Winter 2022

Resources and Updates


The following key steps have been taken to improve grid reliability:

  • Taking a more conservative operating approach.
    ERCOT is bringing more generation online sooner if it is needed to balance supply and demand.
  • Performing weatherization inspections.
    ERCOT conducted on-site inspections of generating units and transmission station facilities for weatherization compliance.
  • Requiring CEO certifications about weatherization implementation.
    CEOs of market participants must certify their equipment is weatherized and ready to perform.
  • Assessing on-site fuel supplies.
    ERCOT has reviewed the availability of on-site fuel supplies for some generators.

See our Roadmap to Improving Grid Reliability.


If you’ve lost power to your home or business, contact your local electric provider. A list of providers, outage maps and contact info is here.


See ERCOT’s dashboards for grid conditions, weather forecasts and more.

Sign up here and here.

See the Texas Division of Emergency Management’s (TDEM) Winter Weather 2022 page for individual and family resources as well as local official and emergency manager resources. Follow TDEM on Twitter for the latest updates.


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