Protocol Revision Requests 700-724


PRR700 Creation of Interim Measure for Collecting the ERO/TRE Fee
PRR701 Enabling of Stranded Capacity During Alerts
PRR705 Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS) - Interim Option
PRR706 Provisional Qualification for Ancillary Services
PRR707 Prioritization and Timing of Transactions Based Upon PRR672 Collaborative Analysis and Retry Process for 814_20s.
PRR708 Data Provided by ERCOT to TDSPs
PRR709 Scarcity Pricing Mechanism
PRR710 Validation Tests Update
PRR711 Update of ERCOT Protocols to Comply with NERC Name Change
PRR713 Resource Outage Notification
PRR714 Qualification and Periodic Testing of Loads acting as Resources (LaaRs)
PRR716 NOIE Self-Provision of Emergency Interruptible Load Service
PRR717 EILS Disputes and Resettlements
PRR718 Authority for Determination of Urgency for a SCR
PRR720 Texas Regional Entity Fee Methodology Revision
PRR721 Provision of Customer Billing Information to TDSPs
PRR723 Conform EECP (formally titled "Emergency Interruptible Load Service Formula Correction")
PRR724 Removal of the Drop to AREP References


PRR712 Local Congestion Replacement Reserve Payment Methodology
PRR715 Simplifying the Dispute Process
PRR719 Texas Regional Entity/NERC/FERC Penalties or Assessments


PRR702 Emergency Interruptible Load Service
PRR703 Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS)
PRR704 Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS)
PRR722 48 Hour Restoration