Protocol Revision Requests 625-649


PRR625 Clarification of Emergency QSE Language
PRR627 RMR Transmission Issues and RMR Contract Extension
PRR628 ERCOT Operation Performance - Non-Spinning Reserve Service Deployments
PRR630 Private Use Networks
PRR633 TSP Data Information Requirements
PRR634 ESI IDs Incorrectly Placed Into Inactive Status
PRR635 Resource Plan Performance Metrics Update
PRR636 Texas SET Version 2.1-Customer Registration
PRR637 Texas SET Version 2.1- Retail Point to Point Communications
PRR638 Change Settlement Invoice Due Date from 16 Calendar Days to Five Business Days
PRR639 Notification of Repairs to EPS Meter Facilities Under Emergency Conditions
PRR640 Payments for RMR Service and Agreement for Synchronous Service
PRR641 Clarifying RPRS Scheduling Language
PRR642 Lower Limit to IDR Meters in MRE for True-Up Settlement IDR Threshold
PRR643 Shorten Payment Default Timelines
PRR644 Ancillary Service Re-qualification
PRR646 Establish a Floor for Responsive Reserve Service Bids
PRR647 Gross and Net MW/Mvar Data Reporting
PRR648 Prevent IDR Removal from Customers Served at Transmission Voltage


PRR626 Monthly RMR Status Report
PRR631 Black Start Bid Procedures and Compensation for Testing
PRR645 Customer Information Repository


PRR629 Proper Pricing of Non-Spinning Reserve Service Energy
PRR632 Clawback Mechanism for Generating Resources at a Site with an RMR Unit
PRR649 Correct "K" Factor in Compliance SCE Formula