Protocol Revision Requests 550-574


PRR550 Pace of Short Pay Uplift to LSEs
PRR551 Security Interest
PRR555 Modify Number of Sub-QSEs a Single Entity Can Partition
PRR557 Late Fees and Late Fee Recovery
PRR558 Market Notice of LaaR Proration
PRR559 Regulation E10 Update and SCPS1/SCPS2 References
PRR560 QSE Qualification Using LaaRs
PRR561 Remove Nuclear and Hydroelectric Generators from Automatic Deployment Software
PRR562 Permanent Elimination of Market Solution for Local Congestion
PRR563 Standard Form Black Start Agreement - Payment
PRR564 Clarification of OOME Definition
PRR565 Calculation of Losses for Settlement
PRR566 Implementation of IDR Optional Removal Threshold
PRR568 Change Initial Settlement from 17 days to 10 days
PRR569 Revision to Balancing Energy Payments from a Specific Resource
PRR570 Clarification of Settlements of Local Congestion Costs
PRR571 Balancing Energy Bid Cap
PRR572 Weather Sensitivity Classification
PRR573 Mothballed Generation Resource Definition and Time to Service Updates


PRR552 Clarification of Relaxed Balanced Schedules
PRR553 Scheduling Trading Hubs
PRR554 ERCOT Approval of Transmission System Outages
PRR574 Specify Effective Date for PRRs


PRR556 Elimination of ERCOT-wide Uplift of Costs Related to OOMC, OOME, LBES and RMR Payments
PRR567 Block Bidding of Ancillary Services