Protocol Revision Requests 650-674


PRR650 Balancing Energy Price Adjustment Due to Non-Spinning Reserve Service Energy Deployment
PRR651 RPRS Cost Recovery Process Clarification
PRR653 OOME Ramp Rate Adherence
PRR654 Remove Market Solution References
PRR655 Approval of Temporary Modification to Annual Validation
PRR657 Process for Protocol Revisions During the Transition to a Nodal Market
PRR658 Requirements for Entities Re-entering the ERCOT Market
PRR659 Reporting of ERCOT Replacement Reserve Service Procurements
PRR660 Texas SET Transactional Solution for a Mass Transition Event
PRR661 SCE Performance Enforcement Criteria
PRR662 Modify Ancillary Service Deployment Performance Conditions
PRR663 Payment When a Resource Receives an OOME Down to Zero (0) MW Dispatch Instruction
PRR664 Revise Non-Spinning Reserve Services Performance Monitoring Criteria
PRR665 Revise Responsive Reserve Service Performance Monitoring Criteria
PRR666 Modification of RPRS Under-Scheduled Capacity Charge Calculation
PRR668 Distribution Loss Factor Calculations
PRR669 Timing of Calculation of RPRS Under Scheduled Charges
PRR670 First Available Switch Date (FASD) for Switch Requests
PRR671 Remove Sunset Date on Floor for Responsive Reserve Service Bids
PRR672 Retail Market Timing Necessary for PUCT Project 29637
PRR673 Adjust SCE Performance Charge Scale Factor
PRR674 Temporary Alteration of Settlement Equations Related to the RPRS Under Scheduled Charge


PRR652 Customer Information Repository


PRR656 SCE Performance Charge
PRR667 RPRS Uplift Charge and Under Scheduled Charge Correction