Protocol Revision Requests 250-274


PRR251 Update Texas SETs
PRR252 Protocol Effective Date
PRR253 EPS Meter Clock Time Maintenance
PRR254 New Protocol Chapter - Texas Test Plan Team Market Testing
PRR255 VEE Standard for TDSP Metered Entities
PRR256 REC Protocols Revisions from PUCT Order in Docket N. 23802
PRR257 Provision of passwords to the Resource Entity for EPS metered Facilities
PRR258 Notification Automation if Permit Required
PRR259 Process Automation for Un-executable Move-ins
PRR260 Auto Purge Process If Permits Not Received
PRR261 CR Notification
PRR262 CSA CR Continuity of Service
PRR263 Update Move-in Reject Reasons
PRR264 Move-in W/O Meter Installed
PRR265 Priority Move-in
PRR266 Concurrent Processing
PRR267 Black Start Basic Startup Test Interval
PRR268 Day Ahead Scheduling Process Time Line Change Request
PRR269 Small Renewable Production Facilities Metering Requirement
PRR270 Unit Specific Dec Premiums
PRR271 Local Congestion
PRR272 Add Distribution Zone to Data Query
PRR273 Post MCPC at Award Time
PRR274 Remove Expiration Time for BES & Unit Premium Bids


PRR250 NOIE Consumption by ESI-ID