Approved Protocol Revision Requests (PRRs)
# Title Description Date Posted Sponsor Urgent Protocol Sections Current Status Effective Date(s)
PRR211 Balancing Energy Bid Curves for RPRS Software unable to support unit specific BE bid curves by June 1, 2001. The software can support 1 UBES bid curve per zone per QSE & 1 DBES bid per zone per QSE. There is no manual work-around. 03/12/2001 ERCOT No 4.4.16(3) Approved
PRR212 Surety Bond Required by PUCT. Allows a QSE to post a surety bond as an alternative to meeting ERCOT creditworthiness requirements. 03/12/2001 ERCOT No Approved
PRR214 EPS Meter Communication Allows a TDSP to provide other ERCOT approved communication technology for ERCOT to use in acquiring data from EPS Meters. 03/28/2001 TXU Yes 10.12.1(2) Approved
PRR215 Revision of Availability for Responsibility Transfers PIP151, Responsibility Transfers will be available on January 1, 2002. 03/29/2001 Calpine Yes 4.9.4 Approved
PRR216 Bid Clearing Clarifies that unselected bids are cleared when a market closes & specifies that bids must be resubmitted if reconsideration is desired. 04/06/2001 ERCOT Yes 4.4.11 Approved
PRR217 Distribution Loss "K" Factors Revises the K-factor range from 0.0-0.1 to 0.0-1.2. 04/10/2001 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR218 Responsibility Assignment for RPC & AVR Change the responsibility for reactive power capability & automatic voltage regulator (AVR) testing from the QSE to the Generation Entity. 04/16/2001 FPL Energy No Approved
PRR219 Frequency Level Deviation Change the level of frequency deviation at which ERCOT measures & records various system operating data from 0.375 to 0.175 Hz. 04/16/2001 FPL Energy No Approved
PRR220 Section 17 Language Clarification Change a description of the Protocols as including the Operating Guides. 04/16/2001 FPL Energy No 17.6 Approved
PRR221 Responsive Reserve Resources (Hydro) Required by PUCT. Removes the limits the limits on the provision of Responsive Reserve Service by hydroelectric resources. 04/16/2001 LCRA Yes 6.1.4 Approved
PRR222 Amend Market Solution Definition Required by PUCT. Amends the "Market Solution" definition. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 2.1 Approved
PRR223 Agreements & Protocols Deviations Required by PUCT. Establishes the requirement that "known" deviations between Agreements & the Protocols are to be expressly stated & terms are effective only upon ERCOT BOD approval. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 1.1 Approved
PRR224 Changes to Load Profiles Based on Disputes Required by PUCT. Requires TDSPs to change the assignment of a Load Profile or Weather Zone based on the outcome of a dispute. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR225 TOU Metering Required by PUCT. Language addition: "within ever investor-owned TDSP territory, additional TOU schedules may be implemented if approved by the PUCT." 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR226 Interim Manual Switching Deadlines Required by the PUCT. Clarifies that deadlines for the interim manual switching process are the same as those for the automated process. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 11.1.10 Approved
PRR227 ERCOT Sole Discretion Required by PUCT. Clarifies the extent of ERCOT's sole discretion. 04/17/2001 ERCOT Yes 1.2 Approved
PRR228 Non-ERCOT LSE Fee Clarifies the application of the Non-ERCOT LSE fee by replacing the CR reference with LSE. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 9.7.3 Approved
PRR229 Pre-Assigned TCRs Required by PUCT. Establishes that pre-assigned TCRs are subject to change or elimination upon ERCOT BOD approval or PUCT order. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR230 REC Administrative Fee Required by PUCT. Deletes paragraph 9.7.2 & designates as "reserved." 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 9.7.2 Approved
PRR231 Sect 9.5.5 Language Clarification Required by PUCT. Replaces "proven" with "alleged." 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 9.5.5 Approved
PRR232 PUCT Notification Required by PUCT. Establishes that ERCOT is to notify the PUCT if a TDSP fails to meet its customer switch responsibilities. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 15 Approved
PRR233 Balancing Energy Offer Cap Required by PUCT. Establishes an offer cap on Balancing Energy of $1,000. 04/17/2001 ERCOT Yes 6.5.2 Approved
PRR234 RMR Required by PUCT. This revision gives the RMR unit owner the option of receiving 10% of positive margins for energy generated in excess of the amount that the unit is obligated to produce under its RMR contract. The RMR owner has the choice of selecting 1 of 2 options no more frequently than on a yearly basis, prior to the time in which the selected option will be in effect. 04/17/2001 ERCOT Yes, 22F Approved
PRR235 Adj. Of Unselected AS bids Required by PUCT. Defines an activity rule that permits only downward adjustments of unselected Ancillary Service bids & allows unselected bids by a QSE to be withdrawn only in descending order of bid price. 04/17/2001 ERCOT Yes 4.5.9, 6.6.2 Approved
PRR236 Loss Compensation Outside the IDR Meter Permitted Provides a mechanism to perform distribution loss compensation outside the IDR meter. 04/16/2001 ERCOT Yes 13.1.1 Approved
PRR237 Federal Resources Required by PUCT. Gives ERCOT the authority to grant waivers to federally owned & operated hydroelectric facilities from registration requirements & execution of Resource Agreements. 04/20/2001 Tex-La Yes 4.4.5, Approved
PRR238 Meter Read Data Required by PUCT. Provides a deadline for ERCOT to present meter-read data to CRs for the interim period before the system vendor can ensure meeting deadlines. 04/17/2001 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR239 Reg. Of Texas Non-ERCOT TDSPs Requires Non-ERCOT TDSPs operating in the state of Texas where Customer Choice is in effect to register with ERCOT. 04/20/2001 ERCOT Yes 16.4 Approved
PRR240 Trans. Billing Determinant Calc Entirely removes Section 9.8.2 - Monthly Determinant Data From ERCOT & clarification edits to 9.8.1 - item#3. 04/24/2001 ERCOT Yes 9.8 Approved
PRR241 UFE Analysis 1) Revises the beginning date for UFE analysis in Section 11.5.1 to January 2002. 2) Modifies the language in to accommodate a December 1, 2001 implementation timeline. 3) Adds language in to require TDSPs to leave "old control area" boundary meters in place until UFE analysis zones are defined. Definition of zones to take place after June 1, 2001 but supporting December 1, 2001 deadline. 04/24/2001 ERCOT Yes 11.5 Approved
PRR243 Acceptance of Non-ERCOT Transactions An impact analysis was done by Accenture and it was determined that it would be costly and time consuming (in terms of system performance) to validate and reject pass through usage transactions for Non-ERCOT TDSP 867_03 transactions. Therefore, the systems will not reject transactions from Non-ERCOT TDSPs who choose to send the 867_03 to ERCOT. 05/03/2001 ERCOT Yes 15.1 Approved
PRR244 Provisional Qualification for AS Providers Allows ERCOT to grant a ninety (90) day Provisional Qualification period during which additional testing may be rescheduled for QSEs that have encountered non-critical technical issues during Ancillary Services testing. 05/11/2001 ERCOT Yes 6.10.3 Approved
PRR245 Ratcheting Down of OOME Up Payments Apply a ratcheting down mechanism for OOME Up energy payment. 05/17/2001 TXU Yes Approved
PRR246 Protocol Effective Date Change the effective date so that it reflects the actual start of the market. 05/22/2001 ERCOT Yes 1.7 Approved
PRR247 Ratcheting of OOME Payments Apply a ratcheting down mechanism for OOME Up energy payment and a ratcheting up mechanism for OOME Down energy payments. 05/25/2001 LCRA No Approved
PRR248 TX Non-ERCOT LSE Registration Creates new Protocol Section 16.11 to require Non-ERCOT Load Serving Entities operating in the state of Texas to register with ERCOT. 05/31/2001 AEP/ Entergy Yes 16.11 (new) Approved
PRR249 QSE Creditworthiness Monitoring Update creditworthiness monitoring requirements. 06/13/2001 ERCOT Yes 16.2.8 Approved
PRR251 Update Texas SETs Update the Protocols to match SET transactions. These are Non-ERCOT transaction updates. 06/29/2001 ERCOT No 19.3.1 Approved
PRR252 Protocol Effective Date Revise the Protocols to reflect the actual single control area operation start date of the market. 07/03/2001 ERCOT Yes 1.7 Approved
PRR253 EPS Meter Clock Time Maintenance The proposed language allows TDSP and EPS Meters to stay on another time reference with the meter data adjusted to Central Prevailing Time. 07/06/2001 STEC No 10.9.1(7), 10.9.2(5) Approved
PRR254 New Protocol Chapter - Texas Test Plan Team Market Testing To define the Market Testing Process. 07/06/2001 Reliant No 23 [new] Approved
PRR255 VEE Standard for TDSP Metered Entities The Metering Subcommittee is requesting a language modification to section 10.11.3. The language modification will incorporate a specific reference to the Uniform Business Practices standard for Validation, Estimation, and Editing. 07/09/2001 ERCOT No 10.11.3 Approved
PRR256 REC Protocols Revisions from PUCT Order in Docket N. 23802 The PUCT ordered these changes in its final order issued in Docket No. 23802, Proceeding to Consider Section 14 of the ERCOT Protocols (Severed From Docket No. 23220). 07/10/2001 ERCOT No 14.9, 14.10.2 Approved
PRR257 Provision of passwords to the Resource Entity for EPS metered Facilities Provision of passwords to the Resource Entity for EPS metered Facilities 07/10/2001 ERCOT No 10.1 Approved
PRR258 Notification Automation if Permit Required To facilitate Move-ins where a permit is required. 07/13/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes,, Approved
PRR259 Process Automation for Un-executable Move-ins To facilitate completion of Move-ins that are unexecutable. 07/13/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes Approved
PRR260 Auto Purge Process If Permits Not Received To facilitate purging of Move-ins that require a permit, but the permit is not received by the TDSP. 07/13/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes, Approved
PRR261 CR Notification Add a notifying element for the CRs to identify when date changes have created a gap in time. 07/13/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes 15 Approved
PRR262 CSA CR Continuity of Service To provide the CSA CR with continuity of service. 07/13/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes Approved
PRR263 Update Move-in Reject Reasons Add new rejection for following reason: "There is already a move in request in progress, not first in for the same requested date." 07/13/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes Approved
PRR264 Move-in W/O Meter Installed Allows the TDSP to return as much premise info as possible to the CR in the 2 day window. 07/19/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes, Approved
PRR265 Priority Move-in To facilitate passing critical info to the TDSP so the Move-in can be expedited and scheduled as requested. 07/19/2001 Green Mountain Energy/ RMS Yes,,, Approved
PRR266 Concurrent Processing Update Concurrent Processing procedures. 07/20/2001 ERCOT Yes, 15.1.3, Approved
PRR267 Black Start Basic Startup Test Interval Clarifies requirements for annual testing of black start units. 07/26/2001 LCRA No Approved
PRR268 Day Ahead Scheduling Process Time Line Change Request Extends the time line for Day Ahead Scheduling Process to 1830 from 1630. The extension to start at 1400. 07/26/2001 TXU Yes 4.1.1, 4.4.14 to 4.4.17 Approved
PRR269 Small Renewable Production Facilities Metering Requirement Relax the requirement for IDR meters and the provision of generation meter data to ERCOT for renewable energy production facilities that are less than 50 kW and are interconnected to operate in parallel with a NOIE TDSP distribution system. 07/30/2001 City Public Service of San Antonio No 10.2.2, 10.9 Approved
PRR270 Unit Specific Dec Premiums Revise the Protocols to reflect that the system selects and deploys Resources for unit-specific deployments based on the price that results from subtracting the premium from the MCPE. 08/02/2001 ERCOT Yes (5) Approved
PRR271 Local Congestion Revise the Protocols to reflect that ERCOT is using OOME Up and OOME Down for settlement of energy deployed to relieve Local Congestion. 08/02/2001 ERCOT Yes (10) Approved
PRR272 Add Distribution Zone to Data Query The addition of the Distribution Zone (DZ) field is needed to identify which power pool an ESI ID is located. 08/17/2001 AEP No 15.2 Approved
PRR273 Post MCPC at Award Time Remove no earlier than 1430 from 4.4.13. 08/20/2001 ERCOT Yes 4.4.13 Approved
PRR274 Remove Expiration Time for BES & Unit Premium Bids Remove expiration time of bids for hourly BES bid curves and unit specific bid premiums entered in the hourly resource plan. 08/20/2001 ERCOT Yes 4.5.3(5), Approved
PRR275 AS Mismatch Language Revision Revise to reflect that AS mismatches will be adjusted to match the Resource. Software acquires AS based on AS scheduled by Resource and is unable to adjust to match the Obligation because of multiple inter-QSE trades. 08/20/2001 ERCOT Yes 4.7.2(3)(b) Approved
PRR278 RMR, Synchronous Condenser, Black Start Revisions Resolve conflicts between Protocol language and contract language. Revise Protocol formulas to be consistent with contract language and add clarifying language to the Protocols. 08/28/2001 ERCOT Yes 6.8.3 & 6.8.5 Approved
PRR279 Responsibility Transfers for Capacity Auction Products The PUCT has required IOUs to sell at auction 15% of their capacity in 25 mw blocks. One of the products from these blocks is balancing energy through the use of a Responsibility Transfer. Over 200 possible RspT will place a burden on ERCOT as well as the seller. This is a simpler method for the buyer to bid in the balancing energy market but have the seller receive a message rather than a continuous signal. 08/28/2001 TXU Yes 4.9.5 Approved
PRR280 Zonal Congestion Costs Clarification that costs for resolving Zonal Congestion should be counted toward the $20 million threshold for the transition for the direct assignment of CSC Congestion resolution costs. 08/31/2001 Dynegy Yes 7.3 Approved
PRR283 ERCOT Read Meter Data Changes PIP 204 to provide Market Participants Data for ERCOT Populated ESI IDS via a data extract instead of 867_03 EDI transactions and adds the requirement to provide Market Participants EPS Meter Recorder (RIDs) level data via a data extract. 09/06/2001 ERCOT Yes 11.1.10 Approved
PRR285 OOMC Premium Clarify the language regarding payment when the OOMC payment is not sufficient to cover the cost of providing RPRS service and provide a reasonable premium. The proposed language will make the form of the OOMC language consistent with the form of the OOME payment. 09/12/2001 AEP Yes Approved
PRR287 Responsibility Transfers (Dynamic Scheduling) These revisions clarify that dynamic scheduling of resources between QSEs is to be allowed, as well as clarify details of responsibility transfers to conform with ERCOT systems capability. 01/25/2002 Dynegy No 4.9 Approved
PRR288 TDSP Metered Entities This PRR is similar to PRR269. It modifies 269PRR as follows, Relax the requirement for IDR meters and the provision of generation meter data to ERCOT for renewable energy production facilities that are less than 50 kW & not wanting compensation for net output. These customers are interconnected to operate in parallel with a NOIE or OIE TDSP distribution system. Resource facilities wanting compensation will need to follow standard protocol requirements of generation entities (IDR metering, an assigned Resource Identifier (RID), need to complete a Resource Application, etc.). 09/24/2001 TXU No 10.2.2; 10.9 Approved
PRR289 Block Load Transfers Simplify the way ERCOT protocols accommodate Block Load Transfers and make the treatment of ERCOT and Non-ERCOT loads similar. Removed boxed text (pip 209) as the language should be capable of being implemented immediately with no changes to the system design. 11/05/2001 AEP Yes 5.7 Approved
PRR291 Section 16 Testing Requirements Adds language for Retail Market testing. 10/09/2001 TXU No 16.2.1, 16.3.1, 16.4 & 16.6 Approved
PRR292 Revise Resource Specific Payment Formula Revise the formulas to reflect the language. 10/10/2001 ERCOT Yes & Approved
PRR294 Clarify LSE Load Ratio Share Data Requirements Clarifies the requirements of PIP 144. 10/12/2001 ERCOT No 6.3.1 & 4.4.4 Approved
PRR295 Obligation Default Charges Provide formulas to reflect the language for the treatment of default QSE financial responsibility. 10/15/2001 ERCOT Yes 6.9.1 Approved
PRR296 Zonal Congestion Implementation Date The BOD voted to approve a date of 2/15/02 for the implementation of direct assignment of zonal congestion costs. The availability of auctioned and pre-assigned TCRs may be on or after January 1, 2002. 10/19/2001 CPS-San Antonio Yes 7.3.3; 7.3.4; 7.5.1 & Approved
PRR297 LaaR & BULs Provisional Qualification This revision provisionally qualifies certain loads that were served on an interruptible tariff, participated in a group load curtailment tariff, or participated in a direct load control program on August 1, 2001 to act as a load acting as a resource (LaaR) or a balancing up load (BUL), provided the load can meet the metering and performance criteria outlined in the Protocols. 10/25/2001 Demand Side Task Force Yes New language to be added after 6.10 Approved
PRR298 Revise Settlements Calendar This PRR requests changes to the Settlement Payment Calendar for Initial Statements and Final Statements only. The payment dates are kept the same according to the settlement calendar by changing the due dates of invoices from net-30 to either net-16 or net-9, depending on the preferred 2 or 3-week change approved. 10/29/2001 ERCOT Yes 9.2.3; 9.2.4; 9.2.5; 9.3 Approved
PRR299 TCR Congestion Management Changes the 60-day notice requirement to 30-days for the initial annual TCR auction only. 11/06/2001 Enron Yes Approved
PRR300 TCR Congestion Management Establish Congestion Management guidelines and requirements for February 15, 2002. Strike System Congestion Fund upon conversion to direct assignment of Zonal Congestion costs. Strike Zonal Congestion Tracking upon conversion to direct assignment of Zonal Congestion costs. 11/15/2001 Dynegy Yes 2; 6; 7; 9; 16 Approved
PRR302 BUL Capacity Payment Calculation This revision establishes a baseline approach for calculating the BUL capacity payment based on historical data. The baseline would be based on a 10-day average of actual metered load. The baseline will be adjusted to actual load in the two hours prior to notice to reflect temperature sensitive load and to address gaming concerns. 11/29/2001 Demand Side Task Force No & Approved
PRR303 Move-in Rejections The stacked move in resolution modified the Not First In validation to allow a Move In when another Move In is pending, but only when the requested Move In is LATER than the pending Move In. 12/07/2001 Reliant Yes Approved
PRR305 Inter-QSE Trades Under DA Cost Allocation Clarifies language and formulae in Section 7.3.4 to indicate the recognition of Inter-QSE trades 12/19/2001 CPS-San Antonio Yes 7.3.4 Approved
PRR306 TCR Ownership Limitation Minor revision to existing Protocol 7.5.7 referencing new section 7.5.9 regarding limitation and ownership of TCRs to create an effective market for TCRs and adding new Section 7.5.9 to limit TCR ownership. 01/14/2002 TXU No 7.5.9 Approved
PRR307 Controllable Resources This revision defines Load which can provide Regulation Service. 01/03/2002 Ridge Energy Storage No 2.1, 5.6.7, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.4,, 6.5.2, 6.5.3 6.5.4, 6.5.6, 6.7.3,, Approved
PRR308 Settlements Calendar Revision This Protocol revision is written to request changes to the Settlement Payment Calendar for Initial Statements and Final Statements only. The payment dates are kept the same according to the settlement calendar by changing the due dates of invoices from net-30 to either net-16 or net-9, depending on the preferred 2 or 3-week change approved. 01/09/2002 TAC Yes 9.2.3, 9.2.4, 9.2.5 & 9.3 Approved
PRR309 TDSP Demand Reporting Requirement Wording changes in demand reporting requirements that better reflect the intent of the current Protocol language. 01/07/2002 Load Profiling Working Group No; 18.6.6 Approved
PRR310 Estimating Usage Applied to Profiles Revise formulas to estimate usage when no actual meter read data is available for the day being estimated. 01/07/2002 Load Profiling Working Group Yes 11.3.2 & Approved
PRR311 DLC to BUL Transition Permits load control or load management programs involving small energy consumers (under 1 MW) to provide a balancing-up load (BUL) without the requirement that interval data recorders (IDRs) be installed on all of the participating energy consumers. A sampling approach, consistent with ERCOTs load profiling requirements for direct load control programs, shall suffice. 01/08/2002 Task Force on Demand Side Resources & Demand Responsive- ness No, 6.10.2, & Approved
PRR312 Enhance ESI ID Look-up Function Provide additional information for an ESI ID to include Station ID, Power Region, Premise Type, status (active/de-energized/inactive) for an ESI ID. 01/14/2002 Entergy Solutions Supply LTD No 15.2 Approved
PRR313 TCR Transfer Deadline This revision specifies a time limit on the transfers of TCRs in the ERCOT TCR database. 01/14/2002 PUCT Yes 7.5.7 Approved
PRR314 Minimum Time Unit for Resource Availability XML documentation states that the LEAD-TIME value has to be entered in minutes. Protocols need to be revised to state the correct time interval, currently "hours." 01/23/2002 ERCOT Yes 4.4.16 (6) Approved
PRR316 CR Switch Cancellation Add language in section of the protocols to say specifically that a CR does have the ability to cancel a pending switch. 02/04/2002 ERCOT (RMS) Yes Approved
PRR318 Two Zone Adjustment Add methodology to alleviate the situation of one station having transmission busses assigned to two different transmission congestion zones. 02/22/2002 TXU No Approved
PRR319 Load Ratio Share Used to Determine AS Obligation Revised the language in Section 6.3.1 to reflect that the Load Ratio Share used to determine AS Obligation will be for the same hour and day of the week and from the initial settlement data that is available. 02/28/2002 ERCOT Yes 6.3.1 Approved
PRR321 Uninstructed Resource Charge Process States that a QSE is subject to the uninstructed charge for over-generation when the MCPE is positive, when regulation is determined to be over or under the defined bandwidth. 03/14/2002 QSE Project Managers WG Yes; Approved
PRR322 RPRS Award Performance Current Protocols language potentially could allow a QSE receiving an RPRS award/ deployment to be paid without starting the awarded unit. This is possible because the performance measures only require that the QSE submit balancing bids in an amount equal to the RPRS award and do not specifically require that the QSE start the unit. 03/21/2002 AEP No 6.10.8 Approved
PRR323 TCR Creditworthiness Monitoring Update creditworthiness language to match the TCR Agreement. 03/22/2002 CPS-San Antonio Yes & Approved
PRR324 EPS Meter Polling Timeline Revises requirements for polling of EPS meters based upon change in timeline for initial settlement. 03/26/2002 ERCOT Yes 10.3.2; 11.1.1; 11.1.2; 11.1.4 Approved
PRR325 Sub-QSEs Partition Limit Revise the Protocols to increase the maximum number of Sub-QSEs an Entity can implement from three to ten. 04/15/2002 Dynegy Yes 16.2.1 Approved
PRR326 Day Ahead Schedule Update the definition for the Day Ahead Scheduling Process to end at 1800 instead of 1630. 04/19/2002 TXU No 4.4.1 Approved
PRR327 Confidentiality (1) Revise the definition of "Protected Information" and conform the provisions of § to reflect changes made to the definition of "Protected Information." (2) Impose a time limit on confidentiality of information. (3) Clarify that the PUCT, after notice and opportunity for hearing, may declassify information. 04/24/2002 PUCT-MOD No 1.3;;; & 1.3.7 [new] Approved
PRR328 Customer Service Establishment Notice Eliminates the protocol language requiring that Move-In service establishment notices be sent to all Customers. 04/29/2002 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR329 TCR Simultaneous Combinatorial Auction This revision was drafted by the Congestion Management Working Group of the Wholesale Market Subcommittee to implement the Public Utility Commission of Texas order to convert the simple auction to a combinatorial auction of TCRs (Transmission Congestion Rights). 05/07/2002 TXU Yes & Approved
PRR330 IDR meter data for True-Up settlement Require that 95% of the IDR meter data be available for true-up settlement to take place. 05/06/2002 TXU Yes 9.2.6 Approved
PRR332 Unit Resource Testing This revision recognizes prudent operating practices by prohibiting the ISO from issuing resource-specific dispatch instructions while the resource is in the process of pre-COD testing, required seasonal real and reactive testing, and testing necessary prior to and returning from annual planned maintenance 05/13/2002 Calpine No 4.5.2; 5.4.3; 5.6.7; 6.10.2 & 6.10.3 Approved
PRR333 OOM Down Cost Recovery Develop a methodology for compensating uncontrollable renewable Resources that incur costs greater than the OOME Down payment. 05/23/2002 ERCOT Yes 6.8.2 Approved
PRR335 Generic Costs This PRR is one of a group of PRRs [#s 334-340] that the submitter requested be considered as a single vote. Specifically, this PRR adds a new section to incorporate generic costs associated with resources that will be used to calculate payments when a resource provides Out-of-Merit Service. The generic resource costs added are: generic fuel cost, generic startup costs, and generic operating costs. 05/20/2002 TXU Yes 6.8.2 Approved
PRR336 OOM Down This PRR is one of a group of PRRs [#s 334-340] that the submitter requested be considered as a single vote. Specifically, this PRR revises the OOME Down pricing to a cost-based mechanism. 05/20/2002 TXU Yes 2.1 & Approved
PRR337 OOM Up Pricing Method This PRR is one of a group of PRRs [#s 334-340] that the submitter requested be considered as a single vote. Specifically, this PRR revises the OOME Up pricing to a more conservative cost-based pricing mechanism. 05/20/2002 TXU Yes 2.1 & Approved
PRR338 OOMC Pricing Method This PRR is one of a group of PRRs [#s 334-340] that the submitter requested be considered as a single vote. Specifically, this PRR revises the OOMC from bid/premium-based pricing to cost-based pricing. 05/20/2002 TXU Yes 2.1, & Approved
PRR341 Transmission Facility Status Change Notification Add language that allows flexibility in maintaining specific equipment that currently does not exist with ERCOT Outage Coordination efforts. 05/23/2002 LCRA Yes 5.5.2 Approved
PRR342 AS Simultaneous Selection Modification of ancillary service bid selection process to allow simultaneous occurrence of Regulation Up, Responsive Reserve and Non-Spinning Reserve. 05/24/2002 TXU No 4.4.11; 4.4.12; 6.6.2 & 6.6.3 Approved
PRR343 BES Ramp Rate Add language to describe a typical ramp duration & clarify the deployment period as the operating interval. WMS requested clarification of the current Protocol text. 06/04/2002 ERCOT Yes 6.5.2(18) Approved
PRR344 Bid Clearing Revises language to comply with the implementation of PIPs 147 & 148; bids will be carried over to the next market if there is one. 06/13/2002 ERCOT Yes 4.4.11 Approved
PRR345 Multi-Settlement This revision pays all providers the highest clearing price for the market they were awarded and all subsequent markets. Thus if a subsequent market cleared lower than an earlier market, the providers in the subsequent market will not get the benefit of the earlier clearing price. 06/20/2002 WMS Yes 6.6.3 & 6.8 Approved
PRR346 MVA Data Calculation Responsibility Eliminate redundant requests for data, specifically MVA. 07/01/2002 LCRA No Approved
PRR347 OOMC Pricing Formula Clarification This PRR clarifies the equations originally proposed by PRR338. 07/02/2002 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR348 Confidentiality Cleanup Limits the time that REC account information is protected from disclosure to 1 year after the end of the applicable Compliance Period. 07/25/2002 PUCT MOD Yes 1.3.3(1)(c) Approved
PRR349 UBES-DBES Ramp Rates Incorporates the QSE's bid ramp rates when ERCOT issues instructions for a QSE to change its Balancing Energy service deployment from the previous Settlement Interval to the target Settlement Interval. 07/25/2002 Reliant Energy Yes 6.5.2(16), (17), (18), (19) & add new (22) Approved
PRR350 Smoothing Algorithm Revision This revision will change the calculation of the Schedule Control Error equation in real time. 07/31/2002 AEP No Approved
PRR351 Load Imbalance Balancing Energy Settlement Revises load unit from MW to MWh. 08/06/2002 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR352 Proxy Day Determination Extension This PRR changes the Non-Weather Sensitive (NWSIDR) Proxy Day determination method to use the most recent historical ESI-ID interval data from the last 12 months. 08/07/2002 Dynegy, IDR Default Profile Chair Yes Approved
PRR354 Amend POLR Process Replaced references to POLR with Affiliate REP where appropriate in 15.1.2, 15.1.3, and 19.3.1. Added language to 15.1.2 for process used when dropping a customer to the POLR for contract non-renewal. Added language to for ERCOT process of notifying the POLR to submit switches on mass drop in the event of a CR default. 08/16/2002 PUCT-MOD Yes 15.1.2, 15.1.3 & 19.3.13 Approved
PRR355 OOME BLT Generic Costs Establishes Resource Category Generic Cost for Block Load Transfers. Correct the payment equation for start up operational cost. Insert protocols reference to complete the sentence found in protocols section (4) (a) (iv). 08/21/2002 AEP No 6.8.2 Approved
PRR357 Market Solution Definition Revision The current definition requires that at least three unaffiliated resources be available for solving a circumstance of local congestion. It is possible to have bids from three unaffiliated bidders that could independently solve an instance of local congestion, except for the fact that one or more of these solutions may not be feasible because of constraints that do not permit the physical dispatch of the resources to resolve the congestion. The proposed definition corrects this by specifying that a market solution only exists when each of the required three bids from unaffiliated bidders has sufficient capacity available to physically solve the congestion. 09/03/2002 PUCT - MOD No 2.1 Approved
PRR359 Improve Resource Plan Requires the provision of additional information in the Resource Plan and allows updates after the Adjustment Period. 09/06/2002 ERCOT No 2.1, 4.4.15, 4.5.10 & Approved
PRR360 Relaxed Balanced Schedules Allows for the use of relaxed Balanced Schedules. 09/06/2002 Relaxed Balanced Schedules TF Yes 2.1, 4.1.1, 4.3.2, 4.4.15, 6.4.2, 6.5.10, & 6.10.8 Approved
PRR361 Section 15 Update Updates Section 15: (1) to use the 814_82/29 for both Unexecutable and permit Required for move-ins and move-outs only; (2) Special Needs Indicators; and (3) to reflect Implementation Guide language. 09/13/2002 Reliant No Section 15 [several] Approved
PRR362 Load Profiling Guide - Correction Procedure to Profile ID Type Remove procedural details from Protocols and refer Market Participants to Load Profiling Guides. 09/17/2002 ERCOT No Approved
PRR363 IDR Data Start-Stop Times Add language to require TDSPs (and future Meter Reading Entities) to send only whole days of data for all IDR ESI IDs. 09/20/2002 ERCOT Yes 10.9.2 Approved
PRR366 Changes to Pre-Assigned TCRs These changes are intended to reflect the changes ordered by the PUCT in its Order No. 15 in Docket No. 24770. 10/09/2002 CPS-San Antonio Yes 4.1.2,, Section 7 [several] Approved
PRR367 IDR Installation & Use Re-word Section 18.6.1(4) to address two substantive changes:1) Change wording to reflect, IDRs installed at the request of ERCOT, a TDSP, , instead of IDRs installed by ERCOT, a TDSP, .2) Change demand calculation to coincident demand calculation 10/14/2002 ERCOT No 18.6.1 Approved
PRR368 Section 18 References Delete the word Operating (and the following space) from all occurrences of Load Profiling Operating Guides in all of Section 18. In Section 18.5.1, replace as set forth in the Operating Guides to as set forth in the Load Profiling Guides. 10/14/2002 ERCOT No 18.5.1 Approved
PRR369 Proposal to Address Dispatching Issues for Combined Cycle Units Through Settlement Aggregation Change the way instructions to combined cycle plants are settled to more accurately reflect the operational interdependencies of these plant technologies. 10/17/2002 Constellation Yes 6.5.10, & [new] Approved
PRR370 Process for Application and Approval of RMR Contracts Formalizes the process for application and approval of RMR contracts, including requirement for notice, opportunity for comment, availability of data, and approval by ERCOT Board. These provisions reflect that RMR is essentially a regulated service provided to the market and therefore calls for greater market scrutiny than other services provided to ERCOT. The PRR is intended to maximize the information available to market participants, while minimizing the constraints on ERCOTs ability to enter into RMR Agreements it determines are needed. 10/17/2002 Austin Energy Yes, 6.5.9, [new] Approved
PRR371 Minimum Energy OOME When OOMC Issued Language implements a mandatory minimum OOME instruction for the same intervals that OOMC instructions are issued to a unit. 10/28/2002 Exelon No & Approved
PRR372 Backup Plan Requirement This revision adds the requirement for a backup plan in the event of a loss of the QSEs or Transmission Operators scheduling center. 10/30/2002 ERCOT No 16.2.1; 16.2.2 & 16.4 Approved
PRR373 OOME as Instructed Deviation This PRR provides a method to define Out Of Merit Energy Service as Instructed Deviation. 10/31/2002 TXU Yes 6.7.7 and new sections & Approved
PRR374 RMR Text Changes Reflects previous changes in the Day Ahead timeline, clarifies the use of RMR energy & corrects typos. 12/09/2002 ERCOT No;; 6.7.8, 22F.1.H & 22F.8 Approved
PRR376 Procure Total AS from ERCOT Allows a QSE to purchase ancillary services to cover both their ERCOT allocated ancillary service obligation as well as obligations scheduled to other Sub-QSEs or QSEs. 12/23/2002 AEP Yes 4.7.1 Approved
PRR377 ERCOT Canceled RMR Unit Start Provides that RMR units are to be partially compensated for start up expenses when ERCOT request a start and then subsequently cancels the start after start up has been initiated. 01/03/2003 AEP No Approved
PRR378 RMR Units Mandatory Down Balancing Bids Exclude energy schedules from RMR units from the requirement to provide mandatory down balancing bids. 01/03/2003 AEP Yes 4.4.5 & 4.5.2 Approved
PRR379 BLT Waiver [renamed] Provides that resources receiving a waiver from signing the Resource agreement must designate a load serving entity to serve their auxiliary load when the generator is not operating. And adds a new section giving ERCOT the ability to grant a waiver for Block Load Transfer point Resources. 01/03/2003 AEP No & [new] Approved
PRR380 Black Start Service (1) Provides RFP evaluation criteria as an appendix to the RFP; (2) Clarifies that the procurement of Black Start Services are annual and that testing is a simulation and not an actual event; (3) Adds criteria for revocation of certification for actual event default; and (4) Defines an additional default criterion. 01/13/2003 LCRA Yes 6.5.8, 6.6.2;; 22.7 & 22.10.A.2.e Approved
PRR381 Update QSE Designation Outlines the steps necessary for an LSE or Resource Entity to designate a new QSE when their existing QSE terminates its commercial relationship with the Entity. 01/14/2003 ERCOT No, 16.3.2, 16.5.3, [new], 16.2.13 [new] Approved
PRR382 Settlement Statement Suspension Allows the Board to direct ERCOT to suspend the issuance of Settlement Statements. 01/31/2003 ERCOT No 9.2.7 [New] Approved
PRR383 RMR Resource Maintenance Outage Approval Adds a requirement for ERCOT to respond within a specific time period on maintenance outage requests for RMR units. 01/21/2003 AEP No; 22-F.8 Approved
PRR385 DLC Implementation This PRR will allow the DLC programs to be appropriately profiled and ERCOT systems to properly process DLC programs. 02/05/2003 Reliant Energy for Profiling WG No; Approved
PRR386 Scheduling Information Adds text where applicable to indicate that not all services are deployed by zone and the services that are deployed by zone will be reported by zone. 02/07/2003 ERCOT No 12.4.1(3) Approved
PRR387 Mismatch Inter QSE Schedules Settlement Clarifies, automates & simplifies the settlement of Mismatched Inter-QSE Schedules. Inserts formulas in the Protocols that are needed to settle mismatches. 02/12/2003 ERCOT Yes 4.7.2; 6.9.8 [new]; 9.6.1 Approved
PRR388 BUL Capacity Payment Revise the i variable for the formula calculation from an interval equal to one hour to interval. Make two cleanup changes to references to Load Ratio Share in 6.9.6 and 6.9.7. 02/12/2003 ERCOT Yes 6.9.6 Approved
PRR389 Winter Weather Events Requirement Incorporates revisions that require QSEs to project actual interval Obligations during winter weather events that impact resources and can jeopardize the reliability and/or security of the ERCOT System. 02/18/2003 Garland P&L No 2.1; 4.1.1; 4.3.2; 4.3.5 Approved
PRR391 Waiver Recipients Must Designate an LSE Clarifies that resources receiving a waiver from signing the resource agreement must designate a Load Serving Entity to serve their auxiliary load when the generator is not operating. 02/21/2003 Reliant Resources for PRS No [New] Approved
PRR392 Posting BE Forecast-PIP138 Deletes the box for PIP138 which requires the Posting of BE Forecast. 02/21/2003 ERCOT No Approved
PRR393 Balancing Energy Bid Expiration Time-PIP147 Deletes the PIP147 box, which allows for expiration time of balancing energy bids. 02/21/2003 ERCOT No 4.5.2(5) Approved
PRR394 Balancing Energy Ramps as Instructed Deviations Revise Subsection 6.5.2(17) to state that, Energy provided outside of the target Settlement Interval as a result of ramping at the specified rate will be considered an Instructed Deviation. 02/27/2003 ERCOT No 6.5.2(17) Approved
PRR395 Declare Backup Plans Protected Information Clarifies that QSE and TO backup plans are Protected Information. 02/28/2003 AEP Yes Approved
PRR396 RMR Issues This PRR revises the guidelines and compensation of Reliability Must Run Service. 04/11/2003 Reliant for RMR Task Force Yes 6.5.9;; 6.7.8; 6.8.3; 22F; 22I Approved
PRR397 McCamey Area Congestion Management This revision is designed to minimize uplifted congestion costs while attempting to reliably maximize the use of the transmission system in the McCamey area where numerous wind turbine generators are currently located and additional wind generators may be constructed. 03/19/2003 TXU Energy No 7.8 [new]; 7.8.1-10 Approved
PRR398 Combined Cycle Settlement Amends the equations originally revised by 369PRR - Proposal to Address Dispatching Issues for Combined Cycle Units Through Settlement Aggregation, to clarify how the ERCOT system will process this functionality. 04/11/2003 ERCOT Yes; & Approved
PRR400 LaaR Provisional Qualification Allows loads to begin participating in the market as soon as their loads meet all telemetry and calibration testing until such time as an actual load interruption test can be scheduled with ERCOT and the load facilities. 04/15/2003 Reliant/ Demand Side WG Yes 6.10.1 Approved
PRR401 Partial Payments & Credit Updates ERCOTs calculation of each QSEs Total Estimated Liability and Estimated Aggregate Liability; and clarifies that ERCOT has the ability to offset amounts owed to and from a QSE that does not remit a payment in a timely manner. 04/16/2003 ERCOT Yes 9.4.4; 16.2.5-9 Approved
PRR402 Delete Good Friday Holiday This PRR deletes Good Friday from the list of observed holidays in the definition of a Business Day. 04/17/2003 ERCOT No 2.1 Approved
PRR403 URC Update Due to Smoothing Algorithm Revision Clarifies and describes in detail the changes to the URC equation as a result of the implementation of PRR 350. Specifically describes how to treat DC Tie Schedules when calculating the schedule to be used in the URC calculation. 04/16/2003 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR404 Energy Procured from ERCOT Expands the functionality of Relaxed Balanced Schedules by allowing Market Participants to schedule up to 500MW of generation from ERCOT. 04/17/2003 Tractebel No 4.3.2 Approved
PRR405 RPRS Under Scheduled Capacity (PIP132) This PRR inserts the boxed text in to reflect the implementation of PIP132, which was implemented on May 23, 2002, and revises text in to match wording changes made by PRR394. 04/17/2003 ERCOT No & Approved
PRR407 Sunset Date Removal for RBS This change removes the sentence that would restrict ERCOT from initiating a limitation or suspension of relaxed Balanced Schedules and clarifies that ERCOT may consider financial integrity issues in such limitation or suspension. 04/24/2003 ERCOT Yes 4.3.5 Approved
PRR408 HVDC Tie Schedule Data Clarifies that ERCOT is responsible for the accurate accounting of all generation produced and delivered within ERCOT; clarifies that in addition to providing the necessary data for the 4CP calculation, ERCOT must provide the necessary data for TDSP billing under FERC tariffs as they apply to the HVDC interconnections. 04/24/2003 Center Point Energy No 1.2(4);; 9.1; 9.8.2 [new] Approved
PRR409 Voltage Support Service The current Protocols allow for excessive reactive dispatching on the part of TSPs without compensation to generation owners. This PRR changes the power factor envelope from +-.95 to +-.98, and allows for payment to generators. 04/28/2003 Calpine No 6.5.7, 6.8.4 Approved
PRR410 Resource Obligations During BLT Specifically addresses generators' right to decide availability based on concerns of Jurisdiction, tariffs, or increase risk of assets when the transmission area the resource is connected to, is tied to a non-ERCOT system other than through a D.C. Tie. 04/28/2003 STEC No 5.7.3 Approved
PRR411 Protocol Clarification Process (original title: Advisory Opinion) Provides a clarification process for interpretation of the Protocols. This PRR was severed from PRR384 Code of Conduct & Advisory Opinion. 04/29/2003 ANP No 21.1 Approved
PRR413 Optimization for the whole operating day in RPRS procurement process Modify RPRS procurement process so that RPRS procurement process is an optimum solution for the whole operating day. 05/13/2003 ERCOT No 4.4.16, 6.3.1, 6.5.9,, 6.7.8,,,, 7.4.2 Approved
PRR414 Sunset Date on BE Bid Cap Remove July 4, 2003 sunset date for Balancing Energy bid caps per PUCT order. 05/15/2003 ERCOT Yes 4.4.11, 6.5.2 Approved
PRR415 Establish 50% as Limit for LaaRs Providing RRS and NSRS Removes reference to Operating Guides and establishes 50% as the maximum limit for the quantity of Loads acting as Resources that can provide Responsive Reserve Service (RRS) and also allows ERCOT to adjust the 50% limit monthly on a planned basis and daily on an emergency basis if such a limit could adversely impact reliability or deployment of Regulation. This PRR also specifies how the total ERCOT quantity would be divided among QSEs. 05/21/2003 TXU Yes 4.4.3, 4.5.2, 6.4.1, 6.5.4(8),, 6.7.4(11) Approved
PRR416 Amendment to Posting of Balancing Energy Information New subsection establishes reporting requirements for QSEs that posts the name of any QSE submitting bid for Up Balancing Energy Service with the last price/volume bid being a volume less than three (3%) of the QSE's total volume in that bid curve and is greater than three times the price of the immediately preceding price/volume pair included in that bid curve. 05/21/2003 Reliant Yes 1.3.3(2)(c) Approved
PRR417 Changes to 814_06, Handling Move Ins Changes to transmission of 814_06, New handling of Move-Ins that reject for ESI ID invalid, Change in requirement for Start and Eligibility dates, and reference to new 'Ignore CSA' flag. 05/22/2003 ERCOT Yes,,,,,, Approved
PRR419 Transfer of BUL Qualification Testing Responsibility from ERCOT to QSEs This revision transfers the responsibility for qualification testing for BUL from ERCOT to the QSE representing the BUL. 05/23/2003 Reliant Yes 6.10.2, Approved
PRR420 MCSM Implements PUCT's order to ERCOT to adopt an interim automatic mitigation procedure for balancing energy prices. 05/23/2003 PUCT-MOD Yes 6.5.2.(22) [new], [new] Approved
PRR421 Conformance with New PUCT Substantive Rule 25.362 Revise Protected Information requirements to conform with new P.U.C. SUBST. R. 25.362. 05/27/2003 ERCOT No 1.3.4, 1.3.5, 1.3.6, 1.3.8 Approved
PRR422 OOM Zonal Dispatch Instructions Provides detail on deployment and settlement of Zonal OOME Dispatch Instructions in command and control conditions 05/29/2003 ERCOT Yes 6.1.12, 6.2.1, 6.3.1, 6.5, 6.5.9, 6.5.11, 6.6.5,,,, 6.7.8, 6.8.2,, Approved
PRR423 Dispatch of QFs Below Minimum Generation Levels This PRR would limit ERCOT's ability to dispatch QFs to a value no lower than their Minimum Generation Level, except in the case of an imminent Emergency. 06/06/2003 Calpine Yes 4.4.15 Approved
PRR424 Elimination of Resource Specific Deployment Used for Energy Balance Purpose This PRR will eliminate the Resource specific deployments for energy balance purposes and will reduce the cost of Local Congestion that is currently uplifted to all Loads. 06/13/2003 ERCOT Yes, 7.3.2,, Approved
PRR425 Section 8 Outage Coordination It moves subsections pertaining to Transmission so they are together and makes minor changes to Transmission Outage requirements. Adds some requirements for RMR and Black Start Outages. 06/13/2003 ERCOT No 2.1,, 8 Approved
PRR426 URC for Uncontrollable Resources Defines an Uncontrollable Renewable Resource and allows wind resource to elect to use their Renewable Production Potential in lieu of their schedule as the basis for URC charges and OOME Down payments. 06/13/2003 Cielo Wind No 2.1, Approved
PRR427 RMR General Clarifications This PRR would clarify the changes to the RMR provisions adopted in May by the ERCOT Board. 06/17/2003 AEP No,, 9.4.4 Approved
PRR428 RMR Scheduling Clarifications This PRR would document/clarify the scheduling process for energy from RMR Units. 06/17/2003 AEP Yes,, Approved
PRR429 ERCOT Disclosure of Information to TDSPs This PRR would add instructions to ERCOT to disclose and share with a TDSP any confidential information it has received or has knowledge of that would affect the operation and security of a TDSP. 06/18/2003 Brazos Electric Yes 1.3.6 Approved
PRR431 Collateral Requirements for RBS and EAL This PRR would add a new section to calculate additional collateral requirements for QSEs intending to utilize the Balancing Energy Service more than 20%; excludes certain portions of the EAL calculation from the 60-day "look back" provision; reduces the number of days in which collateral must be posted from 3 to 2; and allows ERCOT to accelerate the due date on all outstanding amounts owed in the event of a late payment. 06/19/2003 ERCOT on behalf of Credit Workgroup Yes 16.2.7, 16.2.8, 16.2.9 Approved
PRR433 Change Percent Deficit Banking of Renewable Energy Credits This PRR would change the deficit banking amount from 5% to 10% for the first two compliance periods. 06/25/2003 TXU Energy No 14.11.1, 14.11.3 Approved
PRR436 Enhance LaaR/BUL Ability to Participate in Balancing Energy Up Service, Non-Spinning Reserve Service, and Responsive Reserve Service Markets This PRR would include the changes proposed by the Demand Side Working Group to clarify the role of Loads in the Ancillary Service and BUL markets. 06/30/2003 Demand Side Task Force Yes 6.5.2, 6.5.4,,,,,, 6.10.8 Approved
PRR437 867_03 Timeline Change ERCOT Protocols Chapter 15, Section 3, Monthly Meter Reads contains no timeline for the TDSP to send the 867_03 to ERCOT. Add verbiage to the first paragraph to add 867_03 TDSP to ERCOT timeline verbiage. 07/01/2003 RMS No 15.3 Approved
PRR439 Clarification on Defining OOME as Instructed Deviation To clarify two exceptions on defining OOME as Instructed Deviation for the implementation of 373PRR. 07/08/2003 TXU for QSE Mgrs WG Yes 6.7.7 Approved
PRR440 Interim Removal of Market Solution This PRR would remove the consideration of a Market Solution for local congestion under any circumstance on an interim basis until December 31, 2003. 07/16/2003 City Public Service of San Antonio Yes 7.4.3 Approved
PRR441 Protocol Revision Implementation Requires estimated implementation dates to be developed for PRRs that are approved by the PRS. 07/22/2003 Constellation No 21.4.5, 21.6 [New] Approved
PRR442 Profile Development Cost Recovery Fee/Approval of a Profile Segment Change Request This is a new section to specify the reimbursement process required per the PUCT related to a Non-ERCOT Sponsored Load Profile and to implement a procedure to allow provisional approval of a profile segment change request. 07/22/2003 Reliant Energy Yes 9.9 [New]; 18.2.9 Approved
PRR443 Competitive Metering Ownership Implementation Define the requirements of Competitive Meter Ownership and establish a reference to the fact that Competitive Metering Guides will exist. 07/23/2003 COMET Yes 10.1 Approved
PRR444 Move In Move Out (MIMO) Stacking Market Participant solution for handling multiple non-sequential transactions on a single ESI ID. 07/30/2003 ERCOT No 15.1 Approved
PRR446 Disclosure of OOMC Deployments Provides for disclosure on the date of Initial Settlement, but no sooner than day 14, of each unit receiving an OOMC Dispatch Instruction, intervals for which the instruction was received, intervals for which and quantity of energy deployed by ERCOT from units receiving an OOMC Dispatch Instruction. 07/31/2003 Austin Energy Yes; 6.5.10 Approved
PRR447 TCR Credit Limit Constraint Based on Clearing Prices The first revision (Change wording in ( c ) to express Credit Limit constraints) reflects the enhancement to the TCR auction engine design to apply credit limit constraints based on auction clearing prices instead of bid prices. This revision becomes effective on December 1, 2003. The other revisions are representing corrections and/or embellishments to existing wording. 07/31/2003 ERCOT No; 7.5.6 Approved
PRR448 Changes to implement Balancing Up Loads (BULs) and Block Deployment of LaaRs Clarification of Balancing Up Load (BUL) calculations, removal of BUL Resource Plan language, and inclusion of BUL capacity payment calculations in Section 6.8. 08/05/2003 ERCOT Yes;; Approved
PRR449 Successful Data Validation Response for 867s ERCOT will provide a response to TDSPs when data has been loaded or cancelled successfully based on system changes in PR-30125 (Data Loading Project). 08/05/2003 ERCOT No 11.2.2 Approved
PRR450 BLT Generic Cost Fix Again During the course of approving 371 the resource generic cost for Block Load Transfers were inadvertently omitted. This simply maintains the BLT category generic fuel cost that is currently in effect when the language from 371 is removed from the box. 08/07/2003 AEP No Approved
PRR451 Clarification of Ancillary Services Obligation Calculation Clarification that ERCOTs calculated AS Obligations for its Day Ahead Operating Day Ancillary Services are based on Initial Settlement data only for the purpose of setting up the Day Ahead plan. After the Operating Day, the AS Obligation calculations are to be adjusted according to actual Metered Load Ratio Share throughout the entire settlement process, in the same manner as Load Imbalance, BENA, etc. 08/12/2003 Republic Power No 6.3.1, 6.9.1,,,, Approved
PRR452 Unavailable Units and RMR Agreements Adds requirement for ERCOT to follow the RMR evaluation and notice requirement for units unavailable for an extended period due to non-Outage reasons. Adds requirement for Resources to remain available during RMR Agreement negotiations. 08/18/2003 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR453 Black Start Service Voice Communication Changing the Black Start Service Bid date from October to June of each year conforms current expectations of Black Start Services bidding. Provides ERCOT an avenue to assess and possibly specify certain communication facilities deemed necessary to restore the ERCOT System during a blackout. 08/18/2003 BSTF No 6.4.2; 6.5.8 Approved
PRR454 OOME Off-line When a generation unit receives an OOME instruction that would force it off-line, ERCOT must provide OOME instructions until the unit was scheduled to come off-line, or an OOMC instruction when the unit is requested to return. 08/18/2003 Constellation Yes 2.1, 6.5.10, [new], [new] Approved
PRR456 Disclosure of Identity of Short Paying QSEs Requires disclosure of the identity of short paying QSEs. 08/25/2003 Green Mountain Energy No 9.4.4 Approved
PRR457 Balancing Energy Down Requirement Revision PRR will change the Balancing Energy Down Requirement to apply to MWh capability above the QSEs Low Operating Limit for the units in operation in their portfolio. 08/25/2003 Constellation No 6.5.2 Approved
PRR459 EPS Meter Data Transmittal ERCOT has implemented some of the requirements of PIP204 and PRR283; as a result the content and the order of some of the text previously shown as boxed has been altered. This PRR clarifies the features currently implemented and identifies within the boxed Protocol language those features which are still pending implementation. 08/27/2003 ERCOT No 11.1.10; 11.1.11 Approved
PRR460 CSC Exemption Criteria Currently, requests are made for exemption; however, there is no criterion in the protocols for evaluation of the request. This revision provides criteria for TAC and the Board to consider when evaluating the merits of an exemption request. 08/29/2003 American National Power Yes Approved
PRR461 Confidentiality Exceptions for Reliability Analysis Revises the exception of 1.3.6(9) to allow Market Participants Protected Information for the purposes of developing analysis of system events; Adds an exception for limited public reporting of the status of facilities in significant events 09/02/2003 ERCOT No 1.3.6 Approved
PRR463 PCR Allocation Regarding the 25% TCR Ownership Limit Clarifies that the allocation of PCRs shall not exceed 25% of the total available TCRs on any CSC for any single direction. Also, clarifies that the 25% ownership limitation applies to TCRs and/or PCRs at a CSC interface. 09/04/2003 ERCOT Yes 7.5.6; 7.5.9 Approved
PRR464 Confidentiality of LSE Transaction Data This PRR would add transaction information submitted by an LSE to ERCOT or received by an LSE from ERCOT as a new category of protected REP specific information 09/05/2003 TXU No Approved
PRR466 Extension of No Market Solution This revision would extend the current expiration date for the suspension of Market Solution from December 31, 2003 to July 1, 2004. 09/15/2003 CPS No 7.4.3 Approved
PRR467 Elaboration on the Notice of Resettlement This PRR would request ERCOT to elaborate on the Notice of Resettlements and provide formality and structure to the Notices. 09/15/2003 CPS No Approved
PRR468 Frequency Response Requirements and Monitoring Adds Section 5.8, establishing requirements for QSE portfolio generator governor response, and establishing performance monitoring criteria. 09/22/2003 Garland P&L (on behalf of ROS) No 5.8, 5.8.1,,, 5.8.2,,,, 5.8.3,, [all sections new] Approved
PRR469 Compliance for Competitive Metering and 25516 Rulings to Load Profiling Changes to address responsibilities of TDSPs, ERCOT and Competitive Retailers related to sampling, TOU schedules and DLC. Additionally, some out of date wording has been updated or removed. 09/26/2003 Reliant (on behalf of PWG) No 18.2.5,,,, 18.3.3, 18.4.2, 18.4.3, 18.5.1, 18.5.3, 18.6.3,,,,,,,, 18.8 [new] Approved
PRR470 System Fuel Availability Inserts new wording to the existing language in Section 5 to include fuel availability as a concern for an emergency condition.. 10/03/2003 STEC No 5.6.3, 5.6.4, 5.6.6 Approved
PRR471 NIDR to IDR Default Profile Scaling When an ESI ID changes meters and profile ID assignment when changing from a NIDR to IDR meter, the IDR data is likely to be unavailable for at least the Initial Settlement. Currently the IDR default profile would be used and is likely to be an over statement of the Load for the ESI ID. By scaling the IDR default profile based on the Load of the last NIDR readings would greatly reduce the variance. 10/08/2003 Reliant (on behalf of PWG) No Approved
PRR473 Reactive Standards This PRR is intended to make the Protocols conform to the Reactive Standards adopted by TAC. Those portions of the standards that are most appropriately contained in the Protocols are included while other sections are judged to be best located in the Operating Guides. The PRR also includes a specific payment mechanism for induction generators that elect to make a payment in lieu of meeting the installed standard. 10/30/2003 WMS No 2.1, 5.1.3, 5.2, 5.2.1 [new], 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 5.5.1, 5.5.2, 6.1.7, 6.4.2, 6.5.7, [new], 6.7.6, 6.8.4,, 6.10.9, 12.4.3 Approved
PRR474 Short Pay Payment Plan The knowledge of short payment plans are essential for QSE(s) and the Entities they represent to ensure proper allocation and tracking of funds owed. Without this knowledge it is extremely difficult for QSE(s) to manage their respective accounting processes. Urgent status is requested due to this information being essential to year-end account book closing and therefore the plans must be made available to QSEs by the end of the year. 11/10/2003 American National Power Yes 9.4.4 Approved
PRR475 Unit Specific Deployment based on Generic Costs Currently, units are deployed based on the up and down bid premiums submitted in the Resource Plan. With the removal of Market Solution, units are paid based on generic cost for all instructions. Implementing this PRR would bring deployment in line with settlement, deploy the more economical units in instances of Local Congestion, and result in lower Uplift cost. 11/13/2003 WMS Yes 4.4.20 [new], Approved
PRR477 Section 19 Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (SET) Updated verbiage to better understand the transactions and bring Section 19 inline with the current ERCOT change control release for new transactions and transaction that were removed. 11/19/2003 TXU No 19 Approved
PRR478 Use of Lagged Dynamic Samples for New Load Profiles This is a change to the method for creating Load Profiles allowing for the use of lagged dynamic samples for new profiles adopted subsequent to market open. 11/19/2003 Reliant No 18.2.2, 18.2.7 Approved
PRR479 IDR Optional Removal Threshold Allow the removal of an IDR meter for settlement under certain conditions when load drops below a minimum threshold. 12/04/2003 Reliant No 18.6.1, 18.6.7 [new], 18.6.8 [new] Approved
PRR483 Interruptible LaaR Response to Instructions The Load Response to Instructions has always been a requirement from LaaRs, so this just adds it to the list. For reliability reasons, ERCOT feels the Load Resource Response to Instructions should be a Real Time signal telemetered from the QSE and not a calculation based on information provided in the Resource Plan. 12/24/2003 ERCOT No, Approved
PRR484 Changes for Implementation of Direct Load Control (DLC) The requested changes will facilitate and specify how DLC programs participate in the BUL market. 12/29/2003 DSWG Yes 6.10.2, Approved
PRR485 Revision to Unit-Specific Deployment Based on Generic Cost This revision includes RMR Units in the list of exceptions and would avoid the bids for certain types of units exceeding the $1,000/MW bid cap. 01/13/2004 WMS Yes 4.4.20 Approved
PRR487 Black Start Resources Changes Black Start Ancillary Services language to allow an ERCOT Resource with a firm standby supply contract with an adjacent power pool supplier to bid as an ERCOT Black Start Resource. 01/15/2004 AEP No 6.1.8, Approved
PRR488 Weather Responsiveness Determination Amend the weather responsiveness determination to reflect the requirement for TDSPs to submit profile code changes, to prevent changing the weather responsiveness based on missing data, to establish a threshold for the amount of missing data and to set up a process to re-test ESI IDs with insufficient data. 01/15/2004 PWG No Approved
PRR489 Ancillary Service Deployment Performance Conditions Revises the requirement that ERCOT remove from consideration of average performance of a QSE any interval or group of intervals in which any one of several specific events (e.g., OOME deployments to the QSE) has occurred. 01/19/2004 TXU No 6.10.6 Approved
PRR490 LaaR Annual Testing Description This revision changes LaaR seasonal testing to an annual test consisting of a telemetry check and includes a biennial test of the under frequency relay for LaaRs providing Responsive Reserve Service. 01/19/2004 ERCOT No 6.10.2 Approved
PRR491 Clarification to PRR 413 RPRS Market This PRR separates the RPRS bid price used to resolve Local Congestion from that used to resolve Zonal Congestion and capacity insufficiency. For procurement of local capacity, the solution uses the Resource Category Generic Cost. For procurement of zonal or system capacity, the solution uses the submitted RPRS bids. The Market Solution concept is removed. PRR 466 has extended the current expiration date for the suspension of Market Solution for Local Balancing Energy from December 31, 2003 to February 1, 2005. 01/22/2004 ERCOT Yes,, 7.4.2 Approved
PRR492 Plan to Alleviate Chronic Local Congestion The PRR requires ERCOT and the associated TDSP to identify and implement feasible alternatives to local transmission once certain dollar thresholds are met. 01/29/2004 ERCOT Yes 7.4.5 [new] Approved
PRR493 Induction Generator Exemption Revise section to clarify the mechanism an induction generator may use to receive an exemption from the generator and the level of the payment to be made. 02/12/2004 AEP Yes Approved
PRR496 Block Bidding and Deployment of LaaRs providing Responsive Reserve Service and Non-Spinning Reserve Service Include provisions for LaaRs to have the option to bid Responsive Reserve Service and Non-Spinning Reserve Service as a block. 03/03/2004 DSWG / ERCOT No 4.4.11,, 6.7.3, 6.7.4 Approved
PRR497 Unavailable Units and RMR Agreements Restores the evaluation and notice requirement until alternate Protocol language can be developed. The language included in this PRR is identical to the language in PRR452 approved by the Board in October 2003. The March 31, 2004 expiration date of the PRR452 language was intended to allow time for a new PRR that enhances the process in the PRR452 language. Good progress has been made on a new PRR. The RMR Task Force has almost finalized a draft for PRS consideration. Failure to reinstate the language from PRR452 that expires on March 31 could adversely impact ERCOTs ability to prevent critical generation units from exiting the system. 03/04/2004 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR499 Eliminate Fuel Shortage Notice Eliminates the requirement for ERCOT to issue an Emergency Notice for fuel shortage. 03/15/2004 Constellation No 5.6.3, 5.6.4, 5.6.6 Approved
PRR501 A/S Revision to Down Balancing Requirement Revise the Down Balancing Requirement to account for Regulation Down obligations. 03/17/2004 Constellation No 4.5.2, 6.5.2 Approved
PRR502 Aggregation of Combined Cycle Units Providing RRS Allows RRS obligations awarded to combined cycle plants to be aggregated for all units in a block for consideration of compliance. 03/17/2004 Constellation Yes Approved
PRR504 Resource Derating Clarification Provides an explanation of what constitutes a Resource deration. 03/23/2004 ROS No 8.6.3 Approved
PRR507 RMR Process enhancements The proposed revisions to Sections 2,,, and 22(I) streamline and clarify the RMR initiation process timeline and add incentives for Resource Owners to negotiate RMR agreements. 03/30/2003 ERCOT No,,, 22(I) Approved
PRR509 Initiation, Procedure, and Settlement of Disputes through ADR The changes describe the process for initiating the ADR process, deadlines for prosecuting ADRs, and implementing ADR resolutions in the Settlement process. 04/01/2004 ERCOT No 20.1; [new] 20.1.1; [new] 20.1.2; 20.2; [new] 20.6; [new] 20.6.1; [new] 20.6.2; [new] 20.7; [new] 20.8; [new] 20.8.1; [new] 20.8.2; [new] 20.8.3 Approved
PRR510 Remove PIP134 and PIP158 Boxed Language This PRR removes changes due to PIP134 and PIP158, which will not be supported. PIP134 required ERCOT System and Zonal Load forecasts to be distributed through the Message System and PIP158 added information contained in Dispatch Instructions. 04/01/2004 ERCOT No; 6.4.2 Approved
PRR512 OOMC and OOME of LaaRs This PRR clarifies that LaaRs will not be given OOMC and will be limited to a capped amount of verifiable cost recovery. 04/16/2004 TXU Yes 6.1.10, 6.5.10,,,, 6.10.8 Approved
PRR513 Verification of Operational Model after Recurring Local Congestion Event This PRR makes it mandatory for ERCOT to verify the transmission model after Local Congestion occurs repeatedly. 04/16/2004 Brazos Yes 7.4.1 Approved
PRR514 Twelve Month Window for Non-IDR Scaling Change the window used in data aggregation for estimating non-IDR meter reads when data for a trade day is not present in ERCOT systems. 04/16/2004 PWG No 11.3.2 Approved
PRR515 Disclosure of Local Congestion This PRR provides for the disclosure of information on each unit receiving OOMC/OOME, the intervals and amount of OOMC/OOME provided as well as the transmission studies that lead to OOMC/OOME/RMR deployments. This PRR also provides for disclosure of the contingency and/or overloaded element(s) causing the Local Congestion deployments ASAP. 04/29/2004 TXU No,, 6.5.10, 6.7.8 Approved
PRR517 Reduce the Number of Annual TCRs Sold to 40% from 60% This PRR wants to reduce the number of annual TCRs being sold from 60% to 40%. 05/17/2004 ERCOT No Approved
PRR518 Clarification of Requirements Relating to Retail Transactions Improve retail market transaction processing by clarifying requirements and timelines. 05/18/2004 GMEC No 2, 15 Approved
PRR519 ERCOT and TDSP Acceptance of Customer Cancellation of Switch Request Revise current Protocol language to clarify that ERCOT and the TDSP will accept cancellations (814_08s) until five (5) Business Days preceding the effectuating meter read date. 05/18/2004 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR520 Resource Plan Performance Metrics Establishes Resource Plan performance metrics which are needed for ERCOT to accurately monitor compliance with the Protocols. This revision also defines acronyms for High/Low Operating Limit and High/Low Sustainable Limit. 05/24/2004 ERCOT No 2.1, 2.2, 4.4.15, 4.10 [new] Approved
PRR521 Add Fleet/Zonal OOME instruction to SCE Calculation For Release 4, ERCOT is planning on partially implementing PRR 422. It is not within the scope of Release 4 to include Fleet/Zonal OOME instructions in market clearing, thus an addition to the SCE equation is necessary to aid a QSE who receives a fleet deployment in following its SCE. 05/25/2004 ERCOT No, Approved
PRR522 Collateral Requirements and Credit Changes Changes are proposed to strengthen ERCOTs ability to enforce collateral and offset appropriately in bankruptcy situations. Changes also will adjust collateral requirements for known or estimated potential liability, Other clean up language is also incorporated. 06/01/2004 ERCOT No 2.1, 9.4.1, 9.4.2, 9.4.3, 9.4.4, 9.4.5, 16.1, 16.2 Approved
PRR523 Revisions to Protocol Section 21 This PRR modifies the process for revising the Protocols, including: establishing timelines for ERCOT to complete Impact Analyses for all PRRs submitted, standardizing certain provisions, correcting grammatical errors; and formalizing the process for submitting and approving System Change Requests. 06/02/2004 ERCOT No 21 Approved
PRR525 SCE Performance and Monitoring Frequency control has been an on-going issue and concern with Market Participants and ERCOT. PRR 356 (SCE Performance Requirement) and PRR 358 (Negative Impact Schedule Control Error) were submitted, respectively, in August and September of 2002 with the intent of providing incentives to QSEs to more closely follow SCE, thereby resulting in improved frequency control and reliability. These two PRRs have been languishing for nearly two years, with no resolution expected. 06/10/2004 TXU No 6.10.4,, 6.10.5,,,, 6.10.6 Approved
PRR526 OOMC Verifiable Cost Documentation Section requires that for recovery of actual cost associated with OOMC instructions specific documentation standards be outlined in the protocols. This new section defines the documentation standards required when ERCOT cancels or delays units planned & approved maintenance outage via an OOMC instruction, with insufficient time to avoid additional costs. 06/15/2004 AEP No Approved
PRR527 Clarify OOM Definition Current interpretation is that OOM only includes operator manual entry of unit specific deployment. 06/21/2004 TXU Yes 2.1 Approved
PRR528 Deadline for Filing ADR Claims Amends the deadline for filing an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) claim for denied settlement and billing disputes from thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days. 06/29/2004 COPS No 9.5.4 Approved
PRR529 Calculating Final REC Purchasing Requirements Revises Section 14 to reflect REC Program software changes that (1) allow for recalculation of previous years Final REC Requirements for all Competitive Retailers and (2) change the way the Final REC Requirements are calculated. 06/30/2004 ERCOT Yes 14 Approved
PRR531 Load Clarification Make modifications necessary to clarify the registration and treatment of loads associated with Block Load Transfers. Clarifies BLT load points of delivery are wholesale loads that are not subject to Texas retail choice and that should be treated similar to NOIE loads. 07/07/2004 AEP No 2.1, 5.7, 5.7.2, 16.3 Approved
PRR532 Implementation of Non-Transmission Alternatives to RMR and OOM Services Revisions to allow ERCOT to implement non-transmission alternatives to Reliability Must-Run (RMR) and Out-Of-Merit (OOM) Services to reduce uneconomic uplift. 07/20/2004 WMS No 2.1, 6.1.9, 6.3.1,, 6.7.8, 6.8.3,, 7.4.5 Approved
PRR534 Temporary Modifications to the Annual Load Profile ID Assignment and Validation Process Inserts language in Protocols to allow temporary modifications applicable to the process for annual Load Profile ID Assignment and Validation to be established and approved by the ERCOT Board. 08/02/2004 RMS Yes 18.4.3 Approved
PRR535 Reactive Testing This PRR is to clarify this section and to minimize the possibility of misinterpretation of the time period between testing of a generators reactive capability. 08/02/2004 GRTPTF No Approved
PRR536 Mandatory IDR Threshold Reduction Lower the mandatory threshold for IDR mandatory installation to 700 kW (or kVA) and be complete by January 30, 2006. 08/17/2004 PWG No 18.6.1; 18.6.6 Approved
PRR537 Increased Congestion Management Flexibility This PRR provides ERCOT with additional options to use in the management of congestion both in day-ahead and real-time operations. 08/23/2004 TXU Energy Yes; 6.5.10 Approved
PRR538 OOMC Generic Cost for Coal Establish generic cost for coal plants for use when they receive OOMC Instructions. This same logic would apply to Nuclear & Hydro units. 09/01/2004 AEP No Approved
PRR540 OOM Cost Recovery Process Clarification Clarify the process ERCOT is to use when making payments for cost recovery request associated with OOMC & OOME instructions. Clarify payments for cost categories approved in an executive session of the Board are to occur on a Resettlement Statement rather than waiting for the True Up Statement. 09/01/2004 AEP No; Approved
PRR542 Clarifying the LaaR Three Hour Limit Clarify that QSEs are allowed to replace LaaR Responsive Reserve with Responsive Reserve from a Generating Resource or other uncommitted LaaR following a deployment of Responsive Reserve Service. 09/08/2004 DSWG No Approved
PRR543 Schedules and Emergency Assistance Over CFE-ERCOT DC Ties Incorporates the use of DC ties with CFE for commercial and emergency services. 09/14/2004 ERCOT No,, 5.6.7, 5.6.8, 5.8, Approved
PRR544 Twelve Month Window for Scaling NIDR to IDR ESI IDs Modifies the window for Non-Weather Sensitive Proxy Day selection from 6 months to 12 months. 09/20/2004 PWG No Approved
PRR545 Retail Market Extracts Include in Section 11 a new 11.3 that addresses ESI ID-level extract information provided to LSEs 09/21/2004 RMS No 11.3 [new] Approved
PRR546 PCR Treatment for Federal Hydropower Resources Tex-La and Rayburn propose to revise Protocols Section 7.5.6 to provide that long-term power purchase agreements for federal hydropower are eligible for PCR treatment if a long-term allocation was in place prior to September 1, 1999. 10/01/2004 Tex-La Rayburn Yes 7.5.6 Approved
PRR547 Trading Hubs This PRR creates a new section that establishes a definition of a trading hub and specifically identifies the transmission buses that make up each trading hub. 10/01/2004 CMWG No 7.9 Approved
PRR550 Pace of Short Pay Uplift to LSEs This revision sets a rate at which money due from QSEs representing load is collected. 10/13/2004 LCRA Yes 9.4.4 Approved
PRR551 Security Interest This PRR adds additional language to the Protocols to greater protect ERCOT Market Participants in the event of a bankruptcy. 10/15/2004 ERCOT No Approved
PRR555 Modify Number of Sub-QSEs a Single Entity Can Partition Revise the Protocols to increase the maximum number of Sub-QSEs an Entity can implement from three to twenty. 11/09/2004 Calpine No 16.2.1 Approved
PRR557 Late Fees and Late Fee Recovery Clarifies how late fees are calculated and distributed. 11/23/2004 ERCOT No 9.4.4, 9.4.6 Approved
PRR558 Market Notice of LaaR Proration Allow market participants to be notified when LaaRs awards for Responsive Reserve are prorated by ERCOT. 11/23/2004 DSWG No 4.4.13, Approved
PRR559 Regulation E10 Update and SCPS1/SCPS2 References Change E10 to the current value being used. Add references to call measures SCPS1 and SCPS2 as they are commonly referred to. 11/23/2004 ERCOT No Approved
PRR560 QSE Qualification Using LaaRs Add Protocol Language what describes how a QSE can qualify to provide Ancillary Services by using only LaaR Resources 11/23/2004 ERCOT No 6.10.3,,, Approved
PRR561 Remove Nuclear and Hydroelectric Generators from Automatic Deployment Software This revision directs ERCOT to remove Nuclear and Hydro Electric generation from any software driven automatic solution to resolve congestion. ERCOT retains the right to provide verbal dispatch instructions during an ERCOT emergency when it is deemed that the Hydro or Nuclear unit in question is uniquely qualified to resolve the problem. 12/09/2004 LCRA No 4.4.20, Approved
PRR562 Permanent Elimination of Market Solution for Local Congestion Section 7.4.3 regarding the prohibition of the use of a Market Solution for Local Congestion payment is scheduled to expire Feb. 1, 2005. This revision would eliminate the date of such expiration. 12/16/2004 CPS Yes 7.4.3 Approved
PRR563 Standard Form Black Start Agreement - Payment With PRR487 (Black Start Resources) approval, Black Start resources, within close proximity of another power pool, which are capable of starting from such power pool via a firm standby power supply contract, are available if the resources and the transmission line(s) connecting the Black Start resource and the external power pool are both in service. 12/17/2004 BSTF No Section 22 Attachment A Section 9 B. (1) Approved
PRR564 Clarification of OOME Definition While the protocols implicitly indicate that an SPS actuation as an OOME dispatch they do not explicitly include an SPS in its definition in section 6. 12/17/2004 ANP No 6.1.11 Approved
PRR565 Calculation of Losses for Settlement Modify the way distribution losses are calculated to be based on actual rather than forecasted ERCOT load. 12/22/2004 PWG No 13.1.1, 13.1.2, 13.3.1,, Approved
PRR566 Implementation of IDR Optional Removal Threshold Allow the removal of an IDR meter for settlement under certain conditions when load drops below a minimum threshold. The language to allow a customer to request removal of an IDR meter under certain conditions was approved in PRR479. However, the language was boxed until the report required by Section 18.6.2 was modified to indicate whether a customer was eligible to request removal of the IDR meter. Based on discussions between Market Participants, OPUC, the PUCT and ERCOT staff, the PRR 479 language changes were not intended to require changes to the report specified in 18.6.2. This PRR modifies the language in 18.6.2 so that the report does not need to be modified and the language allowing the customer to request removal of the IDR meter can be unboxed. This PRR modifies the reporting requirement in Section 18.6.2 and unboxes the language that allows the customer to request removal of an IDR meter under such circumstances. 01/12/2005 OPUC Yes 18.6.2, 18.6.7 Approved
PRR568 Change Initial Settlement from 17 days to 10 days Change Initial Settlement from 17 days to 10 days. 01/19/2005 TXU Energy No 9.2.3 Approved
PRR569 Revision to Balancing Energy Payments from a Specific Resource Revision modifies the payment for Resource-specific deployments to use the fuel index for the current Operating Day. 01/21/2005 ERCOT No, Approved
PRR570 Clarification of Settlements of Local Congestion Costs Clarify wording to specify that resources deployed by the Balancing Market will be paid the difference between MCPE and the Up/Down Premium Bid. 01/21/2005 ERCOT No, Approved
PRR571 Balancing Energy Bid Cap Revises the definition of Balancing Energy Bid Cap by clarifying that Balancing Energy Service bids shall be between -$1,000 per MWh and $1,000 per MWh, inclusive, for all Resources. 01/21/2005 ERCOT No 6.5.2 Approved
PRR572 Weather Sensitivity Classification Includes language regarding procedures to determine weather sensitivity classifications when an ESI ID is inactive or de-energized. 02/09/2005 PWG No Approved
PRR573 Mothballed Generation Resource Definition and Time to Service Updates This defines mothballed units and requires the responsible Generation Entity to report to ERCOT, twice annually, the lead time required to reliably return the unit to service. The Generation Entity would be required to document its claim to ERCOTs satisfaction. Time to service updates and supporting documentation would be considered Protected Information. 02/09/2005 Austin Energy Yes, 2.1, Approved
PRR575 Mandatory Down Balancing Ramp Rate Proposes new subsection (4.5.2(3)) that would clarify that the Mandatory Down Balancing Bid amount should be deployable within one interval. 02/11/2005 ERCOT No 4.5.2 Approved
PRR576 Disclosure of OOME, OOMC, and RMR Service This changes Protocol Sections which require that ERCOT post on the MIS Resource-specific information for OOMC, OOME and RMR Services. Also, a definition for Off-line has been added for consistency. 02/18/2005 ERCOT No 6.5.10, 6.7.8, 2.1 Approved
PRR577 Availability of Aggregated Load Data by TDSP Receive aggregated TDSP Load data from ERCOT for the purposes of accurately identifying TDSP system peaks required for FERC filings. 02/28/2005 TXU Energy No Approved
PRR579 Trading Hubs Language Correction Modifies language in Section for the calculation of the North 345 kV Trading Hub to be consistent with the calculation of the other three regional trading hubs by removing the 90% / 10% language that was originally applied to the North 345 kV Trading Hub only; Replaces the specific minimum scheduling increments by hub specified in Section (2) with a Trading Hub to 2005 Congestion Zone conversion matrix. 03/07/2005 TXU Energy Yes, Approved
PRR581 Update RMR Language Due to PUC Rule 25 502. Changes the RMR language to be consistent with PUC Substantive Rule 25.502, Pricing Safeguards in Markets Operated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which became effective Jan. 9, 2005. 03/08/2005 CenterPoint No & (8) Approved
PRR583 Responsive Reserve Deployment Revise Section 6.7.3 to distinguish Responsive Reserve deployments for frequency restoration from conditions that require EECP to be declared. 03/11/2005 ERCOT No 6.7.3 Approved
PRR585 Settlement Obligation Formula for Balancing Energy Service Adds the sum function in the Imbalance Ratio Share (IRSiq) settlement equation. 03/25/2005 ERCOT No Approved
PRR587 Midyear Modification of CSC or CRE definitions Allow ERCOT staff the authority to modify CSC and CRE definitions midyear 04/01/2005 ERCOT Yes 7.2.2 (New) Approved
PRR588 Testing of Quick Start Units in the Balancing Energy Market This PRR establishes a test by which a quick start unit can demonstrate its ability to perform in the BES market. 04/01/2005 Austin Energy No Approved
PRR589 CSC and Zone Determination This PRR is intended to strengthen ERCOT staffs role in the CSC and zone determination process. 04/01/2005 ERCOT Yes 7.2 Approved
PRR590 Update Unit Telemetry Requirement This revision proposes to add a requirement for QSEs to submit real-time AGC status and Ramp Rate for all online units in their portfolio. 04/01/2005 ERCOT No Approved
PRR591 Switchable Unit Declaration This PRR defines switchable units and requires the responsible Generation Resource to report to ERCOT whether the unit is committed to another grid outside of ERCOT that would make it unavailable for capacity in the ERCOT market during the summer months. Unit availability reporting is considered Protected Information 04/05/2005 GATF Yes, 2.1, 6.3.2 Approved
PRR592 Modify Shift Factor Calculation to Exclude Fixed Output Generators Modifies the calculation of the monthly zonal Shift Factors used to manage and settle zonal congestion. 04/05/2005 ERCOT Yes 7.1,,, Approved
PRR593 Behind the "Fence" Reporting of Load The GATF has recommended that a PRR be drafted that would add more resolution to the total actual ERCOT and projected Load. Due to generation netting, there could be a significant amount of Load that never gets reported to ERCOT 04/13/2005 GATF Yes, Approved
PRR594 Replacement Reserve Service Payment Formulas Corrects the Resource Replacement Reserve Service payment formula to result in negative amounts. Modifies Protocol language to match or refer to the formulas in and 04/14/2005 ERCOT Yes,, Approved
PRR595 ERCOT Protocol Section 10 The revision to Section 10 proposes clarity and consistency with current Market and ERCOT processes. 04/19/2005 MWG No Entire Section 10 Approved
PRR596 Mothballed Generation Resource Estimated Return to Service Dates This revision requires owners of Mothballed Generation Resources to provide annually to ERCOT projections of the MW of generation capacity of currently Mothballed Generation Resources that will return to service over the next five years. 04/19/2005 GATF Yes Approved
PRR597 Texas Test Plan Team TTPT is revising all market place documentation (Section 23 in ERCOT Protocols, Section in Retail Market Guide [RMGRR024], and TTPT Procedures) to keep all information uniform, consistent, and current. 04/20/2005 TTPT No 23 Approved
PRR598 Extension of Credit Against OOM Start Up If MCPE is greater than Resource Category Generic Minimum Energy Cost, the difference will be credited against Startup Cost. This credit against Startup Cost shall continue until the earlier of: a) the end of the calendar day; or b) the credit has completely covered the startup payment 04/22/2005 OPUC No Approved
PRR599 Notification for Mismatched Inter-QSE Energy Schedules This PRR requires that notice be provided to both QSEs involved in a mismatch in the event that ERCOT remedies a mismatch as prescribed in PRR 548. The effective date for this PRR should be upon the implementation of PRR 548. 05/02/2005 COPS No 4.7.2 Approved
PRR600 Align BES Bids with Resource Plan Capability and Resource Schedule This documents the current ERCOT practice of limiting BES bids by the difference in Capacity in the Resource Plan and resource obligations and proposes language that is responsive to Potomac Economics recommendation number 8. 05/04/2005 QSE Manager's WG No 6.5.2 Approved
PRR601 15 Minute Ramping for BES and Base Power Schedule The ramping period for BES deployment and for Base Power Schedule changes is changed from 10 minute to 15 minute 05/04/2005 QSE Manager's WG No 6.5.2,, Approved
PRR603 Defaulting QSEs Cost Obligation in Second AS Market This PRR removes a duplicate sentence in Section of the current Protocols. It also removes Section because such subsection is unnecessary in light of Section and modifies Section (3) to remove other unnecessary language. 05/23/2005 ERCOT No, Approved
PRR604 Replacement Reserve Service Bid Cap This revision adds bid limit language for Generation Resources offering to provide Replacement Reserve Service (RPRS). 05/25/2005 First Choice Power No 4.4.11, 4.4.16 Approved
PRR606 User Security Administrators and Digital Certificates Creation of new Section 16.11 defining User Security Administrators (USAs) and Digital Certificates; outlining responsibilities of the USAs; and requiring Market Participants to report results of their annual audits of their Digital Certificates to ERCOT. 05/27/2005 ERCOT Yes 16.11 (New) Approved
PRR611 Reporting of Operation Reserve Capability Under Severe Gas Curtailments Adds a requirement that Resources provide additional data describing their alternative fuel capability during the winter months. Adds information submitted under Section 12.4.7 to the list of items considered Protected Information in Section 06/14/2005 ERCOT No, 12.4.7 (New) Approved
PRR612 Ancillary Service Procurement During the Adjustment Period This revision allows for the update of Ancillary Service bids after Notice of ERCOTs intent to procure Ancillary Services during the Adjustment Period. 06/17/2005 QSE Manager's WG No 4.5.8, Approved
PRR613 Replacement Reserve Under Scheduled Capacity Delineation Updates To he Replacement Reserve Under Schedule Capacity section to reflect current Bill Determinants and their corresponding processes. 06/27/2005 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR614 Balancing Bids for Replacement Capacity Requests information on Load Management Standard Offer and Direct Load Control program Load reduction capability to allow ERCOT to determine if the programs meet the DLC criteria 06/30/2005 Exelon Yes Approved
PRR617 IDR Optional Removal Threshold This PRR will alleviate conflicting language and provide clarity on the original intent of Sections 18.6.1(2) and 18.6.7 as these sections relate to the process for an optional IDR removal and re-installation. This PRR also makes non-substantive changes to Sections 18.6.1 and 18.6.7. 07/28/2005 IDR TF No 18.6.1, 18.6.7 Approved
PRR618 Balancing Energy Up from a Specific LAAR Resource These proposed revisions provide an equation that describes how a QSE representing a LaaR receives compensation when a LaaR it represents provides Balancing Energy Up, and clarifies that only Generation Resources will provide Balancing Energy Down to resolve Local Congestion. 07/28/2005 ERCOT No, Approved
PRR620 Notifying QSEs of their DBES Percentages This proposed revision would change the requirement for ERCOT to notify QSEs (via the web listener) concerning their mandatory Down Balancing Energy Service (DBES) percentages. ERCOT would only send notifications to QSEs if there is any change in the percentages of the mandatory Down Balancing Energy Service. This proposed revision would require ERCOT to always post the QSEs mandatory Down Balancing Energy Service percentages. 08/19/2005 BP No 4.4.5 Approved
PRR621 QSE Qualification Using Renewable Resources Specifies QSEs representing only Uncontrollable Renewable Resources may qualify to provide Balancing Down Energy Service. The proposed language also clarifies that ERCOT may only request DBES in an amount actually deliverable from the Uncontrollable Renewable Resource based upon energy production at the time of the qualification. 08/25/2005 FPL Energy No Approved
PRR622 Calculation of Marginal Heat Rate for Resources Receiving OOME Up Instructions During the process of drafting language for PRR 540 (OOM Cost Recovery Process Clarification) a sentence was inadvertently left in the Protocols which is not consistent with the intent or scope of other Sections describing how to calculate a Generation Resource Marginal Heat Rate. In particular, under Section (4)(b)(ii), the Protocols state; ERCOT will use the heat rate of the Resource at the deployed level. This is not consistent with the rest of the subparagraph describing Marginal Heat Rates and should be removed. 08/25/2005 ERCOT No Approved
PRR623 Resource Plan Use for OOME Instructed Deviation This PRR would align the Protocols with current EMMS system functionality by specifying that the most current Resource Plan available at the time of Real Time Balancing (RTB) Market Clearing be used for RTB calculations. 08/25/2005 ERCOT No Approved
PRR624 Clarification of Market Participant Default Language This PRR is the result of meetings of the WMS group within the TAC Joint Task Force formed to address market concerns resulting from recent market defaults. This PRR proposes changes that strengthen or clarify Protocol language that address default situations. Much of this language is based on language drafted for the TNT Protocols. 08/26/2005 WMS/RMS Joint TF No 16.2.8, 16.2.9, 16.2.10, 16.2.12, 16.2.14,,,,, Approved
PRR625 Clarification of Emergency QSE Language This PRR is the result of meetings of the WMS side of the TAC Joint Task Force formed to address market concerns after recent market defaults. This PRR proposes changes that strengthen or clarify Protocol language that address when and how Emergency QSEs may be used. 08/26/2005 WMS/RMS Joint TF No 2.1,, 16.2.13 Approved
PRR627 RMR Transmission Issues and RMR Contract Extension Establishes reporting requirements for TDSPs responsible for construction of transmission system upgrades associated with an RMR and/or MRA exit strategy. Also provides ERCOT with additional flexibility to deal with potential delays in the completion of transmission system upgrades associated with an RMR and/or MRA exit strategy. ERCOT will be able to extend an RMR and/or MRA contract for limited time periods as necessary to allow for planned transmission system upgrades to be completed. ERCOT will also be able to require reporting of project status from the responsible TDSP. 08/26/2005 TXU Wholesale No (new), (new), (new), 22F Approved
PRR628 ERCOT Operation Performance - Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployments Adds a requirement for ERCOT to publish on the MIS the percentage of Balancing Energy Service (BES) bids awarded in every interval that includes deployment of Non-Spinning Reserve Service (NSRS). Also adds a requirement for ERCOT to publish a monthly report showing the average percentage of BES bids awarded when NSRS was deployed in the month. Adds a performance metric for ERCOT that reports when deployment of NSRS (in accordance with Section 6.7.4 (1)) leads to excessive replenishment of the BES Up Bid Stack, which is defined to be 90% or less depleted. 08/26/2005 TXU Wholesale No 6.10.11 Approved
PRR630 Private Use Networks Adds a requirement for private use networks (i.e., those networks that are connected to the ERCOT System that may include both generation and Load behind the meter) to maintain and report appropriate watt/VAR metering at each substation identical to the requirements of Distribution Service Providers (DSPs) and reporting of the addition or deletion of Load points. 08/26/2005 TXU Wholesale No 2.1, 5.2.1, 5.2.2 Approved
PRR633 TSP Data Information Requirements Update and clarify high level data requirements required by ERCOT from TSPs for modeling transmission grid modifications. Specifically require an energize date, ratings, the Entities responsible for proposed element ratings, and ERCOT specified data requirements. Also removed requirements for reporting work accomplished procedures, description of method to energize and test facilities, and in service testing. 09/20/2005 NDSWG No, Approved
PRR634 ESI IDs Incorrectly Placed Into Inactive Status Provide the ability for ERCOT to re-instate ESI IDs incorrectly placed into an inactive status 09/22/2005 DEWG No 15.4, Approved
PRR635 Resource Plan Performance Metrics Update Exclude units undergoing required testing from having to bid down balancing. Exclude units with physical and/or mechanical issues from having to show an inaccurate LSL and/or HSL. Exclude hours where the QSE updated their Resource Plan after the close of the Adjustment Period and failed to pass the Adjustment Period Zonal Schedule Measure for those hours. Clarify that the Down Bid & Obligation Measure is done by Congestion Zone when possible. Update the Resource Plan Performance Metrics to include improvements being made to the Resource Plan as part of Release 4. 09/22/2005 QSE Manager's WG No 4.5.2, 4.10.4, 4.10.6, 4.10.7 Approved
PRR636 Texas SET Version 2.1-Customer Registration Updated and Added Sections to comply with Texas SET Version 2.1 changes to transaction and business processing. 10/12/2005 Tx SET No,,, 15.1.6, 15.1.9 (new) Approved
PRR637 Texas SET Version 2.1- Retail Point to Point Communications Modifications and Additions to support the Texas SET Version 2.1 Implementation. 09/23/2005 Tx SET No 24.1.1,, 24.2.1, 24.3, 24.3.3, 24.5, 24.5.2 Approved
PRR638 Change Settlement Invoice Due Date from 16 Calendar Days to Five Business Days Changes the Settlement Invoice Due Date from sixteen (16) calendar days to five (5) Business Days. NOTE: There is no change to Protocol Sections 9.4.1 (2) and 9.4.3; that is, ERCOT payments occur on the next Business Day following the QSE payment date. 10/04/2005 COPS No 9.3 Approved
PRR639 Notification of Repairs to EPS Meter Facilities Under Emergency Conditions This revision would allow, in emergency situations, the TDSP to repair its EPS metering without first having to notify ERCOT. 10/21/2005 Meter Working Group No Approved
PRR640 Payments for RMR Service and Agreement for Synchronous Service This PRR revises portions of Section 6 and the RMR Agreement to provide consistency between the two. Additionally, in the RMR Agreement, portions specific to synchronous condensers have been removed and a new Agreement (in Attachment J) created for Synchronous Condenser service. Attachment J is based on language in Attachment F. 10/21/2005 ERCOT No 6.8.3, 22F, 22J Approved
PRR641 Clarifying RPRS Scheduling Language Section 6.4.2 (5) states that after a RPRS deployment, a QSE needs to adjust their BES bids based on the LSL and HSL of the deployed unit. Section 6.7.5 (2) states that after a RPRS deployment, a QSE needs to adjust their BES bids based on €¦ the full megawatt quantity of capacity accepted by, and purchased by, ERCOT in the Replacement Reserve markeâ€? This PRR would change the language of Section 6.7.5 (2) to match the language of Section 6.4.2 ( 10/27/2005 BP Energy Company Yes 6.7.5 Approved
PRR642 Lower Limit to IDR Meters in MRE for True-Up Settlement IDR Threshold Sets a lower limit to the number IDR meters within a Meter Reading Entity (MRE) that would be considered when determining whether the IDR threshold requirement is met or not for true-up settlement. 11/10/2005 COPS No Current Protocols: 9.2.6 Nodal Protocols: 9.5.8 Approved
PRR643 Shorten Payment Default Timelines This PRR proposes to: 1) Reduce the number of days allowed to cure a breach before it becomes a Default under the LSE, QSE and TCR Agreements from 3 days to 2 days; and 2) Make collateral payments due by 3:00pm on the second day after notification rather than by 5:00 pm on that day. 12/14/2005 Credit Working Group Yes 16.2.8, 16.2.9, Sec 8 and 11 of 22B, 22C, and 22H Nodal Protocols: 16.11.5, 16.11.6, Sec 8 and 11 of Standard Form MP Agreement Approved
PRR644 Ancillary Service Re-qualification Allows QSEs to re-qualify as provider(s) of Responsive Reserve Service, Balancing Energy Service, Regulation Service, and Non-Spinning Reserve Service based upon demonstrated historical performance in lieu of repeating the qualification test(s). 11/14/2005 ERCOT Yes 6.10.3 Nodal Protocols: Approved
PRR646 Establish a Floor for Responsive Reserve Service Bids Revise 4.4.11 so that all bids to provide Responsive Reserve Service (RRS), have bid prices equal to or greater than $0. 11/29/2005 Credit Working Group Yes 4.4.11 Approved
PRR647 Gross and Net MW/Mvar Data Reporting Adds a requirement for a QSE representing a Resource to supply both gross and net MW and Mvar data to ERCOT for use in the operations model. 12/05/2005 ERCOT No Approved
PRR648 Prevent IDR Removal from Customers Served at Transmission Voltage This PRR introduces language to clarify that IDRs may not be removed from Premises served at transmission voltage. 01/16/2006 Profiling Working Group No 18.6.7 Approved
PRR650 Balancing Energy Price Adjustment Due to Non-Spinning Reserve Service Energy Deployment Adjusts the Market Clearing Price of Energy (MCPE) when the deployment of Non-Spinning Reserve Service (NSRS) occurs to provide correct price signals via a post-deployment adjustment to separate the pricing solutions from the deployment on NSRS. This adjustment will still be subject to MCSM, if the Balancing Energy Service Up bids are depleted and no zonal congestion occurs, as detailed in Protocol Section ERCOT will provide a notice to all market participants that highlights the interval beginning the NSRS deployment and another notice when NSRS deployment is being discontinued. The adjusted MCPE price signal would remove NSRS deployments and manually re-run SPD, sending accurate price signals in an energy-only market design. 02/24/2006 TXU Energy No 6.7.4,, Approved
PRR651 RPRS Cost Recovery Process Clarification Clarify the process ERCOT shall use when making payments for cost recovery request associated with Replacement Reserve Service (RPRS) instructions. 02/24/2006 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR653 OOME Ramp Rate Adherence This PRR would allow QSEs to request Verbal Dispatch Instructions when being undeployed from OOME instructions that would exceed the QSEs ramp rate. 03/09/2006 Constellation No 6.5.10 Approved
PRR654 Remove Market Solution References This revision removes references to the term "Market Solution" within the Protocols. 03/14/2006 LCRA No 2.1,,, 6.1.9, 6.1.10, 6.1.11, 6.7.8,, 7.4.2, 7.6 Approved
PRR655 Approval of Temporary Modification to Annual Validation Allow approval to grant a temporary modification to the Annual Validation process by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). 03/14/2006 Profile Working Group No 18.4.3 Load Profile ID Assignment Approved
PRR657 Process for Protocol Revisions During the Transition to a Nodal Market This PRR introduces a more streamlined procedure for processing revision requests relating the Nodal Protocols during the period prior to implementation of the Nodal market. This PRR shortens the comment period and limits the Impact Analysis requirements to only those revision requests that may affect a Requirements Document. The new procedure would be outlined in new Section 21.11, Process for Nodal Protocol Revisions During the Transition to a Nodal Market, and this process would only be applicable until the day of full implementation of the Texas Nodal market 03/24/2006 ERCOT Yes Section 21.1, Introduction, and Section 21.11, Process for Nodal Protocol Revisions during the Transition (New). Approved
PRR658 Requirements for Entities Re-entering the ERCOT Market This PRR proposes revisions to Section 16.1 and; creates a new Section 16.1.1, to establish requirements for Entities who wish to re-enter the ERCOT Market as a qualified Market Participant. 03/31/2006 Mass Transition Task Force No 16.1, 16.1.1 Approved
PRR659 Reporting of ERCOT Replacement Reserve Service Procurements This PRR requires reporting on the classification and amounts of ERCOT™s procured Replacement Reserve Service (RPRS), as well as a comparison of actual procurements of RPRS for system capacity to a theoretical amount of RPRS procurement for system capacity 04/03/2006 TXU Wholesale Yes, 6.10.11 Approved
PRR660 Texas SET Transactional Solution for a Mass Transition Event This PRR introduces a transactional solution for reducing mass transition timelines and documents the process for parties involved in a Mass Transition event. 04/06/2006 Texas SET Yes Approved
PRR661 SCE Performance Enforcement Criteria This revision creates the criteria for SCE Performance Enforcement. 04/07/2006 PSEG Texgen I Yes, (new) Approved
PRR662 Modify Ancillary Service Deployment Performance Conditions Clarifies current language exempting the intervals following a Forced Outage from the Schedule Control Error compliance measure and adds additional exemptions to address infeasible portfolio instructions, Responsive Reserve Service ramping, unit testing, and the scheduling of Uncontrollable Renewable Resources. 04/10/2006 WMS Frequency TF Yes 6.10.6 Approved
PRR663 Payment When a Resource Receives an OOME Down to Zero (0) MW Dispatch Instruction Conforms OOME down to zero Dispatch Instruction cost recovery process to that used for OOMC (e.g. verifiable costs). 04/18/2006 American National Power, Inc. No Approved
PRR664 Revise Non-Spinning Reserve Services Performance Monitoring Criteria Revise the Non-Spinning Reserve Service (NSRS) Performance Monitoring Criteria. 04/21/2006 PDCWG No, Non-Spinning Reserve Services Performance Monitoring Criteria; 6.10.3, Ancillary Services Qualification Criteria and Portfolio Test Methods Approved
PRR665 Revise Responsive Reserve Service Performance Monitoring Criteria Correct the Schedule Control Error (SCE) to reflect Loads acting as Resource (LaaR) obligation when it is deployed. Revise the Responsive Reserve Service (RRS) Performance Monitoring Criteria to accurately reflect compliant performance by Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs). Moved language regarding LaaRs and bids from Combined Cycle plants from Section to Section 6.5.4 since this is a more appropriate place for this language. Revised Section 6.10.3 to update Ancillary Service (AS) Re-Qualification language to reflect new criteria. 04/21/2006 PDCWG No, Schedule Control Error;, Responsive Reserve Services Performance Monitoring Criteria; 6.5.4, Responsive Reserve Service; 6.10.3, Ancillary Services Qualification Criteria and Portfolio Test Methods Approved
PRR666 Modification of RPRS Under-Scheduled Capacity Charge Calculation The PRR revises Section, Replacement Reserve Under Scheduled Capacity, to charge QSE™s for ERCOT-wide RPRS based on their net ERCOT-wide position. A clarification is also included for Section 4.7.2(2) which refers to sections of the Protocols that use the Schedule Mismatch amount 05/22/2006 Reliant Energy Yes 4.7.2 (2), Approved
PRR668 Distribution Loss Factor Calculations Modify the Settlement Interval Distribution Loss Factor (SILF) to better represent the non-linear relationship between the loss factor and Settlement Interval ERCOT System Load (SIEL). 05/24/2006 Unaccounted For Energy Task Force (UFETF) No 13.3 Approved
PRR669 Timing of Calculation of RPRS Under Scheduled Charges This PRR revises the timing of schedules that ERCOT uses for determining the quantity of under scheduled energy from 1300 to 1600 in the day ahead period. The PRR also revises the timing of the load forecast that ERCOT uses from 1100 to 1600. 05/24/2006 Fulcrum Power Yes 4.4.17, Approved
PRR670 First Available Switch Date (FASD) for Switch Requests This PRR introduces revisions to Section 15, Customer Registration. Specifically this PRR: Adds language to reflect the First Available Switch Date (FASD) for a Switch Request in situations where: · Customer notification is required; · Customer notification has been waived; or · Drop to AREP request Statements were removed that are no longer accurate based upon current business and system processes. Relocated some of the existing language to make the document flow easier to understand for the reader. 05/31/2006 Kathy Scott on behalf of TX SET Yes 15, Customer Registration Approved
PRR671 Remove Sunset Date on Floor for Responsive Reserve Service Bids Revise 4.4.11 to remove sunset date of January 1, 2007. 06/15/2006 Demand Side Working Group No 4.4.11 Ancillary Services Bid Submittal Approved
PRR672 Retail Market Timing Necessary for PUCT Project 29637 Revise the transaction timings in Section 15 for retail processes in order to comply with PUCT Project 29637 and Mass Customer Transition Requirements. Create a new defined term in Section 15, œRetail Business Hou€?. 06/19/2006 Retail Market Subcommittee Yes 15 Approved
PRR673 Adjust SCE Performance Charge Scale Factor The Scale Factor value in the SCE Performance Charge calculation is currently fixed at 1. This PRR would modify the Scale Factor monthly based on ERCOT™s CPS_1 score. This PRR also sets maximum and minimum values for the Scale Factor 07/14/2006 Frequency Control Task Force No SCE Performance Charge Approved
PRR674 Temporary Alteration of Settlement Equations Related to the RPRS Under Scheduled Charge This PRR temporarily alters the settlement equations for the RPRS Under Scheduled charge. 07/19/2006 Constellation NewEnergy Yes, Approved
PRR675 Multiple Ramp Rates Revises Sections 4.5.2 and 6.5.2 to allow QSEs to submit a ramp rate curve to ERCOT that would be used to calculate an equivalent ramp rate for clearing the balancing energy market. 07/21/2006 Coral Power, LLC No 4.5.2 Receipt of QSE's Balancing Energy Bid Curves; 6.5.2 Balancing Energy Service Approved
PRR676 RPRS Solution with Nodal RUC-Type Procurement and Cost Allocation This PRR modifies the current day ahead capacity procurement and cost allocation methods to be consistent with the procurement and cost allocation methods for the Reliability Unit Commitment that is contained in the Nodal Protocols as approved by the PUCT. The PRR also removes the provisions related to the direct assignment of zonal capacity procurements. 07/25/2006 CPS Energy Yes 4.1.1 Day Ahead Scheduling Process; 4.1.2 Adjustment Period Scheduling Process; 4.4.16 ERCOT Receipt of Replacement Reserve Service Bids; 4.4.17 ERCOT Procurement of Replacement Reserve Service As Needed; 4.5.6 ERCOT Notice of Need to Procure Replacement Reserve Service Resources; 4.5.7 Available Bids for RPRS; 6.4.2 Determination of ERCOT Control Area Requirements; 6.5.6 Replacement Reserve Service; Specific Procurement Process Requirements for Replacement Reserve Service in the Adjustment Period; Payments for Ancillary Service Capacity; Zonal or System Wide Replacement Reserve Service Capacity Payment to QSE.; Local Congestion Replacement Reserve Payment to QSE When Market Solution Exists; Capacity and Minimum Energy Payments; Settlement for RPRS Procured for System-wide Capacity Insufficiency; Replacement Reserve Under Scheduled Capacity; Replacement Reserve Uplift Charge; 6.9.7 Settlement Obligations for Premiums for Individual resource Dispatch Payments; OOM Capacity Charge; 7.1 Overview of ERCOT Congestion Management ; Replacement Reserve Service Zonal Congestion Charge; 7.4.2 Resolution of Local Congestion Approved
PRR677 Substitute Source For Fuel Index Price (FIP) This PRR establishes that, in the event the periodical noted fails to publish a daily FIP, the ERCOT Board of Directors will direct ERCOT Settlements on the use of an alternative index. 07/26/2006 Transition Plan Task Force (TPTF) No 2 Approved
PRR679 Revision to NLRI Formula and Other Credit Requirements Several changes are proposed, with the three primary changes being: (1) Change the formula for Net Load Imbalance Liability and Net Resource Imbalance Liability (NLRI) to better match with Nodal formula “ perform calculation on a more detailed level using entity specific pricing rather than WA_MCPE pricing (2) Require/allow ERCOT to withhold payment from entities that have exceeded their EAL or NLRI. (3) Address request by RMS/Texas Set to add requirement that QSEs (that are LSEs) and are in Payment Default to provide ESID information on their customers 08/01/2006 Credit Working Group No, 16.2.8, 16.2.9,,,,,, Approved
PRR681 Discontinuation of Interest Charge for Defaulting Entities at Time of Uplift This PRR allows ERCOT to cease the calculation of interest (Late Fees) for defaulting entities when the conditions initiating uplift are met. Late Fee calculations will continue for Short paying entities until uplift conditions are met. 08/10/2006 LCRA No 9.4.4, 9.4.6 Approved
PRR682 Emergency Electric Curtailment Plan (EECP) Event Realignment These revisions conform the Protocols with revisions to the Operating Guide proposed in OGRR186, Emergency Electric Event Curtailment Plan (EECP) Event Realignment, to set forth the necessary sequence for ERCOT to process EECP related items, thereby allowing ERCOT to be more proactive in communicating system conditions during certain events. 08/14/2006 Reliability Operations Subcommittee (ROS) Yes, 5.6.7, Approved
PRR684 Mass Transition Process Necessary for PUCT Rule 31416 This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) introduces revisions to Section, Mass Transition and adds a new Section, Customer Billing Contact Information to comply with the PUCT rulemaking for Project 31416. (An RMGRR will be submitted to document the details of the process in Section 7, Market Processes of the Retail Market Guide (RMG). 08/16/2006 No 2. 1, Definitions, Mass Transition, Customer Billing Contact Information (New) Approved
PRR685 TCRs and PCRs Payment Due Date This PRR documents the requirements for both Transmission Congestion Rights (TCRs) and Pre-assigned Congestion Rights (PCRs) payment period due date to three (3) Bank Business Days after being invoiced. 08/21/2006 Roy McCoy on behalf of ERCOT staff Yes, Auction Approved
PRR686 Black Start Testing Requirements Specifies the requirements for starting the next start Resource; Specifies which tests are allowed to be run simultaneously. 08/23/2006 Black Start Task Force No Approved
PRR687 Replacement Reserve Under-Scheduled Capacity Delineation This PRR corrects discrepancies in the Replacement Reserve Under-Scheduled Capacity charge equation. 08/24/2006 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR688 ERCOT Nodal Implementation Surcharge This PRR documents how ERCOT shall calculate the Nodal Implementation Surcharge (NIS) to comply with the Final Order issued in Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) Docket No. 32686, Application of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas for Approval of a Nodal Market Implementation Surcharge and Request for Interim Relief, to fund implementation of the nodal market redesign. 08/28/2006 ERCOT Staff Yes 9.7.7 Approved
PRR689 Down Balance Qualification for Renewable Resources Modifies the Balancing Down Energy Service qualification for QSEs representing only Uncontrollable Renewable Resources to at or below the deployment level requested by ERCOT. 08/28/2006 Florida Power & Light No Balancing Energy Approved
PRR690 Termination of the Modified Competitive Solution Method Consistent with the Commission™s Substantive Rules, this proposed revision eliminates the references to the MCSM 08/28/2006 Suez Energy Marketing Yes 6.5.2, Balancing Energy Service;, Balancing Energy Clearing Price Approved
PRR691 Nodal Implementation Surcharge Verifiable Costs This PRR adds nodal implementation surcharges as a verifiable cost for resources called on for reliability purposes. The changes proposed in this PRR are contingent on the passage of PRR688, ERCOT Nodal Implementation Surcharge. 09/14/2006 NRG Texas No,,, Approved
PRR693 Update Transactions for Texas SET 3.0 Implementation and Timing for Processing Priority/Standard Move- In Transactions This PRR: Revises the transaction timings in Section, Move-In Request to Begin Electric Service and Section, Notification to TDSP of Move-In to reflect the language approved by the ERCOT Board with PRR672 for the TX SET 3.0 implementation as it relates to priority move-in transactions and clarified requirements for standard move-ins. Renames the TX SET transactions for 814_11, 814_14 and 814_15 due to new functionality introduced by TX SET with the long term solution for Mass Transition (see RMGRR042). Revises language as it relates to transaction functionality and brings all processes for each transaction current with TX SET version 3.0 implementation. Reformats and corrects terminology throughout Sections 15, 19 and 24. 09/22/2006 Kathy Scott and Rob Bevill on behalf of Texas SET No Section 15, Customer Registration Section 19, Texas Standard Electric Transaction Section 24, Retail Point to Point Communication Approved
PRR694 Modification of Certain Board Approvals In keeping with the activities of the TAC Board Action Items Subgroup addressing this issue, TAC resolution and the Board™s discussion, the PRR proposes refinements as set forth in the TAC resolution of June 1, 2006. 09/25/2006 TAC Board Action Items Subgroup No 10.14.1, 18.2, 18.2.2, 18.2.9, 21.4.6, 21.4.7, 21.4.8, 21.8.6, 21.8.7, 21.8.8, 21.9 Approved
PRR695 Unaccounted For Energy (UFE) Analysis This PRR eliminates outdated sections pertaining to UFE analysis and provides a more meaningful approach to annual UFE analysis reporting. 10/11/2006 UFE Task Force No 11.6, 11.6.1, 11.6.2, 11.6.2, 11.6.3 Approved
PRR697 Posting Requirement Changes This PRR incorporates changes resulting from P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.502, Pricing Safeguards in Markets Operated by the Electric Reliability of Texas Power Region and new P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.505, Resource Adequacy in the Electric Reliability of Texas Power Region, adopted under P.U.C. Project No. 31972, Rulemaking Concerning Resource Adequacy and Market Power in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas Power Region. 10/20/2006 ERCOT No, Items Considered Protected Information;, Items Not Considered Protected Information; 1.3.3, Expiration of Confidentiality; 8.7, Analysis of Resource Adequacy (deleted); 12.3.5, Analysis of Resource Adequacy (new); 12.4.2, Ancillary Service -Related Information;, Public ERCOT Posting;, Public Posting of Standard QSE-Specific Market Reports Approved
PRR698 Remove Default QSE Provisions This PRR revises provisions for the Emergency and Virtual Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) to allow them to provide for Resource Entities and Load Serving Entities (LSEs) in the event that their QSE defaults. This PRR also removes the Default QSE concept, including all references to a Default QSE. 11/07/2006 ERCOT Staff Yes 2.1, 16.2.1, 16.2.8,, 16.2.12,,,,,, Approved
PRR699 Removal of the Northeast Congestion Zone in Trading Hub Transaction Conversions This PRR Synchronizes the ERCOT Protocols to reflect the removal of the Northeast Congestion Zone in the Trading Hub calculations beginning January 1, 2007. As such, reference to the Northeast Congestion Zone in the Protocols is removed, and the calculation for converting transactions at Trading Hubs to existing Congestion Zones is revised. In addition, the calculation is adjusted to account for the fact that a transmission bus that was previously in the West Congestion Zone will be in the North Congestion Zone in 2007 (bus number 6096). 11/13/2006 ERCOT Yes, ERCOT Bus Average 345 kV Trading Hub;, Scheduling of Transactions Using ERCOT Trading Hubs Approved
PRR700 Creation of Interim Measure for Collecting the ERO/TRE Fee Revise the ERCOT System administration fees to include the FERC-mandated fee for the ERCOT Region™s share of the new Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) and the new Texas Regional Entity (TRE) for the ERCOT Region. The ERO/TRE fee will be $0.0169 per MWh. FERC approved a ERO/TRE budget for the ERCOT Region which results in a fee of $0.021 per MWh; however, a portion ($900, 000) of the ERO/TRE fee will be collected via the PUCT-approved ERCOT System administration fee of $0.4171 per MWh. 11/15/2006 ERCOT Staff Yes 2.1, 9.7.1 Approved
PRR701 Enabling of Stranded Capacity During Alerts This Protocol Revision Request will provide ERCOT with a tool that will enable incremental online capacity upon ERCOT issuing an Alert due to a capacity short supply situation. This Protocol change will also allow QSEs to represent their previously stranded capacity as available and capable of being loaded to their full real-time capability during an Alert due to a capacity short supply situation. 11/20/2006 PSEG Texgen I Yes 5.6.5, 5.6.6,, 5.6.8 Approved
PRR705 Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) - Interim Option This PRR would modify the ERCOT Protocols to allow for the use of an Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) when an EECP is declared and all available Generation and Loads acting as Resources (LaaRs) have been deployed. 01/10/2007 ERCOT Staff Yes Section 2, Definitions and Acronyms; Section 5.6.7, EECP STEPS; Section 5.9.3, ERCOT Data Collection; Section 6.1.13, Emergency Interruptible Load Service (New); Section 6.2, Providers of Ancillary Services; Section 6.5, Technical Requirements for Providers of Ancillary Services; Section 6.5.12, Emergency Interruptible Load Service (New); Section 6.7.9, Deployment of Emergency Interruptible Load Service (New); Section 6.8.6, Capacity Payments for Emergency Interruptible Load (New); Section 6.9.4, Settlement Obligation for Black Start Service, RMR Standby Service, and Synchronous Condenser Service; Section 6.10.2, General Capacity Testing Requirements; Section 6.10.13, Emergency Interruptible Load Service Qualification, Testing and Performance Standards (New); Section 16.5, Registration of Generation Resources and Loads acting as Resources; Section 22 -- Attachment K, Standard Form Emergency Interruptible Load Service Agreement (New) Approved
PRR706 Provisional Qualification for Ancillary Services Provide for a provisional qualification time period for the provision of Ancillary Services (AS) and discontinue the practice of œborrowin€? units for AS qualificatio 01/10/2007 Bryan Texas Utilities No 6.10.3, Ancillary Services Qualification Criteria and Portfolio Test Methods Normal Approved
PRR707 Prioritization and Timing of Transactions Based Upon PRR672 Collaborative Analysis and Retry Process for 814_20s. This PRR proposes the following revisions which are recommended by ERCOT: 1) Add paragraph to outline the prioritization of transactions at ERCOT. 2) Revise transaction timings for Off-Cycle Switches and Off-Cycle Drops to AREP. a) Off-Cycle Switches should be added to Level 4 Transactions to be processed within one (1) Retail Business Day. b) Off-Cycle Drops to AREP should be added to the Level 4 Transactions to be processed within one (1) Retail Business Day. 3) Add language in Section for New ESI ID Creation that explains a retry process for 814_20s. 01/18/2007 Karen Farley on behalf of ERCOT No 15, Customer Registration, Switch Registration Notification Request to TDSP, Response to Valid Switch Request, Rejection of Switch Request, Response to Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider Request, Notification to TDSP of Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider, New ESI ID Creation Approved
PRR708 Data Provided by ERCOT to TDSPs The proposed protocol revision requires ERCOT to provide adjusted interval meter data for load and generation to a TDSP involved in system planning and operation activities. Any information provided pursuant to this revised provision will retain its protected status pursuant to Section 1.3, Confidentiality, of the Protocols, and will be subject to all applicable codes of conduct, including the PUCT code of conduct restricting the internal sharing of transmission information by employees of the TDSP. 01/29/2007 AEP No Approved
PRR709 Scarcity Pricing Mechanism This PRR revises the ERCOT Protocols to provide for a scarcity pricing mechanism as required by subsection (g) of P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.505, Resource Adequacy in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas Power Region. ERCOT is already performing the calculations and postings required by this rule. This PRR synchronizes the Protocols with this rule. 01/31/2007 ERCOT Staff No Section 4.4.11, Ancillary Services Bid Submittal; Section 4.4.16, ERCOT Receipt of Replacement Reserve Service Bids; Section 6.5.2, Balancing Energy Service; and Sections 6.11, System-Wide Offer Caps (New). Approved
PRR710 Validation Tests Update This PRR removes the requirement to post exception reports from the Load Profile Type and Weather Zone validation tests to the ERCOT MIS. 01/31/2007 Profiling Working Group No Approved
PRR711 Update of ERCOT Protocols to Comply with NERC Name Change This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) updates ERCOT Protocol References to reflect the recent NERC name change from North American Electric Reliability Council to North American Electric Reliability Corporation. 02/12/2007 ERCOT No 2.1, 2.2,, 5.1.2, 5.2, 5.6.1, 6.1 Approved
PRR713 Resource Outage Notification This PRR clarifies and further details the long-term outage notification submission process for resources. 02/21/2007 ERCOT Staff No 6.5.9, Reliability Must-Run Service;, Initiation and Approval of RMR Agreements;, Mothballed Generation Resource Time to Service Updates; 8.4, Acceptance of Proposed Planned Outages of Resources other than Reliability Resources; Section 22, Attachment I: Notification of Suspension of Operations; Section 22, Attachment F: Standard Form Reliability Must-Run Agreement; Section 22, Attachment K: Notification of Change of Generation Resource Designation (New) Approved
PRR714 Qualification and Periodic Testing of Loads acting as Resources (LaaRs) This revision request tightens the requirements for initial qualification; introduces periodic testing requirements; and provides for more clearly defined conditions that would disqualify a Load acting as Resource (LaaR) for under/non-performance. 03/06/2007 Damand Side Working Group No 6.10.2, General Capacity Testing Requirements; and 6.10.12, Non-Compliance Actions of ERCOT Approved
PRR716 NOIE Self-Provision of Emergency Interruptible Load Service This PRR proposes the following revisions: · Section 2.1: The addition of a Definition for EILS Self-Provision by NOIEs · Section 6.5.12(3): The addition of steps to allow for NOIE Self-Provision and at the same time inform ERCOT of how much EILS it needs to purchase in order to reach its desired goal.. · Section 6.5.12(7)(e): Stating that EILS Self-Provision does not require a MW price. · Section 6.5.12(7)(i): Requiring NOIEs to inform ERCOT of the Maximum amount of EILS Self-Provision they are willing to provide. · Section 6.5.12(7)(j): Allowing NOIEs the option of bidding into the EILS program in the same manner as other loads. · Section 6.5.12(8): Requiring ERCOT to reduce its EILS Budget by the amount of EILS that is Self-Provided. · Section 6.5.12(13): Stating that EILS Self-Provision does not involve payment by ERCOT to NOIEs. · Section 6.8.6: Adding a calculation and description for summing the total MW of capacity purchased by ERCOT for the purposes of EILS. This number does not include EILS capacity that is secured through self-provision. · Section 6.9.4: Adding EILS to Settlement Obligations. · Section Description and changes to the settlement calculations to accommodate NOIE Self-Provision. Section and Describing the way a NOIE Self-Providing EILS is treated if it fails to perform. 04/11/2007 CPS Energy Pending 2, Definitions and Acronyms; 6.5.12, Emergency Interruptible Load Service; 6.8.6, Capacity Payments for Emergency Interruptible Load;, Settlement Obligation for Emergency Interruptible Load Service; 6.10.13, Emergency Interruptible Load Service Qualification, Testing and Performance Standards;, Performance Criteria for EILS Resources; and, Revocation of Qualification of EILS Resources and/or their QSEs Approved
PRR717 EILS Disputes and Resettlements This PRR adds a definition for EILS Contract Period to Section 2.1; revises Section 6.5.12 to reflect the addition of the definition; adds new Section 9.5.5 to describe a process for disputing and resettling the EILS Service; and renumbers former Section 9.5.5 to Section 9.5.6. 04/13/2007 Constellation NewEnergy No 2.1: Definitions; 6.5.12, Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS); 9.5.5, Resettlement of Emergency Interruptible Load Service (NEW); and 9.5.5, Disputes for Operational Decisions or Market Rules (RENUMBERED) Approved
PRR718 Authority for Determination of Urgency for a SCR This PRR replaces "PRS" with the "Assigned TAC Subcommittee" as the proper entity to grant a request for Urgent status for a SCR in Section 21.8.11 and revises the requirements for Urgent status designation to mirror those for a Protocol Revision Requests (PRR). 04/16/2007 ERCOT Staff No 21.8.11 Approved
PRR720 Texas Regional Entity Fee Methodology Revision This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) changes how ERCOT will issue invoices to collect the Texas Regional Entity Fee (TREF). 05/01/2007 ERCOT No Section 2.1, 2.2, 9.7.1, and 9.7.8 (new) Approved
PRR721 Provision of Customer Billing Information to TDSPs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises Section, Customer Billing Contact Information, so that ERCOT is required to provide Customer contact information to the Transmission and /or Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs). This PRR will allow ERCOT to take the Customer Billing Contact Information file provided by the defaulting CR, remove all information except for ESI ID, Customer Name, and Customer Phone Number from the file and then pass that file to the TDSPs. 05/10/2007 Jennifer Garica w/Direct Energy No Customer Billing Contact Information Approved
PRR723 Conform EECP (formally titled "Emergency Interruptible Load Service Formula Correction") This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) proposes technical corrections to the progression of the Steps during an EECP event in Protocol Section 05/16/2007 ERCOT Yes Approved
PRR724 Removal of the Drop to AREP References This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) removes references to the Drop-to-AREP transaction. 05/18/2007 Kathy Scott and Rob Bevill on behalf of Texas SET No 2.2, Acronyms 15, Customer Registration, Switching to Provider of Last Resort (delete) 15.1.2, Drop to Provider of Last Resort or Affiliate Retail Electric Provider (delete), Drop Request by CR (delete), Response from ERCOT to Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider, Notification to Customer of Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider (delete), Notification to TDSP of Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider (delete), Response from TDSP to Registration Notification Request(delete), Response from the TDSP to the Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider Request (delete), Notification of Affiliate Retail Electric Provider of Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider, Completion of Drop Affiliate Retail Electric Provider Request and Effective Drop Date, Mass Transition, Rejection of Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Provider Request (delete) 15.1.5, Concurrent Processing, Drop Date After or Equal to Switch Date (delete), Drop Date Prior to Switch Date (delete), Move-In Date Prior to or Equal to Drop Date (delete), Move-In Date after Drop Date, Move-Out Date Prior to or Equal to Drop date (delete), Move-Out Date After Drop Date, Multiple Drop to Affiliate Retail Electric Providers (delete) 15.1.7, Cancellation of Registration Transactions, Notice to CSA Competitive Retailer of Drop Due to Move-In, Notice to CSA Competitive Retailer of Drop Due to Move In 19.3.1, Defined Texas SET Transactions. Approved
PRR725 Emergency Interruptible Load Service Formula & Standard Form Correction This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) proposes technical corrections to the Protocols relating to Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS). 05/24/2007 ERCOT Staff No, Performance Criteria for EILS Resources; 22, Attachment K, Standard Form Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) Agreement Approved
PRR726 DC Tie Scheduling Clarifications This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) clarifies language related to DC Tie scheduling and eliminates the use of the term œBack to Back Ti€? (BtB Tie) in the Protocols since the definition o“DC eâ€? captures any asynchronous tie. This PRR also modifies Protocol language regarding scheduling to reflect the manner in which ERCOT Operations actually treats DC Tie schedu 05/25/2007 ERCOT No 2.1, 2.2,,, 5.6.7, 5.6.8, 5.7.3, 5.8, Approved
PRR727 Process for Transition to Nodal Market Protocol Sections This PRR authorizes an orderly transition from the zonal Protocols to the nodal Protocols. This PRR provides a transparent mechanism to retire zonal Protocol sections and implement nodal Protocol sections. This PRR also requires two notices to Market Participants: the first market notice thirty days prior to the retirement or effective date and the second market notice no less than ten days prior to the retirement or effective date. 05/25/2007 ERCOT Staff No 21.12 Approved
PRR728 Proposal to Allow ERCOT Discretion When Processing Renewable Production Values This PRR modifies paragraph (3) of Section to allow ERCOT the discretion to process Renewable Production Potential values when submitted by Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) representing only Uncontrollable Renewable Resources. 05/25/2007 ERCOT Staff No, Uninstructed Resource Charge Process Approved
PRR729 Conforming Section 16 to New Section 22 Standard Form MP Agreements Only one Standard Form Market Participant Agreement can be in place at a given point in time. To accommodate this, the following PRR conforms zonal Section 16 to match the updated Standard Form MP Agreement in the Nodal Protocols reflecting a single Standard Form Market Participant Agreement, as well as language applicable to the Independent Market Monitor (IMM), as required by P.U.C. SUBSt. R. 25.365, relating to the Independent Market Monitor (IMM). Modification of Section 22, adds Standard Form Market Participant Agreement. 05/25/2007 ERCOT Staff Yes 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16.4, 16.5, 16.6, 16.7, 16.9, 16.10, 22L (new) Approved
PRR731 Fuel Oil Index Price (FOIP) This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) adds Fuel Oil Index Price (FOIP) definition in Protocol Section 2 and revises language in Sections, Section and Section to allow the use of FOIP to meet verifiable cost documentation requirements. 07/02/2007 TXU Wholesale No 2,,, Approved
PRR733 Remove 168-Hour Generation Testing Requirement This PRR will remove the 168 hour requirement and the need to utilize the observed actual output in the first 168 hours, if test data is not provided. 07/09/2007 ERCOT Staff No 6.10.2, General Capacity Testing Requirements Approved
PRR734 Revisions to Congestion Management in McCamey Area Provisions This PRR eliminates the 0600 hour timeframe by which ERCOT must post the Tradeable Generation Right (TGR) limits in Section 7.8.2, deletes the requirements in Section 7.8.7, and revises the spelling of "Tradeable" to "Tradable" in Section 2.2 and Section 7.8.4. 07/30/2007 ERCOT Staff No 2.2, Acronyms; 7.8.2, Determination of Generation Limits; 7.8.4, Determination of Tradeable Generation Rights; and 7.8.7, Trading or Other Uses of TGRs Approved
PRR735 Incorporating the ERCOT Internal Audit Department and Other Clarifications This PRR incorporates the ERCOT Internal Audit Department into the Protocols, clarifies the audits to be performed, and the treatment of audit results. Responsibility for performing the annual operational or "settlements" audit, otherwise commonly known as the Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70 ("SAS 70"), Type II report, will continue to be performed by an external independent certified public accounting firm. Upon approval of this PRR, responsibility for performing the other audits referenced in Protocol Section 1.4, Operational Audit, will transition to the Internal Audit Department. 08/07/2007 ERCOT Staff No 1.4.2,,, 1.4.4, 1.4.5, 1.4.6 Approved
PRR738 Remove Old Versions of Standard Form Agreements This revision deletes old versions of Standard Form Market Participant Agreements. 09/24/2007 Andrew Gallo No Section 22 Attachment B, Standard Form Load Serving Entity Agreement (delete) Section 22 Attachment C, Standard Form Qualified Scheduling Entity Agreement (delete) Section 22 Attachment D, Standard Form REC Account Agreement (delete) Section 22 Attachment E, Standard form Resource Entity Agreement (delete) Section 22 Attachment G, Standard Form Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider Agreement (delete) Approved
PRR740 Creating Amendment to Standard Form Market Participant Agreement This adds a new form, Amendment to Standard Form Market Participant Agreement, to the ERCOT Protocols. 10/23/2007 ERCOT Staff No 22N Approved
PRR741 Revision of Digital Certificate Procedures This PRR documents, in Section 16.11.3, Market Participant Audits of User Security Administrators and Digital Certificates, the requirement that Market Participants generate their own list of USA and Digital Certificate holders for audit purposes and use an automated process to manage (i.e., enroll, renew, revoke, and audit) their Digital Certificates. This PRR also clarifies the language describing the responsibilities of the Market Participant, its USA and ERCOT. 10/24/2007 ERCOT Staff Yes 16.11 Approved
PRR743 TCR Transition to CRR This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) inserts Section 7.5.10, referring to the Transmission Congestion Rights (TCR) to Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR) Transition Plan. Section 7.5.10 allows the TCR to CRR Transition Plan to modify or supplement certain aspects of TCRs as documented in Section 7.5, Transmission Congestion Rights. The TCR to CRR Transition Plan is approved by TAC 10/29/2007 Bill Barnes, ERCOT No 7.5.10, Transition of Transmission Congestion Rights to Congestion Revenue Rights (new) Approved
PRR744 Revision to 16.2.8, Monitoring of Creditworthiness by ERCOT The revision ensures that ERCOT will receive and accept as sufficient from the QSE, financial statements of the QSE or a guarantor if a guarantee is being provided for the purpose of determining the QSE’s creditworthiness. 10/31/2007 Reliant Energy Yes 16.2.8 Approved
PRR746 Revisions to EILS Provisions to Conform to Amended P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.507 This PRR amends various Protocols related to EILS. The specific amendments are as follows: · Section 2.1 is modified to eliminate the definitions of EILS Business Hours and EILS Non-Business Hours and to redefine the term "Time Period" consistent with the amended Rule. The Rule has eliminated the terms "Prime" and "Non Prime" hours and has provided ERCOT with flexibility to modify EILS Time Periods within a Contract Period. This amendment would permit ERCOT to establish EILS Time Periods by defining the hours in the Request for Proposal specific to a Contract Period. It would also allow ERCOT to restructure the EILS Contract Periods, consistent with the Rule, and would require ERCOT to post the restructured hours on its website at least 90 days prior to the start of the Contract Period. · Section 6.5.12(2) is amended to eliminate a requirement that was specific to the initial EILS bid solicitation in April 2007. · Section 6.5.12(5) is amended to clarify that ERCOT solicits EILS bids and that the bids are submitted by QSEs. · Section 6.5.12(6) is amended to eliminate the requirement that all members of an aggregated EILS Resource must have a peak demand of at least 500 kW. · Section 6.5.12(8) is amended to conform the EILS Cost Cap to the $50 million cost cap established by the Rule. This provision also conforms the Protocols to the Rule by clarifying that the Cost Cap applies to the 12 months from February through January, instead of a "rolling 12-month period." This provision also clarifies that ERCOT may reject any bid that it finds unreasonable or outside the parameters of an acceptable bid. This provision also moves the current Protocol language relating to how the Cost Cap is adjusted for Self-Provided EILS to its own subparagraph (9), and renumbers the existing (9) to (10). · Section 6.5.12(10), which established a 500 MW procurement minimum for the EILS service, is eliminated. · Section 6.5.12(17)(a) is amended to add clarity to the meter data requirements for any EILS Resource that does not have a dedicated ESI ID. This may include Loads within a NOIE area or within a Private Use Network. · Section 6.5.12(17)(b) is amended to clarify that an EILS Resource may return to service only after being released by ERCOT and to correct a typographical error. · Section 6.5.12(20), relating to sunset provisions for EILS, is eliminated. · A new Section 6.5.12(20) is added to prescribe ERCOT’s EILS reporting requirements. · Section 6.8.6 is amended to eliminate all subscript references to the terms "b" (business hours) and "nb" (non-business hours) in the equations used to calculate EILS Capacity Payments and convert them to a single reference term "tp" (time period). This amendment reaffirms that each EILS Time Period will be clearly defined by ERCOT in the Request For Proposal (RFP) specific to the EILS Contract Period. · Section is amended to eliminate all subscript references to "b" (business hours) and "nb" (non-business hours) in the EILS settlement equations and convert them to a single reference of "tp" (time period). This amendment reaffirms that each EILS Time Period will be clearly defined by ERCOT in the RFP specific to the EILS Contract Period. · Section is amended to eliminate all subscript references to "b" (business hours) and "nb" (non-business hours) in the equations used to calculate EILS Resources’ performance criteria and convert them to a single reference of "tp" (time period). This amendment reaffirms that each EILS Time Period will be clearly defined by ERCOT in the RFP specific to the EILS Contract Period. · Section is amended to clarify procedures for ERCOT-administered penalties applied to QSEs and/or EILS Resources that fail to meet their availability or performance obligations and to make the Protocols consistent with the Rule. Specifically, the Rule requires a six-month suspension for failure to perform. This provision clarifies that the suspension may apply to the EILS Resource’s ability to participate and/or its QSE’s ability to offer EILS; clarifies when the six-month suspension period shall commence; and requires that a suspended EILS Resource may be reinstated only after successfully completing a load-shedding test. The provision also eliminates references to "revocation" of participation privileges for an EILS Resource or a QSE, as such is not provided for in the Rule. This amendment also retitles this Section to replace the word "Revocation" with the word "Suspension." · Section 16.5 is amended to clarify that EILS Resources are not required to register as Resource Entities, but rather are required to register via Appendix A of the QSE’s Standard Form EILS supplemental agreement with ERCOT. Appendix B of Section 22K, Supplement to QSE Agreement, is amended to provide flexibility to accommodate differing Time Periods. Appendix B is the "Term Sheet" representing the actual contractual obligation of a QSE and its EILS Resources for a specific Contract Period. Future Time Periods defined in Appendix B may vary by Contract Period, mirroring those set forth in the Registration/Proposal Form that accompanies the RFP and is the form used by the QSE and its EILS Resources to submit Bids or Self-Provision offers. 11/07/2007 ERCOT Staff Yes 2.1, 6.5.12, 6.8.6,,,, 16.5, 22K-AppB Approved
PRR747 IDR Requirement Change This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) removes obsolete language covering the IDR threshold change to 700 KW and refers to the Retail Market Guide for specific installation procedures. 12/05/2007 Ernie Podraza No 18.6.1, Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Installation and Use in Settlement Approved
PRR748 Settlement During EDS 3 LFC Testing This PRR modifies Out Of Merit Energy (OOME) and Local Balancing Energy (LBE) payment formulas for Early Deliver System (EDS) 3 R6.3 Load Frequency Control (LFC) (Total System) test. It also contains "clean up" items to correct terminology and capitalize terms that ought to be capitalized. 12/10/2007 Bill Barnes, ERCOT Yes, and Approved
PRR749 Rule Changes to the REC Trading Program This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) provides changes in wording, REC account qualification, REC award formulas and the introduction of compliance premiums to comply with . P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.173. 12/10/2007 ERCOT Yes 2, 14 Approved
PRR750 Unannounced Generation Capacity Testing This PRR replaces the seasonal testing requirement with unannounced Generation Resource testing and adds a requirement for Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) to seasonally update their Resources’ High Sustainable Limits (HSLs). 12/11/2007 ERCOT Staff Yes 6.10.2 Approved
PRR752 Update to Posting Requirements of Standard QSE-Specific Market Reports This PRR incorporates requirements in P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.505, Resource Adequacy in the Electric Reliability of Texas Power Region, adopted by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) in its Order Adopting Amendment to §25.505 as Approved at the August 16, 2007, Open Meeting, in P.U.C. Project No. 33490, Rulemaking Proceeding to Address Pricing Safeguards in Markets Operated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. Specifically, this PRR removes language from boxes, revises the disclosure dates from 30 to 60 days after the Operating Day and adds language requiring disclosure of certain information if the Market Clearing Price for Energy (MCPE) or the Market Clearing Price for Capacity (MCPC) exceeds a certain level. 12/17/2007 ERCOT Staff No Approved
PRR753 PRR Appeals Process This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) provides for a more structured process for parties to appeal the decisions pertaining to PRRs made by the Protocol Revision Subcommittee (PRS) and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). This proposal also provides timelines for appealing PRS and TAC decisions and makes accommodating provisions for PRRs on an Urgent timeline. 02/04/2008 ERCOT Staff No 21.4.11, Appeal of Decision Approved
PRR756 Distributed Renewable Generation Modifications These changes allow for Load Profiling and Data Aggregation methodology to better represent the output of distributed renewable generation Resources with a capacity of less than 50 kW. 02/29/2008 Ernie Podraza on behalf of the Profiling Working Group (PWG) Yes 2.1, 2.2, (new), (new), 18, 18.2, 18.2.3 (new), 18.2.9 Approved
PRR757 Emergency Interruptible Load Service Formula Correction This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) proposes the following changes: Revise the equation in Section 6.8.6(1) to eliminate subscript references to the term "b" (business hours) and replace it with reference term "tp" (time period) and delete a duplicate term in the variable definitions. Revise the equation in subsection to delete the undefined term "EILS Business Hours;" provide a definition for the subscript term "i"; and revise subscript term "n" from upper case to lower case to match its use in the equ 03/07/2008 ERCOT Staff No 6.8.6, Capacity Payments for Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS); and, Settlement Obligation for Emergency Interruptible Load Service Approved
PRR758 Clarification of Language Related to Generation Netting for ERCOT Polled Settlement Meters This PRR makes a minor change in wording to make clear intent of Protocol Section, i.e., that metering may net the generation and the Load associated with such generation for the purposes of settlement. 03/14/2008 Henry Durrwachter (Luminant Generation Company LLC) Yes, Generation Netting for ERCOT Polled Settlement Meters Approved
PRR759 Changes to Notification to Customer of Service Establishment This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) deletes Section from the ERCOT Protocols and renumbers subsequent subections. 03/19/2008 ERCOT Staff No, Notification to Customer of Service Establishment Approved
PRR760 Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) Availability Factor Clarification This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) clarifies a settlement and compliance provision relating to availability requirements for Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) Resources assigned to the alternate baseline. 03/24/2008 ERCOT Staff No Performance Criteria for EILS Resources Approved
PRR761 Inadvertent Energy Account Revision This Protocol Revision Request corrects the definition for an Inadvertent Energy Account 04/16/2008 ERCOT Staff No 2.1, Definitions; and, Inadvertent Energy Account Approved
PRR762 West Zone SCE Performance Conditions The PRR revises Section 6.10.6 to exclude from consideration of performance periods where Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) operating controllable units in the West zone are called upon to deploy and recall Balancing Energy in response to high wind production and Congestion in the area. 04/21/2008 AEP Yes 6.10.6, ancillary service deployment performance conditions Approved
PRR763 Use of WGRPP as Planned Operating Level in Day-Ahead Resource Plan for WGRs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) allows Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) representing Wind-powered Generation Resources (WGR) to use an ERCOT provided Wind-powered Generation Resource Power Potential (WGRPP) forecast as the planned operating level in the Resource Plan. 05/16/2008 John Dumas on behalf of the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS) Yes 2.1, Definitions, 2.2, Acronyms and 4.4.15, QSE Resource Plans Approved
PRR764 Zonal Congestion and CSCs/CREs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) provides that zonal constraints are only those constraints for which a Commercially Significant Constraint (CSC) or Closely Related Elements (CRE) is the base case or post-contingency limiting element. 05/29/2008 Potomac Economics Yes 7.3.2, 7.5.2 Approved
PRR765 Time Of Use Revisions This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises existing Protocol language to comply with the latest Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) Ruling on approval of Time Of Use Schedules (TOUS). 06/10/2008 Ernie Podraza on behalf of the Profiling Working Group (PWG) No 18, Load Profiling Approved
PRR766 Interim Solution for 15-Minute Settlement of Advanced Meters Implementing this Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) will support the interim settlement of all provisioned Advanced Meters using actual fifteen minute data, the same way Interval Data Recorder (IDR) meters are settled today, until the long-term solution developed by Project 34610, Implementation Project Relating to Advanced Metering or future rulemakings is implemented.ERCOT and the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) have developed an Request For Information to investigate the long-term solution to advanced meter settlement and data transport. The PUCT unanimously approved the "Scope of Work" of the long-term study on May 22, 2008. See P.U.C. SUBST. R. 25.130(h), Advanced Metering. 06/20/2008 AEP Texas Yes 9.2.6,,, 10.12.3, 11.2.2, 18.2, 18.6.7, 18.7.2, 19.7 (new) Approved
PRR768 TSP Energy Storage for Reliability (formerly "TDSP Energy Storage for Reliability") This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) inserts new paragraph (6)(c) in Section which clarifies that energy flows, from Transmission Service Provider (TSP) owned battery storage technology, will be treated similarly as substation equipment and therefore the measurement of such flows are not required for settlement. This new paragraph will be limited to ERCOT Board endorsed TSP reliability projects. 07/21/2008 American Electric Power Company Yes Approved
PRR769 EECP Media Appeal Change This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) removes required energy conservation media appeal from EECP Step Two and allows ERCOT management to issue a media appeal for energy conservation at management’s discretion, without requiring ERCOT CEO authorization. 07/22/2008 John Jonte on behalf of the Operations Working Group (OWG) No,, 5.6.7 Approved
PRR770 Deletion of UFE Analysis Zone Language This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) deletes an outdated section pertaining to Unaccounted for Energy (UFE) analysis. 07/24/2008 ERCOT No 13.4.2 Approved
PRR771 Ramp Rate Limitation of 10% per minute of On-Line Installed Capability for Wind-powered Generation Resources This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) proposes a requirement for Wind-powered Generation Resources (WGRs) to limit the ramp rate to 10% per minute of On-line installed capability. 07/25/2008 ROS No 6.5.13(new), 6.6, 6.6.1 Approved
PRR772 Description of MCPE Cap and Shadow Price Cap Methodology This PRR clarifies ERCOT’s authority to take action to ensure that the Market Clearing Price of Energy (MCPE) does not exceed the system-wide offer cap established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) in PUC Subst. R. 25.505, Resource Adequacy in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas Power Region. This PRR also proposes that the methodology to make the price adjustments be described in a separate document and that Market Participants be notified of any changes in the Shadow Price caps. In addition, this PRR proposes to change the section title in Section 6.11.1, Balancing Energy Offer Cap Floor, to Balancing Energy Offer Floor, to avoid confusion. A similar change is proposed for Section 6.11.2. 07/25/2008 ERCOT Staff Yes 6.11.1, Balancing Energy Offer Cap Floor; 6.11.2, Responsive Reserve Service (RRS) Offer Cap Floor; and 7.1, Overview of ERCOT Congestion Management Approved
PRR773 Setting the LSL Requirement for WGRs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) requires that a Wind-powered Generation Resource (WGR) Low Sustainable Limit (LSL) to be set at 10% of the name plate rating of the WGR. 07/28/2008 QSE Managers Working Group No 4.10.4, Resource Low Sustainable Limit as a Percent of High Sustainable Limit Measure Approved
PRR774 Treatment of Financial Information as Confidential This Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) clarifies that non-public financial information provided to ERCOT is to be treated as Protected Information. 08/15/2008 Clayton Greer on behalf of J Aron No Approved
PRR775 Change the name of Emergency Electric Curtailment Plan (EECP) to Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) changes the name of the Emergency Electric Curtailment Plan (EECP) to Energy Emergency Alert (EEA). 08/22/2008 ERCOT No 2.1, 2.2,,, 5.6.7,, 5.6.8, 5.7, 5.8, 6.1.13, 6.5.2, 6.5.12, 6.7.3, 6.7.9, 6.10.2,, 6.10.6, Approved
PRR776 Automatic MCPE Adjustment During Intervals of Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployment This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) adjusts the Market Clearing Price of Energy (MCPE) when the deployment of NSRS occurs to provide accurate prices in Real Time through an automatic $100/MWh upward adjustment. The $100 MCPE adjustment would replace the current PRR650, Balancing Energy Price Adjustment Due to Non-Spinning Reserve Service Energy Deployment, method of removing NSRS deployments and manually re-running Scheduling, Pricing, and Dispatching (SPD). The $100 adjustment is based on the average MCPE adjustment during NSRS deployments since 01/01/07. 08/25/2008 Texas Industrial Energy Consumers (TIEC) Yes, Approved
PRR777 WGR QSE Metric Correction This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) exempts Wind-powered Generation Resource (WGR) Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) from the Resource Plan metric that compares Day Ahead and Adjustment Period Schedules to Resource Plans. 09/18/2008 J Aron No 4.10.5, 4.10.6 Approved
PRR778 Clarification of Authorized Representative This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) codifies the definition of "Authorized Representative" in Section 2, Definitions and Acronyms, and clarifies the need to designate "Authorized Representatives" for registration for all registered Entities. 09/19/2008 ERCOT No 2.1,,,,, 16.2.8, 16.2.9,,,,,, 16.3, 16.4, 16.5 Approved
PRR779 Transparency for PSS and Full Interconnection Studies Updates to Section 1 to provide transparency to status of Power System Stabilizer Equipment and interconnection requests. 09/19/2008 Marguerite Wagner/PSEG Texas No, Items Considered Protected Information, Items Not Considered Protected Information 12.2, ERCOT Obligation to Provide Information 12.3, Transmission-Related Information Approved
PRR780 Extending Black Start Service Bid Timeline This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) changes the Black Start Service bids from a one (1) year period to a two (2) year period. 09/23/2008 John Dumas on behalf of the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS) No 6.5.8, Black Start Service 22, Attachment A, Standard Form Black Start Agreement Approved
PRR781 EILS Self-Provision Formula Correction and Clarifications This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) proposes to correct terms contained in the settlement equations related to EILS Self-Provision to make the formulas consistent with the verbal description of EILS Self-Provision settlement and the author’s stated original intent. Specifically, the formula correction applies to the uplifted costs of EILS as defined in paragraph (3) of Section, as follows: · Clarifies that uplifted EILS costs are based on final adjusted EILS obligations after accounting for any self-provided EILS. This is accomplished by establishing and defining a new formula term, EILOF. · Adjusts other related formula terms accordingly. · Adds a missing subscript term definition that appears in numerous places elsewhere in the Protocols. · Adds clarity to certain other equation term definitions.This PRR also makes clarifications in language contained in paragraph (3)(d) of Section 6.5.12 related to Qualified Scheduling Entities’ (QSEs’) EILS Self-Provision options in cases where less than 1,000 MW of EILS has been offered, and adds copies of definitions that are applicable to both equations in this Section. 09/23/2008 ERCOT No 6.5.12, Approved
PRR782 Clean-up and Corrections to Terminology and Transaction Timings in Protocol Section 15, Customer Registration This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) corrects and clarifies the transaction timing descriptions to make them consistent with current processes and Appendix D, Transaction Timing Matrix, in the Retail Market Guide. 10/02/2008 Rob Bevill and Kathy Scott on behalf of the TX SET Working Group No 2.1, 2.2, 15 Approved
PRR783 Elimination of the Non-ERCOT LSE Fee Eliminate language within protocol Section 9.7.3 which describes the Texas Non-ERCOT LSE fee. 10/02/2008 Barry R. Smith Yes 9.7.3, Texas Non-ERCOT Load Serving Entity Fee Approved
PRR784 Delete Use of Boundary Generation Resources to Resolve CRE Congestion This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) removes language regarding resolution of Congestion on a Closely Related Element (CRE) by Boundary Generation Resources from Protocol Section 7.3.2, Resolution of Zonal Congestion. 10/28/2008 J Aron No 7.3.2 Approved
PRR785 Timing for Required Black Start Unit Load Carrying Test. This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) changes the required Black Start Unit Load Carrying Test from once every six (6) years to once every five (5) years. 11/20/2008 ERCOT No Approved
PRR786 Modifications to EILS Settlement This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises language to: · Clarify that the first settlement of the Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) Contract Period shall utilize a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) Load Ratio Share (LRS) which is based upon the Final Load for each Operating Day in the EILS Contract Period; · Introduce a resettlement of EILS Contract Period settlement utilizing a QSE LRS which is based upon the True-Up Load for each Operating Day in the EILS Contract Period; · Remove conflicting language about EILS disputes; · Clarify the timing by which EILS settlement disputes must be submitted; and · Move all language related to the timing of the EILS settlement process to Section 9.5.5, Resettlement of Emergency Interruptible Load Service. 11/21/2008 Jim Galvin on behalf of the SDAWG No 6.8.6 Capacity Payments for Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS), Settlement Obligation for Emergency Interruptible Load Service, 9.5.5, Resettlement of Emergency Interruptible Load Service Approved
PRR787 Add Non-Compliance Language to QSE Performance Standards (formerly "Add Violation Language to QSE Performance Standards") This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) adds language to Section which clearly defines if and when a violation of the Protocols occurs for failure to comply with performance standards. The proposed language adds clarity to Section that is found in other Protocol Sections associated with Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) performance metrics. 12/03/2008 International Power America No, 6.10.6, 6.10.12,,,, (new) Approved
PRR788 Ramp Rate Limits for Existing WGRs This PRR proposes a requirement that certain existing WGRs limit the unit ramp rate to ten percent (10%) per minute of their nameplate capacity ratings as registered with ERCOT. 12/09/2008 FPLEnergy Yes 6.5.13 Approved
PRR789 Removal of Grey Box Language Related to Lagged Dynamics Load Profiling Due to Unfunded Projects This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) removes grey box language related to the use of lagged dynamic samples for new profiles. 12/09/2008 Ernie Podraza on behalf of the Profiling Working Group (PWG) No 18.2.1, Guidelines for Development of Load Profiles 18.2.2, Load Profiles for Non-Interval Metered Loads 18.2.6, Daily Profile Creation Process Approved
PRR790 Load Profile ID Annual Validation Change Request This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) allows for changes in the Annual Validation process timeline due to extreme events. 12/09/2008 Ernie Podraza on behalf of the Profiling Working Group (PWG) No 18.4.2, Load Profile Id assignment Approved
PRR792 Revised Renewable Portfolio Standards Allocation Process, Pursuant to P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.173 This PRR modifies the Protocols to comply with PURA § 39.904(m-1) and P.U.C. Subst. R 25.173. 12/15/2008 Katie Coleman of Andrews Kurth, LLP, on behalf of Texas Industrial Energy Consumers (TIEC) Yes, 14.2, 14.5.2, 14.5.3 (new), and 14.9.5 Approved
PRR793 WGR QSE Scheduling Metric This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) provides specific details for WGR-only QSEs such that the scheduling metric will apply to more Operating Hours. 12/24/2008 QSE Managers Working Group (QMWG) Yes 4.10.6, 5.5.1, 7.3.2 Approved
PRR794 Meteorological Data Required from QSEs Representing Wind-powered Generation Resources This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) will require a Wind-powered Generation Resource (WGR) Entity to provide Real Time meteorological information to ERCOT through its selected Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE). It will also require ERCOT to establish procedures specifying the accuracy requirements of WGR meteorological information telemetry. 12/24/2008 QSE Managers Working Group (QMWG) Yes Approved
PRR795 90-Day Transmission Outage Scheduling Timeline This Protocol Revision Request (PRR): 1) Adds a new Outage response timeline that will place a requirement on ERCOT to coordinate Outages submitted with more than ninety (90) days notice at least seventy-five (75) days prior to the start of the proposed Outage; and 2) Provides clarification of three (3) to eight (8) day timeline to eliminate an overlap in requirements. 01/05/2009 ERCOT Yes 8.3.3 Approved
PRR796 Resource Plan Performance Metrics Revision With this Protocol Revision Request (PRR), ERCOT shall determine the performance of providers of Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) Schedule Control Error (SCE) performance under normal operating conditions. ERCOT shall remove from consideration of average performance of a QSE any period during which an abnormal or unusual event(s) has occurred and which does not have a passing score. 01/07/2009 FPL Energy No (new) Approved
PRR797 Removal of Reference to ERCOT Business Processes This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises the term "Generation Resource Asset Registration Form" in Section, LSL Requirements for WGRs, to a generic phrase "as registered with ERCOT". 01/12/2009 Patrick Coon No, LSL Requirement for WGRs Approved
PRR798 Update Trading Hub Conversion This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) synchronizes the ERCOT Protocols to reflect the 2009 Commercially Significant Constraint definitions, approved by the ERCOT Board on October 21, 2008, as it affects the Trading Hub calculations for 2009 (several transmission buses moved between Congestion Zones). As such, the calculation for converting transactions at Trading Hubs to existing Congestion Zones is revised. 01/12/2009 ERCOT Yes, Approved
PRR799 ERCOT CEO Approval of NPRRs and SCRs Prior to Posting on MIS This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) mandates ERCOT CEO approval before NPRRs may be posted to the Market Information System (MIS). This PRR also mandates ERCOT CEO approval for System Change Requests (SCRs) that impact system functionality for the Nodal market. This PRR also allows an appeal mechanism for the submitter of the NPRR or SCR if the ERCOT CEO’s decision is to reject the NPRR or SCR. 01/19/2009 ERCOT Yes 21.8.1, Approved
PRR800 QSE Day Ahead Metric This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) re-defines the Day Ahead metric for both Wind-powered Generation Resource (WGR) Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) and non-WGR QSEs to ensure that both categories of QSEs schedule enough capacity in the Day Ahead market to meet their planned energy schedules plus Ancillary Service (AS) Obligations. This PRR removes the WGR QSEs exemption established in PRR 777, WGR QSE Metric Correction. 01/20/2009 ERCOT Yes 4.10.5 Approved
PRR801 Manual TCR Adjustments This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises Section, Annual and Monthly Auction Summary, to provide a description of the process used by ERCOT to achieve revenue neutrality in the monthly TCR auction. 02/09/2009 ERCOT No Approved
PRR802 TCR Transition to CRR Refund Revision This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises Section 7.5.10 methodology, providing flexibility in the event monthly Transmission Congestion Rights (TCR) are awarded and require refund for the subsequent month after Nodal Go-Live. 02/19/2009 Mandy Bauld / Steve Reedy No 7.5.10, Transition of Transmission Congestion Rights to Congestion Revenue Rights Approved
PRR803 Revised Implementation Approach for PRR 601 This PRR changes the ramping period for BES deployment for Base Power Schedule Calculation and Balancing Energy Power Schedule from ten (10) minutes to fourteen (14) minutes. 02/20/2009 Raj Rajagopal and Troy Anderson on behalf of ERCOT Yes 6.5.2, Balancing Energy Service, Uninstructed Charge Methodology and Equation, Base Power Schedule Calculation, Balancing Energy Power Schedule Approved
PRR804 Revisions to Section 21 Appeal Process This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises Section 21, Process for Protocol Revision, to provide that if a motion to approve a revision request fails, the revision request shall be deemed rejected by the body considering it and subject to appeal, unless at the same meeting that body later votes to recommend approval, remand, or refer the revision request. 02/20/2009 ERCOT Yes 21.4.3, 21.4.4, 21.4.6, 21.4.7, 21.4.9, 21.4.10,,, 21.8.3, 21.8.4, 21.8.7, 21.8.8, 21.8.9, 21.8.10, 21.8.12,,,,,,,,,, Approved
PRR805 Adding POLR Customer Class and AMS Meter Flag to the Database Query Function on the MIS This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) will add Provider of Last Resort (POLR) Customer class and the Advanced Metering System (AMS) meter flag to the database query function on the Market Information System (MIS). 03/06/2009 Jennifer Frederick on behalf of the Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (Texas SET) Working Group No 15.2 Approved
PRR806 Re-Registration of Market Participant due to Mass Transition of ESI IDs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) requires re-registration as a Market Participant (MP) if they transfer Electric Service Identifiers (ESI IDs) from one Competitive Retailer (CR) to another using the Mass Transition process. 03/06/2009 Jennifer Frederick on behalf of the Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (Texas SET) Working Group No 15.1.3 and 16.1.1 Approved
PRR807 Clarify Definition of Messaging System This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises the definition of "Messaging System" to include a process that makes Real Time messages available to "bidding QSEs" without Resources. 03/26/2009 ERCOT No 2.1 Approved
PRR808 Clean-up and Alignment of RECs Trading Program Language with PUCT Rules This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) cleans up and aligns the language in Section 14, State of Texas Renewable Energy Credit Trading Program, with P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.173, Goal for Renewable Energy. This PRR also updates references to the Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Trading Program throughout the Protocols. 03/26/2009 ERCOT No 14 Approved
PRR809 OOMC Startup Costs Clarification & Modification This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) modifies Section, Capacity and Minimum Energy Payments, to explicitly state the criteria currently used to determine eligibility for Out of Merit Capacity (OOMC) startup costs, as well as clawback of startup costs. This PRR also incorporates ‘max zero’ logic into the settlement formula that calculates the price for the startup costs (PSui). 03/27/2009 Mandy Bauld on behalf of ERCOT Yes, Capacity and Minimum Energy Payments Approved
PRR810 Remove McCamey Congestion Management This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) removes the unique congestion management procedures for the McCamey Area. 04/01/2009 Potomac Economics No 2.2, 7.8 Approved
PRR811 Real Time Production Potential This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) establishes a requirement for Wind Generation Resources (WGRs) to telemeter a Real Time signal indicating the Real Time Production Potential which will be a function of wind and turbine availability at the time. 04/17/2009 Wind Coalition No 2.1, 2.2, Approved
PRR812 Wind Generator Forecast Scheduling (formerly "Wind Generator Forecast for Scheduling Metric") This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) specifies the process for Wind-powered Generation Resources (WGRs) to update Resource Plans and schedules every hour using the ERCOT provided most likely Short-Term Wind Power Forecast (STWPF) as the standard for accuracy. [Note - It is expected that AWS Truewind will be providing a forecast adjusted for turbine availability as a result of other pending Protocol changes.] 04/24/2009 Wind Coalition No 2.1, 2.2, 4.5.1, 4.5.10, 4.5.12 (new) Approved
PRR814 NOx Emissions Allowance Index Price (NOxEAIP) This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) establishes a definition for NOx Emissions Allowance Index Price (NOxEAIP) that relies on a published cost index for NOx emissions allowances. The PRR provides Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) with an option to either provide detailed documentation of the actual cost of NOx emissions allowances as part of the verifiable cost process or to rely on the NOxEAIP. Specifically, this PRR allows QSEs to recover the cost of emissions allowances when providing Replacement Reserve, Out of Merit Capacity (OOMC) or Out of Merit Energy (OOME) Service as directed by ERCOT if the costs of those emissions allowances are less than one hundred ten percent (110%) of the NOxEAIP. This is the same concept that is applied to the documentation requirements of natural gas prices and fuel oil prices for verifiable cost purposes. This PRR also adds language to clarify how QSEs can recover any emissions-related costs for both startup and operations when providing Replacement Reserve, OOMC or OOME Service. This PRR also proposes non-substantive administrative changes, such as correcting acronym and defined term usage and section references. These are shown below with the author "ERCOT Market Rules." 06/01/2009 Luminant Energy Company LLC Yes 2.1,,, Approved
PRR815 CSC Process Clarification This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) clarifies the process used to determine Commercially Significant Constraints (CSCs). This PRR also proposes non-substantive administrative changes, such as correcting acronym and defined term usage and section references. These are shown below with the author "ERCOT Market Rules." 06/10/2009 ERCOT Yes 7.2, 7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.2.3 Approved
PRR816 CRE Determination Criteria This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) establishes a set of four criteria for determining if a candidate contingency/limiting element pair qualify as a Closely Related Element (CRE). 06/22/2009 Congestion Management Working Group (CMWG) Yes 7.2.3, (new), (new), (new), (new), (new), (new) Approved
PRR817 Cease Late Payment Charges for Defaulted Entities This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) modifies language to: 1) Enable ERCOT to cease charging late fees to defaulting Entities prior to the initiation of the Uplift process, provided that ERCOT has determined that the recovery of late fees from the defaulting Entity is unlikely; and 2) Clarify how much security may be held back to be used to pay minor Final, True Up and other Invoices as they come due to reduce the administrative burden to the ERCOT market of processing short payments. 06/25/2009 Cheryl Yager on behalf of ERCOT No 9.4.4, Partial Payments Approved
PRR818 OOMC for Quick Start Units This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) provides that a Quick Start Unit that is not synchronously interconnected to the ERCOT System that receives an Out of Merit Energy (OOME) Dispatch Instruction or Local Balancing Energy Instruction will be settled as providing Out of Merit Capacity (OOMC) Service. 06/26/2009 Topaz Power Group Yes 6.5.2,, Approved
PRR819 Changes to Support Revisions to the PUCT POLR and Expedited Switch Rules This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) provides that ERCOT shall identify, for 60 days, Electric Service Identifiers (ESI IDs) acquired in a Mass Transition to a Provider of Last Resort (POLR) so that Customers that switch from the POLR are not charged for an out-of-cycle meter read. This PRR also implements changes necessary to expedite the customer switching process. This PRR also proposes non-substantive administrative changes, such as correcting acronym and defined term usage and section references. These are shown below with the author "ERCOT Market Rules." 06/29/2009 Jennifer Frederick on behalf of the Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (Texas SET) Working Group Yes 2.1, 15, 15.1.1,,,,,,,,,,,, 15.1.3,,,,, 15.1.8, 15.1.10 Approved
PRR820 Definition for Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider The PRR modifies the definition for Transmission and/ or Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) to include Entities that were selected to own and operate Transmission Facilities listed in the PUCT Order for Docket 35665, Commission Staff’s Petition for the Selection of Entities Responsible for Transmission Improvements Necessary to Deliver Renewable Energy from Competitive Renewable Energy Zones. 07/10/2009 ChadSeely Yes 2.1, Definitions Approved
PRR821 Update of Section 21, Process for Protocol Revision This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) updates Section 21 to more effectively align with the current stakeholder process. Changes were made to bring consistency between the PRR, System Change Control (SCR), and Nodal Protocol Revision Request (NPRR) processes, where applicable; remove arbitrary or conflicting timelines; clarify commenting process; expand on a revision request being deemed rejected to include email voting for the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC); and include administrative changes and clean up. 07/13/2009 ERCOT No 21 Approved
PRR822 Removing Access to Restricted Computer Systems, Control Systems and Facilities This PRR defines the requirement for all Market Participants to have processes in place for removing access to restricted computer systems, control systems, and Facilities upon termination. This PRR also defines the reporting requirement for incidents where improper access by terminated employees, contractors, consultants and affiliates has occurred. 07/14/2009 Victor Barry Yes 16.12, Improper Access to Restricted Computer Systems, Control Systems and Facilities (new) Approved
PRR823 Clarifying Language for Resource 12-Month Rolling Planned Outage Schedule Format and Reporting Requirement This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) clarifies language regarding the requirement for Resource Entities to input a 12-month rolling schedule for Outages in the Outage Scheduler application. 07/14/2009 Calpine No Approved
PRR824 Primary Frequency Response from WGRs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) adds a requirement for wind generator control systems to be programmed to respond to frequency deviations by controlling WGR real power output in a way that is similar to governor response for conventional generators. 07/21/2009 Rick Keetch on behalf of the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS) No 2.1,, (new) Approved
PRR827 Find Transaction and Find ESI ID Functions on the MIS This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) updates the Protocols to reflect current options that Market Participants have to obtain information from ERCOT in order to determine or to verify the Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID) for a Service Delivery Point (SDP). 08/20/2009 ERCOT No 15.2, 15.2.1 (new), 15.2.2 (new), 15.2.3, (new) Approved
PRR829 Total Transmission Capacity Correction This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) replaces the acronym Total Transfer Capability (TTC) with Total Transmission Capacity (TTC), defined in Section 2.2. 09/03/2009 ERCOT Yes 2.2, 4.4.2, 12.1 Approved
PRR830 Reactive Power Capability Requirement This PRR clarifies the Reactive Power capability requirement for all Generation Resources, including existing WGRs who are not able to meet the 0.95 lead/lag requirement with the Generation Resource’s Unit Reactive Limit (URL). WGRs that commenced operation on or after February 17, 2004, and have a signed Standard Generation Interconnection Agreement (SGIA) on or before November 1, 2009 may met the Reactive Power requirements through a combination of the WGR’s URL and/or automatically switchable static VAR capable devices and/or dynamic VAR capable devices. 09/08/2009 ERCOT Yes 2.1, 2.2, 6.5.7,, 6.7.6 Approved
PRR831 Annual Transmission Congestion Rights (TCR) Auction Amount This PRR revises the amount of TCRs sold in the annual TCR auction from 40% to 30%. 09/09/2009 Isabel Flores Yes, Annual and Monthly Auction Summary Approved
PRR832 Deletion of Schedule Control Error (SCE) Posting Requirement This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) removes the language that requires ERCOT to post the Schedule Control Error (SCE) report seven days after the Operating Day to the Market Information System (MIS). 09/15/2009 John Dumas No, Public Posting of Entity-Specific Market Reports Approved
PRR833 Primary Frequency Response Requirement from Existing WGRs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) places a Primary Frequency Response requirement on WGRs that were not covered by PRR824, Primary Frequency Response from WGRs. 09/22/2009 CPS Energy No (new) Approved
PRR836 Revised Minimum Ramp Rate for Balancing Energy Service Down to Comport with PRR803 This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) changes the divisor for the minimum ramp rate required for a Balancing Energy Service Down bid from 40 to 56 to reflect the change resulting from the implementation of PRR803, Revised Implementation Approach for PRR 601, as it relates to the number of minutes of Balancing Energy Service ramping over a one-hour time period. 10/14/2009 Luminant Energy Company LLC Yes 4.5.2 Approved
PRR837 Load Used in RMR Studies This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) would provide guidance to ERCOT to use the peak Load forecast posted pursuant to P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.505, Resource Adequacy in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas Power Region, for the next 12 months for the Reliability Must-Run (RMR) study, except with respect to the Load in the RMR local area. This aligns the Load forecast period with the RMR contract period and ensures that the Load forecast used for the analysis is one with a reasonable probability of occurrence.This PRR also proposes non-substantive administrative changes, such as correcting acronym and defined term usage and section references. 10/16/2009 PSEG TX No Approved
PRR839 Revised Resource Category Generic Fuel Costs This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises the Resource Category Generic Fuel Cost (RCGFC) for Direct Current (DC) Tie with non-ERCOT Control Area and Block Load Transfer (BLT) Resources to synchronize with the Nodal Protocols and to allow cost recovery for supplying this service. 10/23/2009 AEP Energy Partners Yes, Approved
PRR840 Update Trading Hub Conversion for 2010 Congestion Zones This PRR synchronizes the ERCOT Protocols to reflect the 2010 Commercially Significant Constraint (CSC) definitions, approved by the ERCOT Board on September 15, 2009, as ot affects the Trading Hubs to existing Congestion Zones is revised. A similar PRR for 2009, PRR798, was approved by the ERCOT Board on February 17, 2009. 11/12/2009 Carrie Tucker Yes, ERCOT Bus Average 345 kV Trading Hub, Scheduling of Transactions Using ERCOT Hubs Approved
PRR841 Revise Total ERCOT Wind Power Forecast (TEWPF) This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises the probability of exceedance percentage applicable to the Total ERCOT Wind Power Forecast (TEWPF) from 80% to 50% to better reflect the total ERCOT Wind-powered Generation Resource (WGR) production that has been historically experienced. 11/30/2009 Luminant No 2.1, 2.2, 4.4.15, 4.5.12 Approved
PRR842 Addition of Generic Startup Cost and Minimum Energy Cost for Diesel This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) adds generic costs for the Diesel Resource Category, which also includes other gas-fired Resources (including reciprocating engines). This PRR makes the minimum energy costs for diesel consistent with what is currently in the Nodal Protocols. 12/10/2009 South Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. Yes Approved
PRR844 Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) Definition Revision This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises the definition of Transmission and/or Service Provider (TDSP) to include Entities that have been selected to own and operate Transmission Facilities and have a code of conduct approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). 01/15/2010 Mike Grable on behalf of ERCOT No 2.1, Definitions Approved
PRR845 Definition for IDR Meters and Optional Removal of IDR Meters at a Premise Where an Advanced Meter Can be Provisioned This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) clarifies the meaning of Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Meter and provides for optional removal of IDR Meters under certain conditions for Premises where an Advanced Meter can be provisioned by the Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). In addition, due to the proposed definition of an IDR Meter, Protocol references to IDR and/or IDR Meter are being updated to ensure appropriate understanding and usage of the terms. This PRR also proposes non-substantive administrative changes, such as correcting acronym and defined term usage and section references. 01/22/2010 Terry Bates on behalf of the Retail Metering Working Group (RMWG) No 2.1, 2.2, 6.5.12,,,, 9.2.5, 9.2.6,, 9.9, 10.2.2,,, 10.9, 10.9.1,10.9.2, 10.9.3, 18.6, 18.6.1, 18.6.2, 18.6.3, 18.6.4, 18.6.5, 18.6.6, 18.6.7 Approved
PRR846 Deadlines for Initiating Alternative Dispute Resolution This PRR amends Section 20.3 to establish deadlines for the ADR procedures. 02/15/2010 Horizon Wind Energy LLC No 20.3, Informal Dispute Resolution 20.4, Mediation Procedures 20.5.2, Selection of Arbitrators Approved
PRR847 Additional Exemptions for Uninstructed Resource Charge This Protocol Revision Request (PPR) proposes two changes to Section as follows: 1. When a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) is given a verbal Dispatch Instruction from ERCOT, the QSE shall be exempt from any Uninstructed Resource Charge during the specified verbal Dispatch Instruction time period, provided that the QSE followed instructions to within the Schedule Control Error (SCE) of the verbal Dispatch Instruction given. 2. After a Load acting as a Resource (LaaR) has been activated, the QSE representing the LaaR can request a three hour extension for scheduling under paragraph (11) of Section 6.10.6, Ancillary Service Deployment Performance Conditions, and during this rescheduling time, a Private Use Network shall not incur Uninstructed Resource Charges for three hours as the Load returns back to service. Additional non-substantive administrative revisions, such as correcting defined term usage, number usage and paragraph references, are shown with the author "ERCOT Market Rules." 03/15/2010 Formosa Utility Venture, Ltd No Approved
PRR849 Suspension of Annual CSC Determination This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) revises Section 7.2.1 to suspend Commercially Significant Constraint (CSC) analyses for 2010. 05/11/2010 ERCOT Yes 7.2, 7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.2.3, 7.5 Approved
PRR850 Weather Responsiveness Determination for Interval Data Recorders This Protocol Revision Request (PRR) limits the applicability of the weather responsiveness test to Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Meters. 08/11/2010 COPS Yes 11.4.3, Approved