Texas Standard Electronic Transaction Guides

Information on each Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (Texas SET) used by the competitive retail electric market is available in this section. Find implementation guides, business processes for transactions and Texas SET proposed and adopted changes.

Texas SET Issue Submission Process

The process for submitting new Texas SET issues is detailed in the Texas SET Working Group Procedures (found on the Texas SET Working Group page). An issue approved by the working group will be captured in a change control if the issue requires a change to a Texas SET Implementation Guide.

Use the Texas SET Issue Form below to submit an issue for consideration. Completed forms should be submitted to the leadership of the Texas SET Working Group.

In This Section

  • Find the latest Texas SET guides, which provide information on the electronic transactions in the Texas retail electric market.
  • Find the current swimlanes, which outline the business process lifecycle for retail transactions.
  • Locate current and past Texas SET issues, including those pending, approved, rejected, or withdrawn.
  • New and Pending (Under Review) Change Controls, those that have been Approved for future Texas SET versions, as well as all Withdrawn and already Implemented Change Controls.

Key Documents