Protocol Revision Requests 825-849


PRR827 Find Transaction and Find ESI ID Functions on the MIS
PRR829 Total Transmission Capacity Correction
PRR830 Reactive Power Capability Requirement
PRR831 Annual Transmission Congestion Rights (TCR) Auction Amount
PRR832 Deletion of Schedule Control Error (SCE) Posting Requirement
PRR833 Primary Frequency Response Requirement from Existing WGRs
PRR836 Revised Minimum Ramp Rate for Balancing Energy Service Down to Comport with PRR803
PRR837 Load Used in RMR Studies
PRR839 Revised Resource Category Generic Fuel Costs
PRR840 Update Trading Hub Conversion for 2010 Congestion Zones
PRR841 Revise Total ERCOT Wind Power Forecast (TEWPF)
PRR842 Addition of Generic Startup Cost and Minimum Energy Cost for Diesel
PRR844 Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) Definition Revision
PRR845 Definition for IDR Meters and Optional Removal of IDR Meters at a Premise Where an Advanced Meter Can be Provisioned
PRR846 Deadlines for Initiating Alternative Dispute Resolution
PRR847 Additional Exemptions for Uninstructed Resource Charge
PRR849 Suspension of Annual CSC Determination


PRR826 Clarification of Resource Definitions and Resource Registration of Self-Serve Generators for Reliability Purposes
PRR834 ERCOT Load Forecast Accuracy
PRR838 Fast Response Distributed Energy Resource (DER)
PRR843 Add Regional Planning Section to Protocols


PRR825 Distributed Energy Resource Participation in Responsive Reserve Service Markets
PRR828 Remove QSE SCE Performance Exemption for QSEs with only Uncontrollable Renewable Resources On-line
PRR835 Reactive Capability Requirement
PRR848 Allow ERCOT Option to Cancel RPRS Capacity Commitments