Protocol Revision Requests 725-749


PRR725 Emergency Interruptible Load Service Formula & Standard Form Correction
PRR726 DC Tie Scheduling Clarifications
PRR727 Process for Transition to Nodal Market Protocol Sections
PRR728 Proposal to Allow ERCOT Discretion When Processing Renewable Production Values
PRR729 Conforming Section 16 to New Section 22 Standard Form MP Agreements
PRR731 Fuel Oil Index Price (FOIP)
PRR733 Remove 168-Hour Generation Testing Requirement
PRR734 Revisions to Congestion Management in McCamey Area Provisions
PRR735 Incorporating the ERCOT Internal Audit Department and Other Clarifications
PRR738 Remove Old Versions of Standard Form Agreements
PRR740 Creating Amendment to Standard Form Market Participant Agreement
PRR741 Revision of Digital Certificate Procedures
PRR743 TCR Transition to CRR
PRR744 Revision to 16.2.8, Monitoring of Creditworthiness by ERCOT
PRR746 Revisions to EILS Provisions to Conform to Amended P.U.C. Subst. R. 25.507
PRR747 IDR Requirement Change
PRR748 Settlement During EDS 3 LFC Testing
PRR749 Rule Changes to the REC Trading Program


PRR732 Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Status -- Compliance with NERC Reliability Standards
PRR736 Demand Response Revisions
PRR745 NERC-TRE Terminology Update


PRR730 Balancing Energy Price Adjustment for Deployment of Replacement Reserve Service
PRR737 Direct Assignment of RPRS Costs
PRR739 Administrative Price Adjustments
PRR742 Balancing Energy Price Adjustment Due to OOMC, OOME and RRS Deployments During Alert and Emergency Notice Conditions