Protocol Revision Requests 800-824


PRR800 QSE Day Ahead Metric
PRR801 Manual TCR Adjustments
PRR802 TCR Transition to CRR Refund Revision
PRR803 Revised Implementation Approach for PRR 601
PRR804 Revisions to Section 21 Appeal Process
PRR805 Adding POLR Customer Class and AMS Meter Flag to the Database Query Function on the MIS
PRR806 Re-Registration of Market Participant due to Mass Transition of ESI IDs
PRR807 Clarify Definition of Messaging System
PRR808 Clean-up and Alignment of RECs Trading Program Language with PUCT Rules
PRR809 OOMC Startup Costs Clarification & Modification
PRR810 Remove McCamey Congestion Management
PRR811 Real Time Production Potential
PRR812 Wind Generator Forecast Scheduling (formerly "Wind Generator Forecast for Scheduling Metric")
PRR814 NOx Emissions Allowance Index Price (NOxEAIP)
PRR815 CSC Process Clarification
PRR816 CRE Determination Criteria
PRR817 Cease Late Payment Charges for Defaulted Entities
PRR818 OOMC for Quick Start Units
PRR819 Changes to Support Revisions to the PUCT POLR and Expedited Switch Rules
PRR820 Definition for Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider
PRR821 Update of Section 21, Process for Protocol Revision
PRR822 Removing Access to Restricted Computer Systems, Control Systems and Facilities
PRR823 Clarifying Language for Resource 12-Month Rolling Planned Outage Schedule Format and Reporting Requirement
PRR824 Primary Frequency Response from WGRs


PRR813 FIP Definition Revision