Protocol Revision Requests 525-549


PRR525 SCE Performance and Monitoring
PRR526 OOMC Verifiable Cost Documentation
PRR527 Clarify OOM Definition
PRR528 Deadline for Filing ADR Claims
PRR529 Calculating Final REC Purchasing Requirements
PRR531 Load Clarification
PRR532 Implementation of Non-Transmission Alternatives to RMR and OOM Services
PRR534 Temporary Modifications to the Annual Load Profile ID Assignment and Validation Process
PRR535 Reactive Testing
PRR536 Mandatory IDR Threshold Reduction
PRR537 Increased Congestion Management Flexibility
PRR538 OOMC Generic Cost for Coal
PRR540 OOM Cost Recovery Process Clarification
PRR542 Clarifying the LaaR Three Hour Limit
PRR543 Schedules and Emergency Assistance Over CFE-ERCOT DC Ties
PRR544 Twelve Month Window for Scaling NIDR to IDR ESI IDs
PRR545 Retail Market Extracts
PRR546 PCR Treatment for Federal Hydropower Resources
PRR547 Trading Hubs


PRR533 Definition of Transmission Facility Owner
PRR539 OOMC Claw Back Correction
PRR549 Regulation Control During Abnormal Frequency Events


PRR530 Short Pay Uplift to LSEs
PRR541 Regulation Deployment Ramp Rate
PRR548 Settlement for Mismatched Inter-QSE Energy Schedules