Protocol Revision Requests 750-774


PRR750 Unannounced Generation Capacity Testing
PRR752 Update to Posting Requirements of Standard QSE-Specific Market Reports
PRR753 PRR Appeals Process
PRR756 Distributed Renewable Generation Modifications
PRR757 Emergency Interruptible Load Service Formula Correction
PRR758 Clarification of Language Related to Generation Netting for ERCOT Polled Settlement Meters
PRR759 Changes to Notification to Customer of Service Establishment
PRR760 Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) Availability Factor Clarification
PRR761 Inadvertent Energy Account Revision
PRR762 West Zone SCE Performance Conditions
PRR763 Use of WGRPP as Planned Operating Level in Day-Ahead Resource Plan for WGRs
PRR764 Zonal Congestion and CSCs/CREs
PRR765 Time Of Use Revisions
PRR766 Interim Solution for 15-Minute Settlement of Advanced Meters
PRR768 TSP Energy Storage for Reliability (formerly "TDSP Energy Storage for Reliability")
PRR769 EECP Media Appeal Change
PRR770 Deletion of UFE Analysis Zone Language
PRR771 Ramp Rate Limitation of 10% per minute of On-Line Installed Capability for Wind-powered Generation Resources
PRR772 Description of MCPE Cap and Shadow Price Cap Methodology
PRR773 Setting the LSL Requirement for WGRs
PRR774 Treatment of Financial Information as Confidential


PRR751 Clarification to Definition of DUNS Number; Section 2, Definitions and Acronyms
PRR755 Demand Response Program


PRR754 Resource Settlement Due To Forced Transmission Outage
PRR767 Issuance of Alerts for Certain Uses of Balancing Energy