7/1/21 3:37 PM

W-B070121-01 Adjustment to 2021 Minimum Monthly Ancillary Service Requirements and Implementation Details of OBDRR031, Change Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployment

NOTICE DATE: July 1, 2021

NOTICE TYPE: W-B070121-01 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Adjustment to 2021 Minimum Monthly Ancillary Service Requirements and Implementation Details of OBDRR031, Change Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployment


DAYS AFFECTED: July 12, 2021 onwards

LONG DESCRIPTION: On July 12, 2021, ERCOT will increase the minimum quantities of Responsive Reserve (RRS) service and Non-Spinning Reserve (Non-Spin) service to be procured between July 12, 2021 and August 31, 2021.  RRS quantities for Hour Ending (HE) 15 through 22 will be increased to 2800 MW. The additional Non-Spin quantities vary by hour and month, and range from 1,768 MW to 2,812 MW. 

The Ancillary Service Requirement Methodology document posted on the Market Information System (MIS) Secure site has been updated to show the specific adjustments and the revised total minimum Ancillary Service quantities. A digital certificate is required to access the MIS Secure site. The posted Ancillary Services quantities reflect minimum requirements only.  ERCOT will follow-up with a notification if any upward adjustments to these minimum quantities are made. 

The basis for this increase was discussed at the June 30, 2021 Special Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting. The presentation for that meeting has been posted to the TAC meeting page on the ERCOT website. As also discussed at the June 30, 2021 Special TAC meeting, Non-Spin requirements for a day with increased potential of high forecast variability will be determined two days in advance and posted in the DAM Ancillary Service Plan report, which is publicly available on the MIS. 

On July 12, 2021, Other Binding Document language in the "Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployment and Recall Procedure" associated with Other Binding Document Revision Request (OBDRR) 031, Change Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployment, will be partially implemented. Specifically, ERCOT will update the procedures to include a new deployment and recall condition for Non-Spin in Real- Time. Following this change, Non-Spin may be deployed when Physical Responsive Capability (PRC) is below 3,200 MW and is not expected to recover within 30 minutes. The corresponding change in the recall of Non-Spin will also be implemented. These changes will allow operators to deploy Non-Spin in advance of a potential Emergency Condition. 

Remaining Other Binding Document language related to OBDRR031 will be implemented on August 2, 2021. ERCOT will issue a Market Notice before such language is implemented.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: OBDRR031 and associated documents can be found on the ERCOT website.

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