Protocol Revision Requests 575-599


PRR575 Mandatory Down Balancing Ramp Rate
PRR576 Disclosure of OOME, OOMC, and RMR Service
PRR577 Availability of Aggregated Load Data by TDSP
PRR579 Trading Hubs Language Correction
PRR581 Update RMR Language Due to PUC Rule 25
PRR583 Responsive Reserve Deployment
PRR585 Settlement Obligation Formula for Balancing Energy Service
PRR587 Midyear Modification of CSC or CRE definitions
PRR588 Testing of Quick Start Units in the Balancing Energy Market
PRR589 CSC and Zone Determination
PRR590 Update Unit Telemetry Requirement
PRR591 Switchable Unit Declaration
PRR592 Modify Shift Factor Calculation to Exclude Fixed Output Generators
PRR593 Behind the "Fence" Reporting of Load
PRR594 Replacement Reserve Service Payment Formulas
PRR595 ERCOT Protocol Section 10
PRR596 Mothballed Generation Resource Estimated Return to Service Dates
PRR597 Texas Test Plan Team
PRR598 Extension of Credit Against OOM Start Up
PRR599 Notification for Mismatched Inter-QSE Energy Schedules


PRR578 Emergency Fuel Supply Resource Service
PRR580 Modify RMR Evaluation
PRR582 Initiate RMR Negotiations
PRR584 Extending Black Start Service Bid Timeline
PRR586 SCE Performance and Regulation Cost Re-allocation