Nodal Protocol Revision Requests

This section contains nodal protocol revision requests (NPRRs) now in the approval process or already approved.

See NPRR Submission Process for access to revision request and comment forms.


Issue Description Next Group
NPRR945 Net Metering Requirements PRS
NPRR956 Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions PRS
NPRR966 Changes to Support Reactive Power Coordination Tool PRS
NPRR973 Add Definitions for Generator Step-Up and Main Power Transformer Board of Directors
NPRR979 Incorporate State Estimator Standards and Telemetry Standards into Protocols PRS
NPRR981 Day-Ahead Market Price Correction Process PRS
NPRR983 Delete Remaining Grey-Boxed Language Associated with NPRR257, Synchronization with Nodal Operating Guide Section 9, Monitoring Programs and Changes to Posting Requirements of Documents Considered CEII Board of Directors
NPRR984 Change ERS Standard Contract Terms TAC
NPRR992 Updated Day-Ahead Liability for NPRR863, Creation of ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service and Revisions to Responsive Reserve Board of Directors
NPRR993 Grey Box Resolution re NPRR902 and NPRR928 Board of Directors
NPRR994 Clarify Generator Interconnection Neutral Project Classification PRS
NPRR995 RTF-6 Create Definition and Terms for Settlement Only Energy Storage PRS
NPRR999 DC Tie Ramp Limitations PRS
NPRR1000 Elimination of Dynamically Scheduled Resources Board of Directors
NPRR1001 Clarification of Definitions of Operating Condition Notice, Advisory, Watch, Emergency Notice, and Related Clarifications PRS
NPRR1002 BESTF-5 Energy Storage Resource Single Model Registration and Charging Restrictions in Emergency Conditions Board of Directors
NPRR1003 Elimination of References to Resource Asset Registration Form Board of Directors
NPRR1005 Clarify Definition of Point of Interconnection (POI) and Add Definition Point of Interconnection Bus (POIB) PRS
NPRR1007 RTC – NP 3: Management Activities for the ERCOT System PRS
NPRR1008 RTC – NP 4: Day-Ahead Operations PRS
NPRR1009 RTC – NP 5: Transmission Security Analysis and Reliability Unit Commitment PRS
NPRR1010 RTC – NP 6: Adjustment Period and Real-Time Operations PRS
NPRR1011 RTC – NP 8: Performance Monitoring PRS
NPRR1012 RTC – NP 9: Settlement and Billing PRS
NPRR1013 RTC – NP 1, 2, 16, and 25: Overview, Definitions and Acronyms, Registration and Qualification of Market Participants, and Market Suspension and Restart PRS
NPRR1014 BESTF-4 Energy Storage Resource Single Model PRS
NPRR1015 Clarification of DAM implementation of NPRR863 Phase 2 Board of Directors
NPRR1016 Clarify Requirements for Distribution Generation Resources (DGRs) and Distribution Energy Storage Resources (DESRs) Board of Directors
NPRR1017 Management of Congestion Revenue Rights (CRRs) and Resource Node Removals PRS
NPRR1020 Allow Some Integrated Energy Storage Designs to Calculate Internal Loads Board of Directors
NPRR1023 Change to CRR Repossession Process PRS
NPRR1024 Determination of Significance with Respect to Price Correction PRS
NPRR1025 Remove Real-Time On-Line Reliability Deployment Price from Ancillary Service Imbalance Calculation PRS
NPRR1026 BESTF-7 Self-Limiting Facilities and Self-Limiting Resources PRS
NPRR1027 Removal of Grey-Boxed Language Related to NPRR702, Flexible Accounts, Payment of Invoices, and Disposition of Interest on Cash Collateral PRS
NPRR1028 RUC Process Alignment with Resource Limits PRS
NPRR1029 BESTF-6 DC-Coupled Resources PRS
NPRR1031 Notices for Curtailment of Load PRS
NPRR1032 Consideration of Physical Limits of DC Ties in RUC Optimization and Settlements PRS
NPRR1033 Clarification of Financial Security Interest Payment and Withholding Processes Upon Termination of Market Participant Standard Form Agreement PRS
NPRR1034 Frequency-Based Limits on DC Tie Imports or Exports PRS
NPRR1035 DC Tie Schedules Protected Information Expiry and Posting PRS
NPRR1036 Late Payment Enforcement Provisions PRS
NPRR1037 Correction to the Settlement of Switchable Generation Resources (SWGRs) Instructed to Switch to ERCOT PRS
NPRR1038 BESTF-8 Limited Exemption from Reactive Power Requirements for Certain Energy Storage Resources PRS

Recently approved within the last 30 days

Issue Description Approved On
NPRR1030 Modify Allocator for CRR Auction Revenue Distribution 08/11/2020
NPRR1004 Load Distribution Factor Process Update 08/11/2020
NPRR996 Alignment of Hub Bus Names Between Protocols and ERCOT Model 08/11/2020
NPRR990 Relocation of Combined Cycle Train to Resource Attribute 08/11/2020
NPRR903 Day-Ahead Market Timing Deviations 08/11/2020