2020 W-A012120-02 Reliability analysis determination for Public Service Company of Oklahoma - Oklaunion (OKLA_OKLA_G1)
02/14/2020 W-A021420-01 Back-up control plans due by March 15, 2020
02/11/2020 W-A021120-01 Generic Transmission Constraints GTC Workshop
02/03/2020 February 3, 2020 Reminder - Implementation of market-facing changes for February 2020
02/03/2020 M-A020320-01 Planned Transmission Outage Restrictions for Summer 2020
02/03/2020 M-D013120-02 ERCOT MOTE will be open for DST testing - Updated links for submissions
01/31/2020 M-A013120-01 Renewable Energy Credits and Compliance Premiums of 2017 vintage scheduled to expire
01/31/2020 M-B012420-03 Implementation details of NPRR863 and NPRR960
01/31/2020 M-B013120-01 2020.MAR.Monthly.Auction
01/31/2020 R-A013120-01 Administration of PUC Substantive Rule 25.476, Renewable and Green Energy Verification
01/30/2020 W-B013020-01 Generation Information Needed for Renewable and Green Energy Verification (Labeling of Electricity)
01/29/2020 M-A012920-01 2022.1st6.AnnualAuction.Seq5 CRR Auction
01/29/2020 W-A012920-01 Resource Integration Workshop WebEx only
01/29/2020 W-B012920-01 Update to ERCOT's Most Severe Single Contingency (MSSC)
01/27/2020 M-A012720-01 Engagement of Swagit for Webcasting of ERCOT Board and Board Committee Meetings and Technical Advisory Committee Meetings
01/24/2020 M-A123019-01 Implementation details of NPRR873
01/24/2020 M-B010620-02 Reminder - Implementation of market-facing changes for February 2020
01/24/2020 M-B012420-01 Implementation details of NPRR863
01/22/2020 R-A112619-03 Reminder - Retail Market Qualification Testing (Flight 0220) begins February 3, 2020, application processing deadline of January 8, 2020, and a registration deadline of January 29, 2020
01/21/2020 W-A012120-01 Notification of Suspension of Operations (NSO) for Public Service Co of Oklahoma - Oklaunion (OKLA_OKLA_G1)