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Communications and Settlements (CSWG)
Market Information System User Group (MISUG)
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Advanced Metering (AMWG)
The Retail Market Training Task Force(RMTTF)
Texas Data Transport (TDTWG)
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Black Start (BSWG)
Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIPWG)
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NERC Reliability (NRWG)
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Operations (OWG)
Performance Disturbance Compliance (PDCWG)
Planning Geomagnetic Disturbance Task Force(PGDTF)
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Phasor Measurement (PMTF)
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Metering (MWG)
QSE Managers (QMWG)
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Supply Analysis Working Group(SAWG)
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Generation Adequacy (GATF)
Resource Adequacy(RATF)