Protocol Revision Requests 400-424


PRR400 LaaR Provisional Qualification
PRR401 Partial Payments & Credit
PRR402 Delete Good Friday Holiday
PRR403 URC Update Due to Smoothing Algorithm Revision
PRR404 Energy Procured from ERCOT
PRR405 RPRS Under Scheduled Capacity (PIP132)
PRR407 Sunset Date Removal for RBS
PRR408 HVDC Tie Schedule Data
PRR409 Voltage Support Service
PRR410 Resource Obligations During BLT
PRR411 Protocol Clarification Process (original title: Advisory Opinion)
PRR413 Optimization for the whole operating day in RPRS procurement process
PRR414 Sunset Date on BE Bid Cap
PRR415 Establish 50% as Limit for LaaRs Providing RRS and NSRS
PRR416 Amendment to Posting of Balancing Energy Information
PRR417 Changes to 814_06, Handling Move Ins
PRR419 Transfer of BUL Qualification Testing Responsibility from ERCOT to QSEs
PRR421 Conformance with New PUCT Substantive Rule 25.362
PRR422 OOM Zonal Dispatch Instructions
PRR423 Dispatch of QFs Below Minimum Generation Levels
PRR424 Elimination of Resource Specific Deployment Used for Energy Balance Purpose


PRR406 Two Year CSC & Zone Selection
PRR412 Distributed Generation With No Energy Export
PRR418 Creation of New CSC