Protocol Revision Requests 675-699


PRR675 Multiple Ramp Rates
PRR676 RPRS Solution with Nodal RUC-Type Procurement and Cost Allocation
PRR677 Substitute Source For Fuel Index Price (FIP)
PRR679 Revision to NLRI Formula and Other Credit Requirements
PRR681 Discontinuation of Interest Charge for Defaulting Entities at Time of Uplift
PRR682 Emergency Electric Curtailment Plan (EECP) Event Realignment
PRR684 Mass Transition Process Necessary for PUCT Rule 31416
PRR685 TCRs and PCRs Payment Due Date
PRR686 Black Start Testing Requirements
PRR687 Replacement Reserve Under-Scheduled Capacity Delineation
PRR688 ERCOT Nodal Implementation Surcharge
PRR689 Down Balance Qualification for Renewable Resources
PRR690 Termination of the Modified Competitive Solution Method
PRR691 Nodal Implementation Surcharge Verifiable Costs
PRR693 Update Transactions for Texas SET 3.0 Implementation and Timing for Processing Priority/Standard Move- In Transactions
PRR694 Modification of Certain Board Approvals
PRR695 Unaccounted For Energy (UFE) Analysis
PRR697 Posting Requirement Changes
PRR698 Remove Default QSE Provisions
PRR699 Removal of the Northeast Congestion Zone in Trading Hub Transaction Conversions


PRR678 Allocation of RPRS Over-Collection to QSEs
PRR696 MAPE Publication


PRR680 Procurement of Capacity for Load Forecast Uncertainty
PRR683 Reduce Timeline for Notice and Cure and Create a Working Credit Limit
PRR692 Corrections to Replacement Reserve Service