Market Information System Grid and Market Conditions

2009 News Releases

Date Title
12/21/2009 ERCOT Report Outlines $8.2 Billion in Transmission Improvements
12/18/2009 ERCOT to Receive $3.5 Million in Federal Funds
12/18/2009 ERCOT Forecast Update Shows Adequate Reserves to 2013
12/16/2009 ERCOT NEWS: Annual Membership, December Board Meetings
12/10/2009 ERCOT Launches Financial Settlement Process for Smart Meters
12/09/2009 Media Advisory: Sen. Kirk Watson to Address ERCOT Members
11/19/2009 ERCOT NEWS: November Board Meeting Highlights
11/05/2009 ERCOT Opens Nodal Systems to Market for Connectivity Tests
10/21/2009 ERCOT NEWS: October Board Meeting Highlights
10/19/2009 Trip Doggett Appointed Interim CEO for ERCOT
10/19/2009 ERCOT Initiating Search for New Independent Board Member
09/16/2009 ERCOT NEWS: September Board Meeting Highlights
09/15/2009 ERCOT CEO Announces Plans to Leave in November
09/10/2009 ERCOT Requests Stimulus Funds to Expand Long-range Grid Planning, Analysis
09/01/2009 Live, Archived Broadcasts of ERCOT Board Meetings Available
08/31/2009 ERCOT Announces On-time Launch of First Core Nodal System
08/19/2009 ERCOT NEWS: August Board Meeting Highlights, IMM Report
08/05/2009 Power Watch: High Electricity Demand Predicted Today
07/23/2009 ERCOT News: July Board Meeting Highlights
07/13/2009 ERCOT Breaks Record for Electricity Demand Again
07/09/2009 Electric Demand Usage Lower, Declining Through Weekend
07/08/2009 Power Watch: High Electricity Demand Predicted Today
07/08/2009 ERCOT Sets New Record for Electricity Demand
06/25/2009 Record Electricity Demand Predicted Today: Update*
06/19/2009 ERCOT NEWS: June Board Meeting Highlights
05/29/2009 ERCOT Expects Adequate Power Supply for Summer
05/21/2009 ERCOT News: May 20 Board Meeting Highlights
05/12/2009 Analysis of Potential Impacts of CO2 Emissions Limits on Electric Power Costs in ERCOT Region
04/23/2009 ERCOT News: April 22 Board Meeting Highlights
04/01/2009 ERCOT Renewable Energy Credit Program Most Active in US: Update*
03/18/2009 ERCOT News: March 17 Board Meeting Highlights
02/19/2009 ERCOT News: Board Approves Nodal Budget for 2010 Launch
01/22/2009 ERCOT News: Board Meeting Highlights, 2008 Energy Report
01/20/2009 Charles Manning Named Chief Compliance Officer