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Load Research Sampling

Load research sampling (LRS) is the measurement and study of the characteristics of electric loads to develop statistically reliable load profiles to support the requirements of the ERCOT market.

In the ERCOT market, load research is an essential component of market operations. Competitive retailers (CRs) use load profiles, based on historic load data, to forecast their customers' aggregate usage and schedule corresponding levels of supply. The market settlement system uses 15-minute load data from customers with interval data recording meters (IDRs) and estimated load profiles from customers without interval metering to determine the loads served by load scheduling entities (LSEs) and their corresponding financial obligations and credits.

Participating CRs download interval data at least once every 30 days. Market participants interested in taking part in the LRS program may complete the LRS sign-up form below and mail to the following address:

Electric Reliability Council of Texas
Client Relations
2705 West Lake Drive
Taylor, TX 76574