2011 News Releases

    Date Title
    12/15/2011 ERCOT NEWS: December Board Meeting Highlights
    12/07/2011 Rep. Byron Cook to Address ERCOT Members
    12/01/2011 ERCOT releases winter season electric outlook
    12/01/2011 ERCOT 10-year outlook indicates need for additional generation
    10/20/2011 ERCOT NEWS: October Board Meeting Highlights
    09/30/2011 ERCOT announces settlement on 2008 compliance violations
    09/21/2011 Three independent members selected for ERCOT board
    09/20/2011 ERCOT board chair Laura Doll announces plans to leave in 2012
    09/01/2011 ERCOT Reviews Impact of Cross State Air Pollution Rule
    08/28/2011 Vital Need for Conservation Today Through Tuesday
    08/26/2011 Statement from ERCOT CEO Trip Doggett on the need for conservation this weekend
    08/24/2011 Update: Emergency procedures cancelled
    08/24/2011 ERCOT in level 1 emergency; Consumers asked to conserve 3-7 p.m. today
    08/23/2011 Power Watch -- Conservation Needed (Updated)
    08/16/2011 ERCOT CEO: Thank you for conserving electricity
    08/16/2011 ERCOT Announces Temporary Contracts to Add Generation during Current Extreme Heat, Drought
    08/05/2011 Grid Update: Emergency Level 1 cancelled
    08/05/2011 Power Watch - Conservation Needed
    08/05/2011 Consumers asked to conserve electricity 3-7 pm today and next week
    08/04/2011 Level 2 emergency cancelled; interruptible loads restored
    08/04/2011 Power Warning - Conservation Critical
    08/04/2011 Power Watch - Conservation Needed
    08/03/2011 ERCOT breaks peak demand record third time (Update)
    08/03/2011 Power Watch - Conservation Needed
    08/02/2011 ERCOT breaks peak demand record again; Level 1 emergency cancelled
    08/02/2011 Power Watch - Conservation Needed
    08/01/2011 ERCOT sets new peak demand record
    08/01/2011 Consumers asked to conserve electricity 3-7 pm today and this week
    07/26/2011 ERCOT NEWS: July Board Meeting Highlights
    07/19/2011 CEO Statement Regarding EPA Cross-State Rule
    07/14/2011 Power Watch: Energy Conservation Encouraged 3-7 pm Today
    06/27/2011 ERCOT Expects High Demand, Additional Capacity Tuesday
    06/27/2011 Power Watch - Conservation Needed
    06/23/2011 ERCOT NEWS: June Board Meeting Highlights (Update)
    05/31/2011 ERCOT Expects Adequate Power Supplies for Summer (Update)
    05/19/2011 ERCOT NEWS: May Board Meeting Highlights
    05/13/2011 Texas posts 30 percent increase in energy from renewable sources
    05/11/2011 ERCOT Reviews Impact of Environmental Regulations
    04/21/2011 ERCOT News: April Board Meeting Highlights
    03/29/2011 MEDIA ADVISORY: Forced Outage List -- Final Update Posted
    03/25/2011 ERCOT NEWS: March Board Meeting Highlights
    02/16/2011 Media Advisory: Updated Forced Outage List Posted
    02/10/2011 ERCOT Switching Abacus Customers to Alternate Providers
    02/10/2011 ERCOT Breaks Electricity Demand Record Again
    02/10/2011 Power Watch Continues - Conservation Needed During Morning Hours
    02/09/2011 Media Advisory for Valley Area -- Increased risk of rolling blackouts in Valley
    02/09/2011 Power Watch Continues; Record Demand Anticipated
    02/08/2011 Power Watch - Conservation Needed
    02/04/2011 Media Advisory for Valley Area -- 8:15 pm
    02/04/2011 Media Advisory for Valley Area
    02/03/2011 ERCOT no longer in emergency situation - 12:15 pm
    02/03/2011 Grid condition improving but conservation still urged - 6:35 am
    02/02/2011 Grid Situation Improving; Conservation Still Needed -- 9:20 pm
    02/02/2011 Conservation Needed; Possibility of Rotating Outages
    02/02/2011 Rotating Outages Discontinued; Conservation Needed -- 2:14pm
    02/02/2011 Conservation Still Critical -- 12:01 pm
    02/02/2011 Power Emergency Update -- 9:59 am
    02/02/2011 Power Emergency - Conservation CRITICAL - Rotating Outages Have Begun
    01/20/2011 ERCOT NEWS: January Board Meeting Highlights
    01/18/2011 ERCOT Board Elects Laura Doll as Chair
    01/10/2011 ERCOT region electricity use up 3.5% in 2010