Protocol Revision Requests 475-499


PRR475 Unit Specific Deployment based on Generic Costs
PRR477 Section 19 Texas Standard Electronic Transaction (SET)
PRR478 Use of Lagged Dynamic Samples for New Load Profiles
PRR479 IDR Optional Removal Threshold
PRR483 Interruptible LaaR Response to Instructions
PRR484 Changes for Implementation of Direct Load Control (DLC)
PRR485 Revision to Unit-Specific Deployment Based on Generic Cost
PRR487 Black Start Resources
PRR488 Weather Responsiveness Determination
PRR489 Ancillary Service Deployment Performance Conditions
PRR490 LaaR Annual Testing Description
PRR491 Clarification to PRR 413 RPRS Market
PRR492 Plan to Alleviate Chronic Local Congestion
PRR493 Induction Generator Exemption
PRR496 Block Bidding and Deployment of LaaRs providing Responsive Reserve Service and Non-Spinning Reserve Service
PRR497 Unavailable Units and RMR Agreements
PRR499 Eliminate Fuel Shortage Notice


PRR476 Ramp Rate Adherence During Local Congestion
PRR480 Reporting of Switch and Move-In Data
PRR494 Revise Forecasted Load Profile Post time


PRR481 Liability for QSE default on Obligations to ERCOT
PRR482 Responsibility for ERCOT Administration Fee
PRR486 Fuel Oil Inventory Service
PRR495 Effect of Short Payments Owed on Estimated Aggregate Liability (EAL)
PRR498 Exclusion of Payment For Black Start Service from Short Payment Obligation