ERCOT Sunset Review


What is the Sunset Review?

The state of Texas regularly assesses the continued need for its state agencies and the efficiency of each agency’s programs.

Why is ERCOT undergoing review?

State law requires that ERCOT, as the independent organization, be subject to Sunset Review during the same period as the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

What is the status?

ERCOT is currently in Phase 1 of the Sunset Review process. A self-evaluation report has been submitted and the Sunset Advisory Commission is seeking public input.

How can I submit input?

ERCOT encourages public participation. Submit feedback.

The Sunset Advisory Commission is reviewing the mission and performance of ERCOT and welcomes public comments on ideas to improve ERCOT operations and services.

Submit input

What is the process?

This is a diagram of the Sunset Review process

Sunset Staff Evaluation

Sunset staff performs extensive research and analysis to evaluate the need for, performance of, and improvements to the agency under review.

Sunset Commission Staff

  • Reviews agency’s self-evaluation report
  • Receives input from interested parties
  • Evaluates agency and identifies problems
  • Develops recommendations
  • Publishes staff report

Sunset Commission Deliberation

The Sunset Commission conducts a public hearing to take testimony on the staff report and the agency overall. The Sunset Commission conducts a second meeting to vote on which changes to recommend to the Texas Legislature.

Public Hearings

  • Sunset staff presents its report and recommendations
  • Agency presents its response
  • Sunset Commission hears public testimony and receives written comments
  • Sunset Commission meets again to consider and vote on recommendations

Legislative Action

The Texas Legislature considers Sunset's recommendations and makes final decisions.

Public Hearings

Texas Legislature

  • Sunset bill on an agency is drafted and filed
  • Sunset bills go through normal legislative process
  • The Senate and the House conduct committee hearings and debate the bill
  • Bill passes or fails adoption
  • Governor signs, vetoes, or allows bill to become law without signature

Frequently Asked Questions

ERCOT is currently in Phase 1 of the Sunset Review process. The Sunset Advisory Commission will hear public testimony on Dec. 6 and 7, 2022. The commission is scheduled to report a decision regarding ERCOT on Jan. 11, 2023. Details about these upcoming meetings can be found on the meeting page of the Sunset Advisory Commission’s website.

ERCOT is slated for consideration during the 2022-2023 Review Cycle, within the 88th Legislative Session

There are several ways to provide comments and suggestions to Sunset staff on ERCOT's mission, operations, and services:

  • Send an email to sunset@sunset.texas.gov
  • Submit comments online at https://www.sunset.texas.gov/
  • Send a letter to Sunset Advisory Commission, Attn: ERCOT, P.O. Box 13066, Austin, Texas 78711
  • Call (512) 463-1300 to speak to Senaida San Miguel, project manager of the ERCOT review

Interested parties can find more information on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission website.

Documents and Helpful Links

ERCOT’s Self-Evaluation Report
This is a PDF of the Self-Evaluation Report ERCOT submitted Sept. 1, 2021, to the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission.
Introduction to ERCOT for the Staff of the Sunset Advisory Commission
This presentation was provided by ERCOT to staff of the Sunset Advisory Commission, the PUC, and others involved in the Sunset Review process on April 18, 2022.
Notice Inviting Public Input
ERCOT welcomes public comment on ideas to improve its operations and services. Read the public notice detailing the various ways to provide comments and suggestions to Sunset staff by July 15, 2022.
ERCOT Review page on Texas Sunset Advisory Commission website
View the latest information published on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission website related to the ERCOT Sunset Review.