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Mon, Feb 03, 2020 04:44 PM

February 3, 2020 Reminder - Implementation of market-facing changes for February 2020

NOTICE DATE: February 3, 2020

NOTICE TYPE: M-B010620-03 Release - Retail/Wholesale

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Reminder - Implementation of market-facing changes for February 2020


DAYS AFFECTED: February 4 - 6, 2020

LONG DESCRIPTION: ERCOT will be implementing a number of market-facing changes in the production environment on February 4 - 6, 2020 for several systems.  Please see the attached spreadsheet for the description of each change. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: ERCOT systems may experience intermittent service interruptions during the implementation period. The systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Components of the ERCOT Market Information System (MIS) including:
    • Report publishing to the MIS
    • Downloading of extracts and reports from MIS and External Web Services (EWS)
    • MIS and ERCOT.com dashboards and displays


Information on upcoming releases can be found on the Project Priority List (PPL).

Please review the ERCOT website for previous Market Notices related to this subject.

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Market-Facing Changes - R1 February 2020.xlsx (Feb 03, 2020 – xlsx)