Protocol Revision Requests 300-324


PRR300 TCR Congestion Management
PRR302 BUL Capacity Payment Calculation
PRR303 Move-in Rejections
PRR305 Inter-QSE Trades Under DA Cost Allocation
PRR306 TCR Ownership Limitation
PRR307 Controllable Resources
PRR308 Settlements Calendar Revision
PRR309 TDSP Demand Reporting Requirement
PRR310 Estimating Usage Applied to Profiles
PRR311 DLC to BUL Transition
PRR312 Enhance ESI ID Look-up Function
PRR313 TCR Transfer Deadline
PRR314 Minimum Time Unit for Resource Availability
PRR316 CR Switch Cancellation
PRR318 Two Zone Adjustment
PRR319 Load Ratio Share Used to Determine AS Obligation
PRR321 Uninstructed Resource Charge Process
PRR322 RPRS Award Performance
PRR323 TCR Creditworthiness Monitoring
PRR324 EPS Meter Polling Timeline


PRR301 Over scheduling Load Imbalance Limits
PRR304 Unexecutable Move-in
PRR317 Revise Computation Procedure for TCRs
PRR320 Loads Participation in AS Market


PRR315 Cost Recovery for OOM Down