Protocol Revision Requests 350-374


PRR350 Smoothing Algorithm Revision
PRR351 Load Imbalance Balancing Energy Settlement
PRR352 Proxy Day Determination Extension
PRR354 Amend POLR Process
PRR355 OOME BLT Generic Costs
PRR357 Market Solution Definition Revision
PRR359 Improve Resource Plan
PRR360 Relaxed Balanced Schedules
PRR361 Section 15 Update
PRR362 Load Profiling Guide - Correction Procedure to Profile ID Type
PRR363 IDR Data Start-Stop Times
PRR366 Changes to Pre-Assigned TCRs
PRR367 IDR Installation & Use
PRR368 Section 18 References
PRR369 Proposal to Address Dispatching Issues for Combined Cycle Units Through Settlement Aggregation
PRR370 Process for Application and Approval of RMR Contracts
PRR371 Minimum Energy OOME When OOMC Issued
PRR372 Backup Plan Requirement
PRR373 OOME as Instructed Deviation
PRR374 RMR Text Changes


PRR353 Change Control Classification Update


PRR356 SCE Performance Requirement
PRR358 Negative Impact SCE
PRR364 RPRS Payment and Charge Calculations
PRR365 Replace Resource Specific Premium Bid with Price Bid