Rejected Operating Guide Revision Requests (OGRRs)
# Title Description Date Posted Sponsor Urgent Protocol Sections Current Status Effective Date(s)
OGRR164 Responsive Reserve MW Limit Change the limit of RRS on an individual Generation Resource from 20% of Net Generation Capability to 20% of Net Generation Capability or 50MW, whichever is greater. 03/25/2005 ANP No Rejected
OGRR188 Generating Facility Model Validation for Conformance with NERC Field Test Standards This revision proposes to include new subsections for Generating Unit Model Validation requirements made necessary by virtue of ERCOT participation in the NERC Field Test Standards. 11/21/2006 Dynamics Working Group No,,,,,,, Rejected
OGRR216 System Security Response Group (SSRG) This Operating Guide Revision Request (OGRR) adds requirements for the System Security Response Group (SSRG), which helps to satisfy the CIP-001-1 North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standard. 12/09/2008 ERCOT No 3.1.7 (New) Rejected
OGRR233 Backup Control Plan Submission Process This Operating Guide Revision Request (OGRR) proposes language changes to clarify the frequency and submittal process of backup control plans. 08/07/2009 OWG No 1.7.3, Rejected