Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests

View the pending Nodal Operating Guide Revision Requests (NOGRRs) below. You may also view a full report of all NOGRRs below.


Issue Description Next Group
NOGRR183 Remedial Action Scheme (RAS) Submittal and Review Requirements ROS
NOGRR190 Related to NPRR937, Distribution Voltage Level Block Load Transfer (BLT) Deployment ROS
NOGRR195 Generator Voltage Control Tolerance Band ROS
NOGRR196 Related to NPRR973, Add Definitions for Generator Step-Up and Main Power Transformer ROS
NOGRR198 Alignment Changes for November 1, 2019 Nodal Operating Guide – NPRR939
NOGRR199 Related to NPRR979, Incorporate State Estimator Standards and Telemetry Standards into Protocols ROS
NOGRR200 Delete Remaining Grey-Boxed Language Associated with NOGRR025, Monitoring Programs for QSEs, TSPs, and ERCOT ROS