Protocol Revision Requests 450-474


PRR450 BLT Generic Cost Fix Again
PRR451 Clarification of Ancillary Services Obligation Calculation
PRR452 Unavailable Units and RMR Agreements
PRR453 Black Start Service Voice Communication
PRR454 OOME Off-line
PRR456 Disclosure of Identity of Short Paying QSEs
PRR457 Balancing Energy Down Requirement Revision
PRR459 EPS Meter Data Transmittal
PRR460 CSC Exemption Criteria
PRR461 Confidentiality Exceptions for Reliability Analysis
PRR463 PCR Allocation Regarding the 25% TCR Ownership Limit
PRR464 Confidentiality of LSE Transaction Data
PRR466 Extension of No Market Solution
PRR467 Elaboration on the Notice of Resettlement
PRR468 Frequency Response Requirements and Monitoring
PRR469 Compliance for Competitive Metering and 25516 Rulings to Load Profiling
PRR470 System Fuel Availability
PRR471 NIDR to IDR Default Profile Scaling
PRR473 Reactive Standards
PRR474 Short Pay Payment Plan


PRR455 Liability for QSE default on obligations to ERCOT and Responsibility for ERCOT Administration Fee


PRR458 LaaR OOMC and OOME Deployment and Payments
PRR462 Market Solution Definition
PRR465 Customer Service Satisfaction Survey
PRR472 ERCOT Meter Read Transaction Validation Reinstatement