Protocol Revision Requests 775-799


PRR775 Change the name of Emergency Electric Curtailment Plan (EECP) to Energy Emergency Alert (EEA)
PRR776 Automatic MCPE Adjustment During Intervals of Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployment
PRR777 WGR QSE Metric Correction
PRR778 Clarification of Authorized Representative
PRR779 Transparency for PSS and Full Interconnection Studies
PRR780 Extending Black Start Service Bid Timeline
PRR781 EILS Self-Provision Formula Correction and Clarifications
PRR782 Clean-up and Corrections to Terminology and Transaction Timings in Protocol Section 15, Customer Registration
PRR783 Elimination of the Non-ERCOT LSE Fee
PRR784 Delete Use of Boundary Generation Resources to Resolve CRE Congestion
PRR785 Timing for Required Black Start Unit Load Carrying Test.
PRR786 Modifications to EILS Settlement
PRR787 Add Non-Compliance Language to QSE Performance Standards (formerly "Add Violation Language to QSE Performance Standards")
PRR788 Ramp Rate Limits for Existing WGRs
PRR789 Removal of Grey Box Language Related to Lagged Dynamics Load Profiling Due to Unfunded Projects
PRR790 Load Profile ID Annual Validation Change Request
PRR792 Revised Renewable Portfolio Standards Allocation Process, Pursuant to P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.173
PRR793 WGR QSE Scheduling Metric
PRR794 Meteorological Data Required from QSEs Representing Wind-powered Generation Resources
PRR795 90-Day Transmission Outage Scheduling Timeline
PRR796 Resource Plan Performance Metrics Revision
PRR797 Removal of Reference to ERCOT Business Processes
PRR798 Update Trading Hub Conversion
PRR799 ERCOT CEO Approval of NPRRs and SCRs Prior to Posting on MIS


PRR791 Shortage Pricing Mechanism