Data Products

The Data Products page allows you to search the ERCOT Market Information List (EMIL). The EMIL shows all ERCOT market products required to be supplied by Protocols or other binding documents (OBDs).

Related topics are listed under each data product in the search return. Click one of these links to filter the search by that category.

Here are explanations of each search filter:


This filter allows you to search based on the current availability of products. Not all products have data to display at all times. And each MIS Digital Certificate provides access to different data products based on roles. Although you can view the details of all products, you may not have access to download the associated reports and extracts with each product. Examples...Closed

Products I Have Access To

Selecting this filter allows you to see only those products to which you have access to download any associated reports or extracts.

Products That Have Data

Selecting this filter allows you to see only those products that currently have data and that you have access to.


The recipient for which the product is intended. Values pertain to the general public, Market Participants, stakeholder groups, external retail customers, and various committees and subcommittees. Examples...Closed


The data delivery points. Examples...Closed

Posting Type

The type of product posting.


The product's status.