Wed, Aug 21, 2019 04:47 PM

M-A081319-02 TCEQ Notice of Enforcement Discretion

NOTICE DATE: August 21, 2019

NOTICE TYPE: M-A081319-02 Operations

SHORT DESCRIPTION: TCEQ Notice of Enforcement Discretion

INTENDED AUDIENCE: QSEs with Resources and Resource Entities

DAYS AFFECTED: August 13, 2019 until now

LONG DESCRIPTION: Due to improving system conditions in the ERCOT Region, ERCOT has ended its request for enforcement discretion by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), as detailed in Market Notice M-A081319-01.

Effective immediately, TCEQ will no longer utilize its enforcement discretion for exceedances of emission and operational limits of power generating facilities for generators that exceed air permit limits.

CONTACT: If a QSE or Resource Entity has any questions concerning this Notice, please contact Chad V. Seely, ERCOT General Counsel, at (512) 225-7035, or Woody Rickerson, ERCOT Vice President, Grid Planning and Operations, at (512) 248-6501.

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