Withdrawn Retail Market Guide Revision Requests (RMGRRs)
# Title Description Date Posted Sponsor Urgent Protocol Sections Current Status Effective Date(s)
RMGRR062 Advanced Metering Implementation Team Requested Change to Letter of Authorization Response This Retail Market Guide Revision Request (RMGRR) will update the language in Section 7.4.1, Section 9, Appendix B1 and Section 9, Appendix B2 from summary billing to summary usage data. The column "TDSP Charges" will be removed from Section 9, Appendix B4, spreadsheet used to provide Transmission and/or Distribution Provider (TDSP) response. This RMGRR also updates the Spanish version of Letter of Authorization (LOA) in Section 9, Appendix B2 07/17/2008 Kyle Miller on behalf of Advanced Metering Implementation Team (AMIT) No Section 7.4.1; 9, Appendix B1; Section 9, Appendix B2; Section 9, Appendix B4 Withdrawn
RMGRR082 Eliminate Disconnect Forecast Report This Retail Market Guide Revision Request (RMGRR) eliminates the language in the RMG that requires Competitive Retailers (CRs) to provide the forecasted volume of Disconnects for Non Pay (DNPs) to the Transmission and/or Distribution Service Providers (TDSPs) and the Municipals and Cooperatives. This RMGRR also proposes non-substantive administrative changes, such as correcting acronym and defined term usage and section references. These are shown below with the author "ERCOT Market Rules." 10/06/2009 Eric Goff on behalf of Reliant Energy Retail Services, LLC No,,,,,,,,,,, 9, Appendix C1 Withdrawn
RMGRR111 Process Updates for the Request of Historical Usage Data via Smart Meter Texas Web Portal This Retail Market Guide Revision Request (RMGRR) updates the process for Customers, Retail Electric Providers (REPs) or third parties requesting a Customer’s 15-minute interval data for an Advanced Metering System (AMS) meter to include future functionality that will be available through the Smart Meter Texas web portal. 08/06/2012 John Hudson and Kathy Scott on behalf of the Advanced Metering Implementation Team (AMIT) Operations Working Group No 7.5, 7.5.1, 7.52 Withdrawn
RMGRR113 Updates to Standard Historical Usage Request This Retail Market Guide Revision Request (RMGRR) updates the Retail Market Guide (RMG) sections listed above to appropriately reflect the intent of subsection (b)(3) of P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.472, Privacy of Customer Information. Per this rule, an applicant for new electric service at a location that was previously occupied by another Customer has the right to authorize the Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) to release the entire 12 month historical usage data to an Retail Electric Provider (REP), or other designated Entity, for any Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID) for which the applicant currently has the legal authority to establish electric service in its name, regardless of what entity the TDSP currently shows as the Customer of record. 10/12/2012 Infinite Energy No 7.5, 7.5.1, 9 B-1, 9 B-2, 9 B-3 Withdrawn
RMGRR117 Clarification of Inadvertent Gain Valid Reject Reasons This Retail Market Guide Revision Request (RMGRR) adds language to the RMG to clarify best business practices when processing inadvertent gain issues in MarkeTrak. 08/29/2013 Monica Jones on behalf of the MarkeTrak Task Force No Withdrawn
RMGRR132 NOIE Disconnect and Reconnect Process This Retail Market Guide Revision Request (RMGRR) provides Non Opt-In Entities (NOIEs) with the ability to disconnect retail Customers for non-payment by integrating them into Section 7.6, Disconnect and Reconnect for Non-Payment Process. It also exempt NOIEs from the Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (TXSET) process if they utilize it less than 25 times per month. 04/27/2015 Thomas Burke on behalf of Golden Spread Electric Cooperative No 7.6, 7.6.11,,,,,, 7.6.7 Withdrawn
RMGRR135 Clarification of TNMP Extreme Weather Disconnect for Non-Pay Weather Moratorium Process This Retail Market Guide Revision Request (RMGRR) adds clarity to Texas-New Mexico Power’s (TNMP’s) application of extreme weather Disconnect for Non-Pay (DNP) weather moratorium process by reinstating Appendix C3, Texas-New Mexico Power Company Service AREA Zone to Zip Code Table. The table was removed when RMGRR089, Revisions for Texas Nodal Market Implementation (Part 3), was approved. This RMGRR also references Appendix C3 in Table 22 of Section, Weather Moratoriums. 02/05/2016 Texas-New Mexico Power No and 9 Withdrawn