Withdrawn System Change Requests (SCRs)
# Title Description Date Posted Sponsor Urgent Protocol Sections Current Status Effective Date(s)
SCR750 Upgrade ERCOT’s Systems so Users Can Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0 and Beyond This System Change Request (SCR) proposes an upgrade to ERCOT’s Systems so users are able to use Internet Explorer 7.0 and future versions of Internet Explorer to interact with ERCOT. 09/26/2008 CenterPoint Energy No Not Applicable. Withdrawn
SCR752 Nodal: Allow QSEs to Enter Outages for All Assets The ABB security software needs to accommodate a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) security role that allows the QSE to enter Outage information for all of its Transmission Elements. To enter Outage information for Transmission Elements, the current ABB software would allow the QSE to view all transmission planning information. This is too broad and violates rules already in place. 11/04/2008 The Transition Plan Task Force (TPTF) No Not applicable. Withdrawn
SCR757 Real-Time Wind Production By Zone On the Real-Time data page, ERCOT should begin posting the amount of wind output by Congestion management zone. This would be in addition to the total wind output for the entire ERCOT System that is currently being posted. 09/08/2009 AEPEnergy Partners No NA Withdrawn
SCR767 Non-Spin Deployment Criteria This System Change Request (SCR) adds the ability to deploy all On-Line Non-Spinning Reserve (Non-Spin). 11/02/2011 ERCOT No Withdrawn
SCR776 Retail Data Transport Upgrade to NAESB EDM v2.2 This System Change Request (SCR) will upgrade North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Electronic Delivery Mechanism (EDM) from v1.6 to v2.2, providing ERCOT and Market Participants the ability to support NAESB EDM specified digital signature as well as retail file data identification in compliance with NAESB EDM v2.2. 11/06/2013 Isabelle Durham on behalf of Texas Data Transport Working Group (TDTWG) No Withdrawn
SCR780 Macomber Map System Operations Test Environment Enhancement This System Change Request (SCR) provides Macomber Map display (view only) to ERCOT Transmission Operators (TOs) via the System Operations Test Environment (SOTE) system. 05/14/2014 Oncor No Not applicable. Withdrawn
SCR782 Outage Scheduler Enhancements -- Group 1, TSP Notification This System Change Request (SCR) will provide for Transmission Service Providers (TSPs) to be notified when Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSEs) or Resource Entities submit Outage requests for Resources and other Resource Entity-owned transmission assets. 09/24/2014 ERCOT No Withdrawn
SCR784 Outage Scheduler Enhancements -- Group 3, Group Outage and Usability Enhancements This System Change Request (SCR) will provide group Outage and usability enhancements in the Outage Scheduler. 09/24/2014 ERCOT No Withdrawn
SCR785 Update RTL calculation to include Real-Time Reserve Price Adder based components The Real-Time Liability (RTL) component of credit calculations estimates settlement risk for unsettled operating days. RTL currently does not include changes in exposure from Real Time Reserve Price Adder Based on Operating Reserve Demand Curve (ORDC) related calculations. This SCR is to update RTL to include the effect of certain ORDC exposure determinants. 1. Modifies the Real-Time Liability (RTL) calculation to include an estimated amount of the following determinants; a. RTASIAMT (Real-Time Ancillary Service Imbalance Amount) based on calculations defined in paragraphs (6) of Protocol Section 6.7.4 Real-Time Ancillary Service Imbalance Payment or Charge, b. RTRUCRSVAMT (Real-Time RUC Ancillary Service Reserve based on calculations defined in paragraphs (7) of Protocol Section Real-Time Ancillary Service Imbalance Payment or Charge Amount), and c. LAASIRNAMT (Real-Time Ancillary Service Imbalance Revenue Neutrality Allocation) based on calculations defined in Protocol Section 6.7.5 Real-Time Ancillary Service Imbalance Revenue Neutrality Allocation. NPRR 626, "Reliability Deployment Price Adder", also adjusts the RTL calculation to reflect other ORDC determinants that are not within the scope of this SCR. This SCR was proposed when it was determined that NPRR626 did not include all applicable RTL determinants. 01/20/2017 ERCOT Pending Withdrawn
SCR808 Congestion Revenue Right Time Of Use Transaction Limits in Long-Term Auction Sequence Auctions This System Change Request (SCR) establishes Congestion Revenue Right (CRR) transaction limits for each Time Of Use (TOU) in Long-Term Auction Sequence auctions. It maintains the ability to submit all transactions in a single portfolio via system changes that separate CRR submissions by TOU and compares them to their respective limit. Also, this SCR will require enhancements to downstream systems to ensure that they can properly handle the increased transaction volume. Please note this SCR is being filed concurrently with SCR807, Increase CRR Transaction Capability. This way, stakeholders can consider the cost and merits of both proposals as cost information becomes available through the Impact Analysis process. DC Energy’s belief is only one of these SCRs is needed to resolve the transaction limitation issues and our intent is to only move forward with one of the two. 11/22/2019 DC Energy No Withdrawn