Data Product Details

The Data Product Details page provides details on an individual ERCOT market product. Explanations of each piece of information provided for the product can be found below.

Other products that share the same rules as the product as well as topics that are related to the product are listed for additional searching based on applicable rules and/or related topics.

Here are explanations of each piece of information provided.


The recipient for which the product is intended. Values pertain to the general public, Market Participants, stakeholder groups, external retail customers, and various committees and subcommittees. Examples...Closed


The data delivery points. Examples...Closed

DDL Name

The name of the Data Definition Language (DDL) file associated with the product. The DDL files are provided to Market Participants by ERCOT in order to create a database that can be used to store the data received in ERCOT extracts into their own environments.

Digital Certificate Role

The name of the role in the Market Participant Identity Management (MPIM) system required to access the product.


Indicator that the product has been identified to contain ERCOT Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (ECEII). If ‘Yes,’ access is restricted through the use of an ECEII-eligible Digital Certificate.


The unique identifier assigned to a product listed in the ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL).

EMIL Last Updated Date

Represents the last time the product information was updated on the EMIL.

Extract Subscriber

An indication that the product can be found on the Market Information System (MIS) Extract Subscriber application. These items must be subscribed to in order to be generated and posted for the entity. Also allows entity to choose an output option for certain extracts and to unsubscribe from an extract previously subscribed to.

File Type

The file format associated with the product.

First Run Date

The first day the product was available.

Generation Frequency

The frequency for which the product is generated. Examples...Closed


The market identifier. Examples...Closed

Display Duration

The number of days the product is displayed on the ERCOT.COM, Market Information System (MIS) or available through External Web Services (EWS).

MIS Posting Location


Notification Type

An identification of any associated notice types, alert types, and if acknowledgement is required. Examples...Closed

Posting Type

The type of product posting.

Product Description

A brief overview describing the product.

Product Name

The name of the product.

Report Type ID

The unique number assigned to a specific product used in the Get Report Retrieval.


Reference for the product's posting information, including Protocol Reference, Other Binding Document (OBD), PUCT Substantive Rule, or Market Guide.

Security Classification

The level of security assigned to an item. Examples...Closed


The product's status.

User Guide

The name of the associated extract and report user guide containing information on the posting.

XSD Name

The name of the XML Schema Definition (XSD) file associated to the product. These files are used to define extracts provided in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. These files can be found on the ERCOT website.