News Release

    August 10, 2012

    ERCOT Energy Saver app places conservation awareness at consumers' fingertips

    More than 10,000 consumers receive real-time grid condition updates

    AUSTIN, TX, Aug. 10, 2012 -- While Texas is not suffering from the relentless heat that characterized 2011, the dog days of summer are definitely here. With the help of the ERCOT Energy Saver app, consumers in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) region now know in real-time when soaring temperatures and tight grid conditions make it more important to reduce their electricity use.

    By early August, nearly 11,000 consumers had downloaded the new ERCOT Energy Saver app on their iPhones or Android devices.

    "Each time we see temperatures hit triple digits in much of the state, many people become more interested in electric grid conditions," said ERCOT CEO Trip Doggett. "We believe the new app is the most convenient way for consumers to monitor power use on the grid and receive notifications when conservation is especially important."

    ERCOT launched the mobile app in mid-June, not long before the first heat wave of 2012 brought high temperatures and record June demand to the ERCOT region. The app provides real-time grid conditions, conservation tips and, most notably, notifications when conservation is most important for users who enable the notification feature.

    "Over time, we expect to add more features, but the primary goal of this app is to provide another tool ERCOT can use to communicate quickly and directly with consumers during times of high electric use or when we lose enough generation to create a potential problem," said Doggett.

    iPhone and Android users can find the free app by searching for ERCOT Energy Saver in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) manages the flow of electric power to 24 million Texas customers -- representing about 90 percent of the state’s electric load. As the independent system operator for the region, ERCOT schedules power on an electric grid that connects more than 46,500 miles of transmission lines and 570+ generation units. It also performs financial settlement for the competitive wholesale bulk-power market and administers retail switching for 7 million premises in competitive choice areas. ERCOT is a membership-based 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation, governed by a board of directors and subject to oversight by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Texas Legislature. Its members include consumers, cooperatives, generators, power marketers, retail electric providers, investor-owned electric utilities, transmission and distribution providers and municipally owned electric utilities.