2010 News Releases

    Date Title
    12/30/2010 ERCOT Releases Annual Transmission Planning Reports
    12/17/2010 ERCOT NEWS: December Board Meeting Highlights
    12/16/2010 ERCOT Forecast Shows Adequate Reserves through 2012
    12/08/2010 Commissioner Michael Williams to Address ERCOT Members
    12/01/2010 ERCOT Launches Improved Wholesale Market Design
    11/17/2010 ERCOT NEWS: November Board Meeting Highlights
    10/25/2010 ERCOT NEWS: October Board Meeting Highlights
    10/19/2010 ERCOT Board Certifies Full Nodal Systems Ready for Go-Live
    10/05/2010 Statement from ERCOT CEO
    09/23/2010 ERCOT NEWS: September Board Meeting Highlights
    08/23/2010 ERCOT Breaks Electricity Demand Record For Fourth Time
    08/20/2010 ERCOT NEWS: August Board Meeting; Market Monitor Report
    08/16/2010 ERCOT Blasts through Electricity Demand Record Again
    08/10/2010 ERCOT Breaks Record for Electricity Demand Again
    08/04/2010 ERCOT Breaks Record for Electricity Demand
    07/23/2010 ERCOT NEWS: July Board Meeting Highlights
    07/19/2010 MEDIA ADVISORY: ERCOT 40th Anniversary event Tuesday
    06/24/2010 Laura Doll Selected for ERCOT Board
    06/21/2010 ERCOT Completes 8-hour Test with Nodal Real-time Systems
    06/17/2010 ERCOT NEWS: June Board Meeting Highlights
    05/27/2010 Trip Doggett Named ERCOT CEO
    05/21/2010 ERCOT NEWS: May Board Meeting Highlights
    05/19/2010 ERCOT Board Chair Announces Departure
    05/14/2010 Texas Posts Record Increase in Voluntary RECs
    05/12/2010 ERCOT Expects Adequate Power Supplies for Summer
    04/23/2010 ERCOT NEWS: April Board Meeting Highlights
    03/25/2010 ERCOT NEWS: March Board Meeting Highlights
    03/25/2010 ERCOT Using New Forecasting Tool to Prepare for Wind Variability
    03/23/2010 Jorge Bermudez Selected for ERCOT Board
    02/17/2010 ERCOT NEWS: February Board Meeting Highlights
    01/20/2010 ERCOT NEWS: January Board Meeting Highlights
    01/08/2010 ERCOT Sets New Winter Peak