Protocol Revision Requests 500-524


PRR501 A/S Revision to Down Balancing Requirement
PRR502 Aggregation of Combined Cycle Units Providing RRS
PRR504 Resource Derating Clarification
PRR507 RMR Process enhancements
PRR509 Initiation, Procedure, and Settlement of Disputes through ADR
PRR510 Remove PIP134 and PIP158 Boxed Language
PRR512 OOMC and OOME of LaaRs
PRR513 Verification of Operational Model after Recurring Local Congestion Event
PRR514 Twelve Month Window for Non-IDR Scaling
PRR515 Disclosure of Local Congestion
PRR517 Reduce the Number of Annual TCRs Sold to 40% from 60%
PRR518 Clarification of Requirements Relating to Retail Transactions
PRR519 ERCOT and TDSP Acceptance of Customer Cancellation of Switch Request
PRR520 Resource Plan Performance Metrics
PRR521 Add Fleet/Zonal OOME instruction to SCE Calculation
PRR522 Collateral Requirements and Credit Changes
PRR523 Revisions to Protocol Section 21


PRR500 OOME Down Payments - Verifiable Costs
PRR503 Section 8 Coordination of Resource Outage Due to TSP
PRR505 Elimination of OOME Down Payments
PRR506 Revision to Short Payment Process
PRR511 Clarification of PCR Eligibility
PRR516 Curtailment Prioritization for Wind Generators Introduces the concept of using in-service date to determine curtailment priority in situations where only wind generators are needed to resolve local congestion
PRR524 Clarification of Timeline for Cost Submission


PRR508 Date of Congestion Zone Changes