Protocol Revision Requests 425-449


PRR425 Section 8 Outage Coordination
PRR426 URC for Uncontrollable Resources
PRR427 RMR General Clarifications
PRR428 RMR Scheduling Clarifications
PRR429 ERCOT Disclosure of Information to TDSPs
PRR431 Collateral Requirements for RBS and EAL
PRR433 Change Percent Deficit Banking of Renewable Energy Credits
PRR436 Enhance LaaR/BUL Ability to Participate in Balancing Energy Up Service, Non-Spinning Reserve Service, and Responsive Reserve Service Markets
PRR437 867_03 Timeline Change
PRR439 Clarification on Defining OOME as Instructed Deviation
PRR440 Interim Removal of Market Solution
PRR441 Protocol Revision Implementation
PRR442 Profile Development Cost Recovery Fee/Approval of a Profile Segment Change Request
PRR443 Competitive Metering Ownership Implementation
PRR444 Move In Move Out (MIMO) Stacking
PRR446 Disclosure of OOMC Deployments
PRR447 TCR Credit Limit Constraint Based on Clearing Prices
PRR448 Changes to implement Balancing Up Loads (BULs) and Block Deployment of LaaRs
PRR449 Successful Data Validation Response for 867s


PRR430 Historical Usage
PRR432 Liability for LSE Default
PRR434 Adjustment to Allocation of REC Purchase Requirement
PRR435 Confidentiality of LSE Transaction Data
PRR438 REC Timelines


PRR445 Amendment to Protocol Revision Request Designation and Review Time Period for those PRR’s deemed as “Urgent” and the Urgent Review Timeline