Protocol Revision Requests 600-624


PRR600 Align BES Bids with Resource Plan Capability and Resource Schedule
PRR601 15 Minute Ramping for BES and Base Power Schedule
PRR603 Defaulting QSEs Cost Obligation in Second AS Market
PRR604 Replacement Reserve Service Bid Cap
PRR606 User Security Administrators and Digital Certificates
PRR611 Reporting of Operation Reserve Capability Under Severe Gas Curtailments
PRR612 Ancillary Service Procurement During the Adjustment Period
PRR613 Replacement Reserve Under Scheduled Capacity Delineation
PRR614 Balancing Bids for Replacement Capacity
PRR617 IDR Optional Removal Threshold
PRR618 Balancing Energy Up from a Specific LAAR Resource
PRR620 Notifying QSEs of their DBES Percentages
PRR621 QSE Qualification Using Renewable Resources
PRR622 Calculation of Marginal Heat Rate for Resources Receiving OOME Up Instructions
PRR623 Resource Plan Use for OOME Instructed Deviation
PRR624 Clarification of Market Participant Default Language


PRR602 Ancillary Service Obligation for DC Tie Exports
PRR605 SCE Performance Monitoring for Combined Cycle Resources 052705
PRR608 Improve Ancillary Service Performance Conditions
PRR615 Direct Load Control Programs
PRR616 Interim Solution for the Direct Assignment of Replacement Costs for System-wide Capacity Insufficiency


PRR607 One-Minute Ramp Schedules
PRR609 Smooth 15-minute Resource Schedules
PRR610 Reduction of OOME Down Payments
PRR619 Day Ahead Procurement of LaaR for RRS